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One Voice

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Found a cool sound while experimenting with the Crystal synth plug-in and just went with it.
Extra credit to anyone who can figure out the voices in the middle (there are 5).
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One voice said kill them / One voice said die
Then one voice said save them / And I don’t why

One voice inspires / One voice is mad
Once voice is righteous / One voice is bad

One voice killed millions / One voice set free
One voice spread hate / But not hate in me

One voice asks questions / To see who are
Once voice leads nations / To reach for the stars

One voice can move a mountain / One voice can change the world
We can all move the mountains / We can all change the world
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Uploaded: Nov 27, 2004 - 08:36:06 AM
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GB 1.1, Crystal Analog Synth AU plug-in (free)
failteband said 5350 days ago (November 27th, 2004)
Great Lyrics
This piece has a great message. I can see how you were
attracted to the Crystal patch. Which one was it?
The vocals were hesitant but good. Don't be afraid to cut
loose. I think the guitar was slightly out of sync with the
other instruments. I'll look forward to more of your work.
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JimmyMac said 5349 days ago (November 28th, 2004)
Great Lyrics
Thanks for the input. Now that you mention it, the guitars do sound off
especially in relation to the vocals at the end. I did the guitars before the
vocals and inserted a little dramatic pause – does not mesh with the vocals.
Any other timing problems are due to the fact my guitar playing sucks and
my wife kicks me off the computer after one take. The Crystal patch is called
*By the Numbers* I don’t think I modified it, but I don’t remember. I’ll be
sure to take a listen to your stuff too. Thanks again.
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ronnielong said 5350 days ago (November 28th, 2004)
Pretty Good JimmyMac....the guitar does seem to be a bit off...but the vocals are good. Looking forward to your next post. Where abouts in Colorado are you?(I'm 10 mins. outside of Denver) I'm kinda tired of this cold snap too!!
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JimmyMac said 5349 days ago (November 28th, 2004)
Hey, ronnielong – I’m in Louisville/Boulder. We have two other things in
common – Flogging Molly and Fat Tire. Thanks for the comments. I’ll return
the favor.
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said 5349 days ago (November 28th, 2004)
Very good
I like the guitar.
JimmyMac said 5346 days ago (December 1st, 2004)
Very good
Thanks for the listen. I'll return the favor.

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brewsta said 5346 days ago (December 1st, 2004)
I liked it
I really liked the rhythm section/triangle and guitar part. I just scrolled down and saw others agreed. It was really nicely arranged. The mix could use some work -- the vocals are really drowned out at some points. You seem to sing very well in the higher register toward the end, but the earlier lower singing/talking was a bit flat. I could definitely see Mark Knopfler covering this tune.
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JimmyMac said 5346 days ago (December 1st, 2004)
I liked it
Thanks for the comments. I was going for more intimate vocals at the
beginning. But I had the bass turned way up and that had muddied them. I
did the mix with headphones and that probably caused me to put in to much
bass. Good call. Thanks.

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Patman said 5346 days ago (December 1st, 2004)
I disagree...
...about the guitars. As i sit here counting in the beat, i
can hear the guitars in syncopation. it has an interesting
effect. I feel that the syncopation adds color and the
composition would be rather flat (in texture) without it.
Anyone agree/disagree?
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JimmyMac said 5346 days ago (December 1st, 2004)
I disagree...
Hey thanks for the input. If I ignore the vocals at the end, the guitars are
right where I intended. I was going for the syncopation you mention. But it
seems the guitar rhythm is off in relation to the vocals. But I'm still trying to
decide if that's a bad thing.

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Morphman said 5341 days ago (December 6th, 2004)
Nice vibe but....
Nice feel of the track but the loop sounds really dated!
you need to get hold of some decent samples or better,
make your own. its all about sound......
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will2 said 5326 days ago (December 21st, 2004)
great message
I really liked the mantra quality of your voice in the
beginning and how you emoted in the higher registers.
Love the mix of voices and vocals, I'm really not great at
loops yet so I appreciated you choices.
My wife has friends in Boulder so we did Pearl street for a
weekend w/o the kids. Being from Taos,nm, it was great
to see other peoples tourists!
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Impassible said 5301 days ago (January 15th, 2005)
Simple, but powerful lyrics. I think knew who you were
talking about for each 'one voice'... and then the sound
samples helped confirm that.

Nice mixing-
Good stuff, keep it up.
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