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Scale Soaring

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Uploaded: Jan 10, 2009 - 10:42:05 PM
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2009 - 12:27:06 AM Last Played: Jul 31, 2019 - 10:32:30 PM
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Feter said 3929 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
Scale Soaring
Good sence of an art rock feel ...good structure ..
the rockin soar works well here ...loved this production ~
nice keys as well ...thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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Sigmund said 3929 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
For listening and sharing your thoughts,Feter!
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Etherwind27 said 3928 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
I love the way this song builds up, and the piano adds to it so much! Great :)
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ktb said 3928 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
some schweeet lead styling and a very cool sound bed as well.
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magnatone said 3928 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
Scale Soaring
man - you are AWESOME! I'm so psyched you've come to MJ!
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drakonis said 3928 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
nice contrasts
I like the light airy synth bits, then the hard rockin' thrusts... awesome bass-line, sounds like something BOC would have. I assume this is you playing guitar/bass, right? The mix sounds like it is missing a little bit of sparkle on the high end, but a minor nit. Nice work!
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kassia said 3928 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
soaring AGAIN!!!
Sigmund!!! This is fabulous. Outstanding piece of music. You use pan and fade SO well in this piece. And I love the builds to that great eguitar and then how it all falls away. Great piano work. You've really succeeded in creating an atmospheric sound that gives a feeling of flight and wind rushing by. Production is top-notch. Do you do all of this with Garageband??? I need to learn some of your secrets. I have to agree with drakonis - the EQ seems just a little heavy on the lows. I noticed it especially at the end when the drums kick back in...they seemed just a little muffled and bass-heavy. But, that may be the sound you were going for...so ignore me!

You've managed to maintain a thrilling sense of movement throughout the entire piece without crowding the song with too many sounds and notes. Like I said, your panning and fading really do a great job pushing things forward in a breathy, subtle way - like wind and air.

My only other suggestion is maybe try some different piano sounds - or mess with the EQ on the one you have - it sounds just a little tinny to my ear. Great synth sounds and that shimmery guitar is awesome - and then it gives way to your killer e guitar stuff. Incredible.

Man, I LOVE this. VERY cool stuff. Give us more please!
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orcsong said 3923 days ago (January 16th, 2009)
Hey Sigmund,
It's a great listen! Loved the marriage of different styles. You've got a gift for piecing together things that would otherwise not hold hands. Great job!
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caymanjazz said 3919 days ago (January 20th, 2009)
Nice Groove
Wow, nice groove and cool riffs. How can you go wrong?

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mfwmiles said 3915 days ago (January 24th, 2009)
...this is awesome...loved it from the moment i clicked to the moment it faded out!!!
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regulus said 3905 days ago (February 3rd, 2009)
This has a great feel
with it. Kind of a Genesis, Collins, Floyd drive and projection. Really enjoyable. Words could work on this also.
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mvh9591 said 3897 days ago (February 12th, 2009)
Awesome piece as usual. You never fail when i comes to dynamics.

Thanks for sharing,

mvh : )
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TobinMueller said 3882 days ago (February 26th, 2009)
Peter Garbiel
I truly enjoy your music. This is a bit of a Peter Gabriel vibe that I dig. One thought came to mind: when the synth kicks in (1:12-1:30), even tho you do an excellent job stereoizing the effect, a spinning out tap-echo might help spin it out further, increasing toward the end of the phrase, in keeping with the who flying theme. Again, the guitar solo is fabulous. Love the sound. I had to put on headphones for this one. Great mix.
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Char said 3831 days ago (April 18th, 2009)
sounds terrific to me. I don't know any technical stuff. I like all the variation. This one seems more grounded than the others about soaring. Thanks.
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Sigmund said 3830 days ago (April 19th, 2009)
My friend, Ren, who is making the flying video, wishes I would redo the guitar in this piece because he thinks it is a little too hard edged for the video.

This stuff just comes to me and I play it like my mind hears it, I tell him! Thanks so much for listening, and for the nice comments - very much appreciated!
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Lennon714 said 3820 days ago (April 29th, 2009)
a treat
This is a blast. I like how it jumps around, but doesn't lose track of the theme. This is a track that I'll probably listen to a lot to try to break down what's going on and how you made it work. I can tell when a track is done well, I just need to learn how to do it myself! :).

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SISTERS said 3737 days ago (July 21st, 2009)
well done
man! - this kicks off with both feet - you had me absolutely at the first measure. the heavy, dark guitar sounds cool against the other lighter voices. delightful piano with a wonderful light and delicate touch. that big thwacking drum is so appealing. excellent energy behind it all - imho, this is REALLY GOOD.

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falcef said 3435 days ago (May 19th, 2010)
Salve from Italy music in MJ ben scale music song rock ok very cool music bye
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Sigmund said 3433 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Thank you
I am most appreciative you took the time to listen and comment. I don't see much action with my older music so it's always a nice surprise to see that someone stopped by for a listen. thanks again -
Check out my latest song called Running with the Wind by Peter B, feat rok41
Calchas said 3252 days ago (November 18th, 2010)
The joy of back-cataloging!

Nice build-up Sig. Then comes the riffing and the head-banging! (Oh the humanity! lol)

Nice early effort friend! Enjoyed!

Be well!
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CIASM_ZENABI_ said 2782 days ago (March 2nd, 2012)
scale soaring
hi sig. cool jam track. i enjoy grooves like this. cheers graham
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TvRicky said 2781 days ago (March 3rd, 2012)
Your Productions Are Absolute and Final!
Such a sound you have my man. Too Cold and chilled on hot ice. Jam baby just jam. Funk emerges and my face frowns with the feel of your magic baby. Bad you are. Such a flavorful music mind rocked, jazzed, funked and moved always forward. Whew!*****

A SIncerelyZipped, TvrIcky
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