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In between visiting the south and north rim of the Grand Canyon, I stayed overnight in Tuba City. Close to there are some dinosaur tracks. I doubt that I would have been able to figure all that you could infer from the various marks in the ground if it hadn't been for a Native American lady who had a stand selling jewelry there, but who was happy to give me a tour. This track depicts the bestiary of creatures that roamed the area, tens of millions of years ago.
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Uploaded: Dec 31, 2008 - 10:54:28 AM
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Native American flutes in E, F#, Ab.
Logic, synths by Zebra, couple of guitar loops, tons of effects.
Feter said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
This is so Unique ...the taste of Native American flutes added
something to the whole atmosphere the loops offered wonderful
soundbed ...the sound so genuine ...a true story telling from
the ancient pages of time ...very impressive ...thnx alot for
sharin .... !!!!
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Cameron said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
Lots of cool tidbits
Your playing of the Native American flutes is EXCELLENT.

I listened to this piece on speakers and on headphones. The flutes sound rather dry and "flat" compared to the rest of the mix. It's as though the flutes don't have enough space -- a bit more reverb would create more of an ethereal quality, as well as widen and integrate the soundscape.

Is it possible to articulate shorter notes on Native American flutes? Including sections of variety in articulation with your repetitive long-note phrases would add even more interest.

The background texture was very thick and sometimes overpowered the delicacy of the flutes. Perhaps that's why my ears wanted more reverb in the acoustic winds.

The last third of this piece held the most interest for me, after an initial key-change transition which didn't quite fit together. After that, you introduce faster triplet notes which sounded wonderful. It was a nice build-up from the earlier slower, sustained material.

I also liked the thinning out of texture at the very end of the piece with just the piano pattern. I think that the entire piece would benefit from more variety in the texture, in general.

Thanks for sharing this! You really have a gift for playing flutes and recorders!
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VicDiesel said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
Spot on
Your observations are very correct. I tend to favour dense mixes, and for that reason I think I put too much compression on the flutes here. For instance, in the third section, the first phrase is low on the instrument, so it should sound softer than it does here. I need to tinker a bit more with the various plugins.

Reverb: there is already a fair amount of reverb (especially in the second section), and putting more of it on the flutes will push them further away in the mix. I'll have to find a less spacious reverb, to give them some warmth, yet not drown them in the mix.

I'm glad that despite these warts you found enough to enjoy in this track!
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composerclark said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
Liked it.
I really liked it! I agree with Cameron that more variety in the texture might be a good idea, but it's very enjoyable as is, and I particularly dig your flute playing.
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magnatone said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
wow Vic - you can really play those flutes so amazingly well. A very ethereal but still very high-motion work. Happy New Year Vic!
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LunaTrick said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
All I can say...
Is that this is fabulous... the flautine voice and the wonderful backdrop textures. Your music really travels!
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LunaTrick said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
May I also add...
that I really like the way the flute is mixed. Too often, they are over-reverbed and loose the wooden immediacy of the instrument. This is a fresh and non-cliche delivery here!
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kristyjo said 3938 days ago (December 31st, 2008)
Great sound-
I am listening on 'so-so' speakers, so I'm probably not getting all the detail that you've included. Your instrumentation reminds me of a group called The Burnt Earth Ensemble. (They make all of their instruments from clay, yet get an amazing variety of sounds and timbres) Good variety of styles, from the contemplative opening to the jazzier sounding final minute. This is really great listening.
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said 3937 days ago (January 1st, 2009)
Strange blend
of instrumentation to my ears, but it seems to work pretty well. Flute sounds a little flat in spots against this backdrop, like you are struggling to land the note. But what do I know? I haven't listened with the headphones yet...

. - Harold
said 3937 days ago (January 1st, 2009)
I didn't read before I wrote...
blaky smith said 3937 days ago (January 1st, 2009)
Excellent piece Victor, very well done on all levels, a pleasure to listen, bravo !
Happy new year...

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Lennon714 said 3937 days ago (January 1st, 2009)
The Grand Canyon
is such a humbling place. And living in Arizona, I've heard my share of Native American flautists. This track is great because the flutes are so contemplative and the backing gives it a unique bed. I like how LunaTrick described it as "non-cliche". A dead on assessment.
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VicDiesel said 3937 days ago (January 1st, 2009)
Arizona is a cool place
Several of my native flute tracks are directly or indirectly inspired by my visits there.

Now about this concept of "clice"....

(Mr. Diesel pulls out his dictionary. Read read read.....)

Interesting. No, can't say I'm familiar with that :-)

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peacepiano said 3936 days ago (January 2nd, 2009)
Like the opening build up. Flute melody is very fine. Has a modern sound to it.


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Mcboy said 3936 days ago (January 2nd, 2009)
kool blowin......much soul....!
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Macaudion said 3936 days ago (January 2nd, 2009)
mellow goodnes
verrrry cool! nice track, sir. a big thx for the free grab. d
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Komrade K said 3933 days ago (January 6th, 2009)
Just listened on headphones and I think the mix is pretty much spot on particularly as the flutes gain ascendancy as the track moves on. The 'acoustic' piano at the end has great impact against the slickness of the overall sound and I was wondering whether, if you wanted to achieve greater textural variety, this could make a showing earlier in the track. However this piece does go on a journey with subtle textural shifts throughout so this suggestion is probably unnecessary!

Excellent work.

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saymme said 3925 days ago (January 13th, 2009)
tx for sharing : ) !!!
..the music , the story & the photo !!! Interesting sounds here (!) more harmony in it towards the end if U want my opionen, I'd love to see where this could go if You ever 'redo?' it !!!!! KUDOS & Have A Great New Year
Much enjoyed
ThankYou : ) !!
Mckenzie said 3919 days ago (January 19th, 2009)
you are so good at Native America flute!! I don't think i've ever heard one before now but i love it. Everything sounded great from where i was sat, production, arrangement, instrumentation was first class. I used to always want to be a paleontologist (up till about 3-4 years ago - is that a Celophysis i spot?!!) hehe, so that made this one that extra bit special for me.
Great tune Vic, thanks
Fav'd & downloaded

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SISTERS said 3915 days ago (January 23rd, 2009)
the 3 flute tones make for some incredible harmony.
the beat's good, and the build is great.
your intriguing composition is very well done.
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Char said 3903 days ago (February 4th, 2009)
I actually
am very drawn to all kinds of flute and especially native-American sounding flutes. This is such a large piece with so much variety that I was, in effect, transported to another time and place. I felt as if I was listening while standing out in the open , with the breath of the canyons tousling my hair.
I guess you'd have to have that piano helicoptered in. What a beautiful ending. I found no fault. You are an excellent maker of music and a great story-teller. Thanks.
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Elevator_Funk said 3902 days ago (February 6th, 2009)
good mix of techno and organic. the fact that you took the time to use the native flutes is pretty neat. Do you play them much or did you just tough it out and hyperventilate while recording?
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Diviner said 3900 days ago (February 7th, 2009)
Very nice
Sounds like you were being very careful when making this, its probably because the flutes have a very careful and tenative sound. Very nice music you have composed here, the North American flute always sounds so relaxing. Cool track and well played.
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mikkinylund said 3897 days ago (February 10th, 2009)
I've had the pleasure of hanging out with some real wonderful native indians since arriving to this country as well (The Lumbee Tribe, NC), and first of all, thank you for tributing this directly to its source. The flutes (loops I expect), are naturally not quite in tune and sounds very real, at least to my ear.
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VicDiesel said 3897 days ago (February 10th, 2009)
I hardly ever use loops, and didn't do so in this case. I used 3 very real flutes here that I played myself. (If they'd been loops they would have been in tune :-)

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

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