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Cessation (My Lyrics To EZamor's Song)

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All I did were contribute lyrics to the wonderful, moving music of Ezamor, http://www.macjams.com/artist/EZamor. Here is also a link to his original song:
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“Darkened Sky” or “Cessation”
Verse 1-
I looked up and gazed into a sky that is not mine,
I looked around me and saw a world that is not mine,
I don’t belong here, I never have,
But I won’t stay long here; at least I have that,
Turn up your face, see the darkened sky,
This is our world, this is our world,
Look all around you, find something worth,
Living here for, worth dying here for,
Verse 2-
I gave up, my innocence,
I gave up, my faith in human goodness,
I gave up all there was worth giving,
I gave up my joy and hope in living,
Chorus 2:
I turned my face to the darkened sky,
This is my world; oh this is my world,
I’m looking all around, need something worth,
Living here for, worth giving me for,
And I am part of the ultimate, Cessation,
I have felt the numbing, terrible, sensation, of the ultimate Cessation.
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Shure SM57 microphone (not the best there is, but the best I have currently)
Acid Pro 6.0, Image Line Guitar Rig2 (For vocal effects, believe it or not)
drakonis said 4008 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
Enjoyed EZ's original
and this is an excellent collab... I'm not much of a fan of talk/rap lyrics, but this works pretty well here, and your singing on the chorus is great. Nice trailing echoes in spots. Good darkwave music and lyrics... yummy. Good work you two!
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Char said 4008 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
So glad I found you today. Already love Ez. Now, I love you, too.

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elfdaughter said 4008 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
Dark, brooding and powerful
This is awesome. Love the darkness and the quality of your voice. Fantastic lyrics, and you have the sort of voice that fits perfectly with the different styles you use there. Drak has already mentioned this,but your singing really peaks on Chorus 2. EZ - love the music! Just fantastic.
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CraizeeMusic said 4008 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
Thank You!
Thank you both Char and Averil! I am so pleased that you appreciated our song! I tried to put my whole heart and soul into doing a good job with his piece. Even though my voice still needs some work for keeping perfect pitch throughout, I am pleased with our collaboration.

I want to thank you for listening and commenting on my music, it was a pleasure talking to you online! You are truly a good spirit and kind person!

You are a truly talented musician and have been so kind in your comments. Thank you so much! Music, though it is not my profession, is my passion! To hear that others are moved by and find enjoyment in my work is the deepest form of compliment to me!

Drakonis (Eduard):
You are a mentor to me...really. I just soak up your musical genius. I want to personally thank you for being such a great, supportive, fun, friend. It is not every person who can befriend a dragon and share in his wealth. Your input has been and is always taken with the utmost attention. Thank you!

You and I share a lot in common in our tastes, our musical souls are "in tune" with each other in many ways! I look forward to this being only the first project of our combined talents! Great Work on "Dawn..."! Much appreciated!
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LunaTrick said 4008 days ago (October 29th, 2008)
EZ's stuff is quality and lends itself to vocal ideas. Glad to see you seize on it with such aplomb!
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EEFliess said 4008 days ago (October 29th, 2008)
very science fiction meets private investigator movie approach to the vocal intro....and the singing voice is very nice as the song progresses...

it's a superb collaboration in my opinion
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Diviner said 4007 days ago (October 30th, 2008)
Very good lyrics and well sung. Very expressive. Well done. Good to see a fellow Acid user. EZamor's track is brilliant and you have done such a good job with the lyrics and singing that it sounds like they were made together. Well done.
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CraizeeMusic said 4003 days ago (November 2nd, 2008)
yeah, I like to use Acid and SoundForge. They work hand-in-hand so well and are real user-friendly. Of course I like GB as well! Thanks for the comments! I haven't heard your tunes so I'll be listening and commenting soon. If you want to collaborate on anything, feel free to ask!


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egobandit said 4003 days ago (November 3rd, 2008)
I hear
The NIN influence in your singing, nice job you did on EZ's bed.
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CraizeeMusic said 4003 days ago (November 3rd, 2008)
Thank you egobandit1! I really view Trent Reznor as a major influence in what I really want to write. Thanks for listening and commenting!
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Alannah said 3990 days ago (November 15th, 2008)
Wow ....
... you did an excellent job of adding a fine melody over Ezamors tune .... nice job on the mixing too !
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saymme said 3821 days ago (May 4th, 2009)
Love the power in it, the way it begins with speakin & then more & more What a blast!!! Grand lyrics & music tx my pleasure totally ! gotto listen agin(&agin)
CraizeeMusic said 3722 days ago (August 10th, 2009)
thanks for listening!
Ezamor does a great job laying down sweet tracks, and I am honored that he allowed me to be a part of this really great collab effort! Thanks again!
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