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The manic swing of depression can be among other things exhilarating, like being caught in a wave tumbling toward the brink of existence,

One of the first musical collaborations with my wife. She had these lyrics laying around. I had this song sitting there. So we made minor modification to each and hear it is for the MacJam world to enjoy. Enjoy!

almost forgot - the amazing Rich Markese pounding the Pork Pie Percussion drum kit. Thanks Rich.
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SPEED | ©2004 Sue Ann Kainz/Ray Kainz

Speed ain't fast enough until it sends me in a spin

Pain doesn't sting enough unless it burns within

Speaking ain't loud enough and so I simply scream

Living ain't real enough. Reality's to dream

Morning ain't bright enough not bright enough to see

Midnight ain't dark enough; it still can't swallow me

Hidden within all my selfishness

Is a love I want to bless you with

Weary eye's still wander day by day

And celebrate the sin that comes my way

Hate doesn't hate enough unless it's filled with spite

Deceit don't lie enough until it takes your life

Love ain't deep enough with no drama and no sins

Sadness can't consume me it's a place i've often been

Rage isn't fierce enough 'till blood drips off a knife

Death isn't cruel enough; it's not as cruel as life

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Uploaded: Nov 21, 2004 - 11:13:39 AM
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G3 400Mhz

MOTU 2408, Mackie 24x8.

Tone King Comet 40 guitar amp. Barber Tone Pump for the overdrive. Mic'ed with an SM57.

Jackson arch-top w/P90's for all guitar tracks.

Washburn 5-string bass thru bass POD.

Sure SM58 for all vocals.
StudioVisionPro, SPARK.
TobinMueller said 5387 days ago (November 22nd, 2004)
Genius moments!
Don't bury those most excellent progressive rock choral
vocal sections! More, more! Louder! This is a self-
consciously weird track with genius moments. Your
chorus and your instrumental sections are great! I
actually don't like the verses as much, even tho I like what
you are trying to do, but the genius of the other parts is
so wonderful this song gets huge applause from me. (As
does most of your amazing compositions.) Keep them
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bluefox said 5386 days ago (November 22nd, 2004)
Great! I love this stuff and at my age I should be worried,
kinda alternative "YES" with a lot more edge! I think you
should go pro and make a CD! The lyrics are a little too
dark for me but hey if that's what you feel that's how it's
played right? Keep up the great work I am always looking
out for your stuff!
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ChrisSly said 5385 days ago (November 23rd, 2004)
This is so close...
...to being an excellent track. And I couldn't believe that
this comes from the same mind as "Bowling Holiday."
Here's the thing I don't like, though: gear buzz. After the
second time through the chorus you have some great stuff
going on with staccato chords, but there's some kind of
buzz going on that's not part of the rest of the song. If it's
on purpose, well, then I can't say I like that choice. But it
rather sounds to me like a poorly grounded cable and I
spent all my time thinking "Is that a poorly grounded
cable?" Get your engineer to check it out, ok?
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daphna said 5385 days ago (November 23rd, 2004)
what a refreshing track this was to listen to. Some true
musicianship here. I love this Yes/Rush combination
sounding piece - very original and very well done.That
said, I don't really feel a strong chorus in here though -
just some repetition of a key word or something would be
good - perhaps in a section right after "And celebrate the
sin that comes my way" - that section sounds more like a
repeated bridge, and the other 2 parts are versus, so a
chorus is kind of missing. This is really great stuff - I
hope you try to fill it out a bit more with a chorus.
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jcharney said 5385 days ago (November 23rd, 2004)
I love the lyrics, and the orchestration.

The tone on the guitar is amazing, as are other effects, the vocals, and all instrumental technical ability.
Suzanne said 5384 days ago (November 24th, 2004)
most excellent
great ideas. your drummer really holds it together. all around, most excellent.
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Epileptic Gibbon said 5375 days ago (December 3rd, 2004)
Primus meets Rush/Yes
I wasn't immediately convinced by this but I was
curious. Since then it's grown on me. It has a real
energy and power. Almost goes up to 11! Nice!
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ProjectW said 5372 days ago (December 6th, 2004)
A Little Boingo Here in Places
Both in the song structure guitars. For that I can't give it less than 7's! Oh, and I love the vocal production on the chorus.
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said 5371 days ago (December 7th, 2004)
Mike Kenally
You'd LOVE MK's work. It's very similar to yours.

This is simply brilliant.
eleveneyes said 5371 days ago (December 7th, 2004)
Mike Kenally
Did you mean: Mike Keneally?

If you did. Thanks for the tip on MK, I'll check him out.
If not then who the heck is this Kenally guy?
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said 5371 days ago (December 8th, 2004)
Mike Keneally
Yes, him. Sorry for the crappy typing.

Dig his "Dancing" and "Sluggo" albums. He was Zappa's last "Stunt Guitarist"
(replacing Steve Vai) before FZ got all political and died. Mk crosses genre
lines all over the place, a mix of the melodic sense of Vince Guraldi, Todd
Rundgren, Burt Bacharach crossed with insane fusion style guitar chops.

I comment on yours, you comment on mine, ok?
Pie said 5351 days ago (December 28th, 2004)
loved it
loved it lots :-)
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Kevensor said 5190 days ago (June 7th, 2005)
Hells yeaH!
Wow! Nothing to add to the other comments, but:


Excellent musicianship on guitar, bass and drums!
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phineas said 4917 days ago (March 7th, 2006)
I really enjoyed this, and it's nice variety throughout. Nicely crafted.
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alackbass said 3363 days ago (June 7th, 2010)
Okay Now This Has Some Primus In It!
Especially those crazy guitar lines behind the verse vocal and the power-chord accents in the chorus. So crazy good. Heavy, melodic, outstanding production. The instrumental section is brilliant.
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