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He Is Risen

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My first project in GarageBand. The vocals are mine. The electric guitar sound is a Takamine acoustic lined through GB effects. All other sounds are native GB. At one point had 24 tracks running in GB version 1.1 on an original "flower" flat screen iMac. The lyrics recount an ageless message.
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You were born in a manger out in Bethlehem
-- Announced by the angels, shepards bowed their heads
-- You grew in wisdom and stature and favor blessed by God
-- Emmanuel – God With Us – savior to the lost

-- At an early age You were blessed by the woman in the temple
-- You went down into Egypt, I remember Joseph was the example
-- At a wedding up in Canna You turned water into wine
-- And You called some men from Galilee who were fishing by the seaside

-- A Baptist named John cried out, “Make straight the way!”
-- He said, “I’m not the Messiah, but He’s come here today!”
-- When You rose up from the Jordan and the dove set down on Thee,
-- The voice of God said, “This is My Son in whom I’m pleased.”

-- You gave lame men their legs and the blind men their sight
-- And by Your command You even gave back life
-- Oh You gave us the truth and You gave us the proof
-- So that all who do hear may believe

-- You entered triumphant at the City of Peace
-- But Your friends ran in abandon as You were taken by the priests
-- You suffered under Pilate, You suffered all for me
-- When they led you off to Calvary and they hung You on a tree...

...The story was over, the ending was wrong
-- They crucified Christ, now He lay in a tomb
-- When Mary got there and saw the stone rolled away
-- She looked inside and she heard an angel say,

-- “He is risen from the grave!”
“He is risen from the grave!”
“Christ is risen from the grave!”
“He is risen from the grave!”
Hmm, hmm, hmm

-- They could not believe what Mary had said
-- Peter ran to the tomb, John got there ahead
-- “‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?’”
-- They turned around and once more an angel said,

-- “He is risen from the grave!”
“He is risen from the grave!”
“Christ is risen from the grave!”
“He is risen from the grave!”
Hey, hey, hey!!

-- Jesus our Savior is risen
-- Now there’s a new life I’m livin’ –– In Him my sins are forgiven!
-- Jesus arose before that stone rolled away
-- True Life sprang forth and it still flows today –– He is risen!

-- The story’s not over, our Savior lives on
-- He took the sting out of death, the victory is won
-- Sing Hallelu Yah –– all praise to the Three Who Are One;
-- God the Father, the Spirit and Jesus the Son!

-- And He is risen from the grave!
-- Christ is risen and I am saved!
-- He is risen from the grave!
-- Christ is risen from the grave –– I’m saved!
-- Jesus Christ rose up from the grave!
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iMac/800MHz/G4/1GB/60GB, Takamine EF340S guitar, Studio Projects C1 mic, Tascam US-122 USB interface, Edirol PCR-50 controller.
GB 1.1, JamPack 1, Expert Sleepers' Multitap Delay AU, SoundStudio 2.1.x (some) and Audacity 1.2.2 (once) for certain edits, iTunes 4.x
TobinMueller said 5209 days ago (November 16th, 2004)
Excellent vocals and feel
What a great vocal arrangement, a storytelling mode with
very nice touches of percussion and synth. The initial
building was really wonderful, altho I had wanted the band
to kick in a little earlier. The drumset is a little hotter
than the initial hand percussion; and the vocals, which
remind me of Jethro Tull at times, are a bit in a can
(maybe that is due to a chorusing effect?), but I really like
your energy and inspired commitment to your wonderful
upfront style of singing. I think your vocals should be
more in front in the second half, tho. The arrangement
keeps getting hipper, which is very nice. Excellent job. (I
always like lyrics posted!)
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sailhome said 5208 days ago (November 17th, 2004)
Excellent vocals and feel
*Thank You* for the constructive and encouraging feedback -- I'm a
newcomer to MacJams but have quickly discovered that your own music is
highly regarded (count me in) and that your opinions are well respected
(ditto). (I especially like your piano and jazz contributions -- I'll be back to
vote.) So your feedback is extremely welcome! I really searched to find the
vocal EQ/effect settings that would match what's inside my head -- there's a
smooth buzz+air quality that I'm sure I could find with more experience. Tips
from you or anyone are appreciated. I'll see if the site will let me squeeze in
an update with the lyrics.. Thanks again -sailhome
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sailhome said 5207 days ago (November 17th, 2004)
Excellent vocals and feel
Okay, the siteware let me add the lyrics. Thanks for asking. By the way, if you
have time to respond, can you tell me what kind of setup you used when
listening (headset, small/large speakers, home/studio/car)? I'm trying to
learn how well the mix holds up under various environments. Many thanks
again -sailhome
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Rolo said 5206 days ago (November 18th, 2004)
I enjoyed it
Hey, very nice.
That's not my kind of music, but i enjoyed your work very much.
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sailhome said 5206 days ago (November 18th, 2004)
I enjoyed it
Thanks for the appreciation. It was a fun project. -sailhome
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ChrisSly said 5205 days ago (November 19th, 2004)
Don't ruin the surprise...
...by telling us it's gonna happen!

Nice piece of songwriting here. The rock second half has a
little Michael W. Smith feel - at least how I remember it,
haven't listened in years. I like the build in the beginning,
and the way, as Tobin said, the second half gets "hipper."
Was hoping you'd have some vocal harmonies for all the
"Christ is risen" repetitions. One criticism I do have is that
some of the lyrics, especially in the first half, seem a bit
forced. There doesn't seem to be a very consistent scan to
the words, and there are some pretty forced rhymes. All in
all, though, I enjoyed it.
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sailhome said 5094 days ago (March 10th, 2005)
Don't ruin the surprise...
Thanks for the great input! Yeah, my wife thinks some of the rhymes are a bit
strained, too. Must be true -- I say 'brown' with two syllables (buh-rown) and
I'm sure it affects my songwriting :-D I completely agree about the chorus
needing backup vocal repeats. Starting in the second chorus where you hear
the GB choir aspirating "hah-hah-hah...etc." I really want a full human choir
singing "Hal-le-lu-Yah" and echoing the lead vocal with "He is risen". Not
sure what you mean by "consistent scan" to the words. One of the MacJams
elves was kind enough to clean up the format of the lyrics posted here,
maybe that cures it? Thanks again!
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mars said 5147 days ago (January 17th, 2005)
Wonderful vocals. Great harmony arrangement.

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sailhome said 5094 days ago (March 10th, 2005)
Thank you *very* much for the compliments. With songs like Monsoon and
CoffeCup you two are soooo talented! and it is a great thrill to know that you
have listened!
Check out my latest song called He Is Risen
joymark said 5104 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
very good
This is a great song. Of course for a Christian, the lyrics contain the centerpiece of our faith, so you,ve already won half the battle. The vocals here are splendid in placement, with very rich harmonies. I'd really like to hear more from you.

I have a Takamine guitar as well!

Do you sing for your church congregation?
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sailhome said 5094 days ago (March 11th, 2005)
very good
Thank you, Joymark -- I'd really like to hear more from me too! Meaning I just
wish I had more time to put thoughts into form. This song was really an
outlet for ideas that had been in mind for a long time. The last time I'd done
-any- inventive playing/recording was more than 15 years ago. In the
interim, my wife and I did serve awhile as worship leaders especially for
youth. Played guitar and sang at several weddings too. I have hopes my
current church's worship director will be interested in perfoming this piece
live -- he has a great choir, tremendous rock trio, and outstanding horn
section (including a famous session trumpeter) at his baton.

I must thank you too for being, literally, my #1 fan!! I never expected a fan!!

Thanks again for the comments and encouragement. I really hope to do
more. I have an idea for something blues/rock (a la Dixie
Hummingbird's "Nobody's Fault") based on Proverbs 14:30....
Check out my latest song called He Is Risen
thetiler said 5084 days ago (March 20th, 2005)
What great words
Enjoyed the words.

Really seems like alot of work went into this tune.

Thanks for all the work and sharing.

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sailhome said 5072 days ago (April 1st, 2005)
What great words
Thank you Bill, I'm glad you like it. I did put a lot of heart into the song. I've
been listening to your music and it's wonderful how inspired your guitar
playing and singing are, especially Like An Angel and Hero's Dust. I feel
honored that you have taken time to listen to my music and to comment!
Check out my latest song called He Is Risen
thetiler said 5068 days ago (April 6th, 2005)
What great words

The Tiler
Check out my latest song called They Went Underground
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