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 Genre: Experimental

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Ah, the days of analog synthesis, patchcords criss-crossing in a convoluted cat's cradle of connections. Characteristic filter sweeps and the use of effects over style. These are my roots in musical composition. Moog Mark 3 Modular. ARP 2600. Synthi AKS. Return with me to those days as I present my first digital Moog Modular piece.
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Uploaded: Nov 08, 2008 - 01:30:38 AM
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Dual Core iMac
Protools LE, Moog Modular V, Sampletank.
Roxylee said 3992 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Cool soundscape, Phil
with a plethora of electronics going on, yet it isn't chaotic. I have no idea how you did this, but it's fascinating. I like the build and fade. Hey, are all those mixers in your studio?? Wow, i wouldn't know where to begin! Thanks for sharing the Moog music with us, and welcome back! :-)
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poodyglitz said 3991 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Old School Is New Again
Thanks for listening.

This is achieved a lot easier than in the old days. Back in the day, I had to make the sounds myself by connecting components with a boatload of patchcords (there was no such thing as presets on the original machines). The sounds pretty much play themselves, it's just a matter of knowing how to mix them. The thing I miss is the real-time interaction with the component dials. Unfortunately, the software doesn't record that information. The beauty of the physical instrument was the ability to modify a sound over time, while playing.

The Moog software has an 8-step sequencer, which is the bass sound. I dialed in the "notes" in the sequence. After that, I laid down more tracks in Protools of presets and mixed them together. One track is Sampletank, the rest is Moog.

This was my first use of the software and I wanted to begin to get a feel for how it performs. Now I need to re-familiarize myself with creating my own sounds again. It's been 30 years since I actually used the real thing. Since I'm occasionally composing and sound editing for work, I needed something that gave me flexibility for shaping sound the way I want it. Samplers can only go so far.
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thetiler said 3992 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Cool fast sounds and they
seem well combined.
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poodyglitz said 3991 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Thanks For Listening
I miss doing this kind of stuff.
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kassia said 3991 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Wow very cool. This is wonderfully constructed. The basic arppeggiated line that runs through the whole piece is a great base. I kept expecting it to get boring and repetitive but it never did. You've got so many great sounds moving over, under, around and through it. Just a perfect flow of synth genius. Great work - welcome back to the process and thanks for sharing this!
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poodyglitz said 3991 days ago (November 8th, 2008)
Wow, Thanks!
What a shot in the arm! This was essentially a knockoff piece. I'll have to get serious now. :-)
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chikoppi said 3991 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
Ready for closeup, Mr. James Cameron!
This put me immediately in mind of the first Terminator movie and, of course, the Vangelis soundtrack to blade runner. Conjures vivid and colorful images. Very faithful and artistic journey back to the classic Moog aesthetic!

Very nice sound sculpting and interplay. Lots of warm waves and bright peaks emerging from swirling depths. I'm really looking forward to your future work!
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poodyglitz said 3991 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
Wow, I hadn't thought of the cinematic comparisons. It's interesting hearing other perspectives. My first thoughts were of Pink Floyd ("Dark Side Of The Moon") and TONTO.
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rsorensen said 3991 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
wow dude
this is impressive. that moog sounds amazing. I too am reminded of Brad Fiedel's work in the first Terminator movie. Well done. Would definitely download if I could.
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poodyglitz said 3991 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
Thanks Again!
It's funny, I hear it differently each time. Now I can't get "The Terminator" out of my head.

Download activated.
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rsorensen said 3991 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
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Bubowski said 3990 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
I have to admit ....
I really don't miss having to program the original Moog sequencer by hand. It was always so difficult to tune in the correct pitches with those knobs, then have them stay in tune during a session. :)

This is a great, really captures that analog essence with the restricted sequencer pattern and that Moog filter sound. Very atmospheric. And no straying oscillators or bad pots!

You should get yourself a keyboard controller that has knobs on it or switch to a sequencer like Logic that can capture the automation moves in your plugins.

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poodyglitz said 3990 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
...I know what you mean about those oscillators. They got better in time. I still had to "dial in" the sequencer notes, though I pretty much changed an existing preset. From a time management perspective, I don't miss patching sounds. But from a nostalgic one, there's a certain satisfaction to creating your own sounds. Kind of like painters who made their own paints. Or a director who writes his own screenplay. I'm not much of a "preset guy". I need to be able to control the sound. While I appreciated the Yamaha DX-7 when it came out, it didn't lend itself to sound modification unless you hooked it up to a computer (which at the time was an extra expense).

I'm not sure even with Logic that you can have control of all the knobs, at least that's what I gleaned from researching the Moog software. I do know that I should get a decent keyboard controller because there are controls in the Moog "keyboard" that allows a certain amount of control.

I really do appreciate the software because I could never afford the real thing. For what I paid, I'm getting quite alot. So, essentially I'm thankful for what I have. I love the analog sound. I'm not knocking digital synthesis, it definitely has its place. Since I can't hire acoustic musicians, I have to make do. Also, digital sounds have their own positive qualities. I have an old Charles Dodge recording where a computer is doing a very complex sweep of frequencies that would take banks of analog synths and a team of people to achieve.

If I ever become rich enough to have a real studio, I would still have a Moog modular and an ARP 2600. I'd also have some FM synthesis and other digital tools to compliment. Then, I'd also hire people to play acoustic instruments as well.

If I were rich.

(Oops, didn't mean to write a treatise, so I'll stop here).

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poodyglitz said 3990 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
Oh Yeah...
...Thanks for the input and for listening, Bubowski. Let's continue the dialog.
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AcetyleneJukebox said 3990 days ago (November 10th, 2008)
Dark side of the Moog
Very nice. It does have a kind of 70's film soundtrack sound but with nice crisp production. Nice sequencing and programming. Much enjoyed.
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michael2 said 3989 days ago (November 10th, 2008)
very nice
i forgot to comment on this, and noticed when i came back for another listen. very cool Tangerine Dream sort of vibe for me. Does pro tools not let you automate changes made to your soft synths? I know nothing about it, I use Logic and the thing i love the most is being able to tweak knobs in real time. anyways, this is a great electronic piece, very much enjoyed and looking forward to hearing more.
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Kicbal said 3989 days ago (November 10th, 2008)
Retro Cool
Really great sound. Even though there is a lot going on, It has a sort of relaxed mood. I actually wish the final mix was a bit louder, but that may just be me being so used to the over the top heart attack sounds of techno etc. So maybe this quieter mix is more in keeping with the beginning of synth music. Nice stuff.
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Char said 2928 days ago (October 7th, 2011)
Love this.
You know what you're doing, here. Thanks.
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