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Yember (Yeman Ember Mix)



 Genre: Downtempo

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Yeman Notes:
Ember, a piece with an endless number of contributers and which I'm now proud to be one.. such a special piece.

I and Draki had started this collab probably 2 years ago and often (during that time), I would go and have a look at Ember every month or so. I didn't have the right equipment to get my ideas to work, but I kept listening to it and this piece kept growing inside me...

A few weeks ago, I decided to get back to it and look at the *GB file* and thought that "everything that pops up in my head will be done with this piece." I got the main melody on my acoustic and recorded it, then, I saw a slide on my table -that I bought long time ago and never used it- and I thought that I can do something with it. With some effects, I made it sound kinda like a pedal or maybe Rudess' (continuum)?! So, officially, this is my first thing I did with GB...

Finally, I just want to *deeply* thank Eduard for being "SO" patient with me, and I, surely hope that you'll enjoy listening to a new version of the great "Ember"...

Drakonis Notes:
Yeman is a very talented young man, and shows just a peek at this talent here, by performing two very different feelings (raw wild electric slide, and touchingly beautiful acoustic) on his guitar. He allowed me to post his version on Macjams for him. Please leave a comment and let him know your thoughts on his version here, as he does try to stop by and read things on Macjams sometimes. He did not alter the original Ember much on this version (we had some interesting variants in the past that were discarded...) but he wants to revisit this again soon and take it in a bolder direction, possibly with the help of some other collaborators. Thank you Yeman, for your contributions and your friendship!

The original "open-collaboration" Ember piece can be heard here for reference. Feel free to send me a note if you would like to create your own variation on this piece, and I'll send you the GarageBand/MIDI files to work from.
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Acoustic/Electric Ibanez PF5ECE

MarkHolbrook said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
Wow wow wow! You pair up Yeman and Drak and you get excellence. Truly wonderful!
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kassia said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
beautiful guitar work and, as you already know drak, i love the original ambient Ember. i think the acoustic really worked well with drak's original composition. loved the experimentation of the slide. some cool stuff there. i felt like when the electric comes in for the first time it was a little loud. this is a lovely combo of sounds and talents, keeping the ambient, relaxing feel. great job guys!
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Outtaorbit said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
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LunaTrick said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
Yeman & Drak
Now that's a duo to be reckoned with!!!
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WG said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
Very tranquil and enjoyable to listen to. Takes you away to another place. Great work and I just love that we can get this quality just from using GarageBand...
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magnatone said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
hi yemen - this is some very nice work! i think the acoustic bits are my favorite. i have to agree with kassia that the sliding electric guitar comes on a little too strong, although i really like what it is playing. another great take on drak's "ember". nice to hear some music from you!
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Day-Dreamer said 3872 days ago (March 15th, 2009)
' No Dying Embers' Good!!
I see the flame as not died out.. And no chance of any dying -Embers just yet !! And I am soo happy about that.
Drak :) because since I have become a little better at making, what I call music anyhow.. I really have come to appreciate all the awesome music and that Ember of your's is certiainly one heart stealer. It stole my heart as soon as I found it again--
And this is yet another great creative peice of sound art:) Yeman has done you proud.. Well done.


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Roxylee said 3872 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Ember lives on
and Yeman, you do a wonderful interpretation with your guitar. Very clear and spacious sound. It's cool how there are so many Embers, and so different from one another. Yeman, on my third listen, and really enjoying this.:-)
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dirigent said 3872 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Fantastic Atmosphere
What a beautiful gem.
Carefully chosen sounds, excellently arranged.
Love it - makes me floating away ...
A piece that fires my imagination, thanks and bravo!!
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davisamerica said 3872 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
i have
listened to all of "ember's " children so far and have taken a crack at it once as well. this tune has lived so many varied lives but i think what i like most is when the son resembles the father still. it is the hearing of a new tone between the existing ones. well done ... lol ... a david gilmore on the slide.
keep pushing ...
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loricunningham said 3872 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Very nice and relaxing! I drifted throughout this whole wonderful piece. Love the addition of the guitar. Really spectacular!
Skean said 3871 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Very nice done Yeman
I love the guitars in this, it give "Ember" a new life with great atmosphere...Kudos
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Henke said 3871 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Another soaring Ember
And it's beautiful. Like an eagle in the sky.

Amazing piece, this Ember...

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guitapick said 3871 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
Another beauty...
...I'm a big fan of both of you...really enjoyed this...nice work, Yeman.
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dadgarus said 3871 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
I think
this is a very good track!Excellent collaboratipn!
Congaratulations.I'm a fan.
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paul f. page said 3871 days ago (March 16th, 2009)
My one addition...
...to other comments: the lead guitar bends that grow out of the soft orchestration near the top of this piece are ARRESTING...just cut right through everything and soar into a dimension all their own. Lovely. Also, I just like the gentle feeling of this number. It's very contemplative and soothing and somehow gets sucked down into my bones as I listen. Bring on the incense!!!
Wonderful work, you guys.
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sschedra said 3867 days ago (March 20th, 2009)
Wow the guitar sound on the acoustic is really clean. I am curious, how did you record it (mikes, placement, etc). It works well against the backdrop. The slide guitar is really a great idea too.

Good job,

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drakonis said 3867 days ago (March 20th, 2009)
From Yeman...
"Thank you sir. Recording the acoustic, as you may know, is very tough. I've struggled a LOT trying to get that "fat sound" of the guitar in the recording. Finally, after reading so many articles about the acoustics and how to record them, I decided to put my own work into it and experiment with it. What I did is: I have a built-in pickup (as any acoustic/electric) so I plugged it directly into the interface but I *hate* the sound that any pickup has because there's no feeling that you're playing with *an instrument*, Sounds just like a MIDI track! So... what I did also is, got the mic placed about 6 inches away from the sound hole (the middle, but the mic a little bit angled towards the frets to get a good bass-treble signal). Then, combined both, the mic track and the pickup track. But, some effects were applied... to the pickup, I added the "Stereo Simulator" which basically is some sort of panning and dividing into 2 tracks (left and right), and then added the normal effects for an acoustic guitar, works for both, mic or pickup (but here, it was a personal preferences, choose whatever you usually apply to acoustic/classic guitars). I like to get the treble of the pickup and the bass of the mic and with combining both... you get a very good quality. I never liked or found the "How to Record an Acoustic Guitar" articles helpful so I decided to do it myself.. I hope this helps. I'm pretty satisfied with the quality I have. Thanks again!" - Yeman
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Estella said 3867 days ago (March 20th, 2009)
Yemen, this is so evocative, so passionate. What a performance!
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mike_d said 3862 days ago (March 25th, 2009)
I especially love the sound/tone on the acoustic guitar. Nice job with this Yeman!
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T_Being_esq said 3861 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Very nice. Have you thought of adding a little glissando guitar (Gong, Davied Allen). Just put you giutar through a load of echo. Add a litte sustain and bow the strings with a metallic object. Love the Dave Gilmore sound.
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said 3860 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
so, Yeman, you still keep the fire burning, even if low...

We miss you around here, it's a shame some walls cannot be broken down.

. - Harold

"..."Peace" flows from the power of God. The Word reminds us that God can put down all of our foes. It is He who draws the line in the sand, and not even a Nero can defy Him when He does so."

-- Exploring the Pastoral Epistles By John Phillips
WharmtonRise said 3827 days ago (April 29th, 2009)
Really great
Right up my alley.

Love it. Sounds, arrangement, composition, mix... everything.!
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Calchas said 3813 days ago (May 13th, 2009)
Of course, it's good to see Yeman at MJ in ANY capacity. (Come home bro!)

Just excellent in every way gents! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Be well!
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slumbering said 3804 days ago (May 23rd, 2009)
This is a fine version
It sounds perfect, to my ears. Beautiful work, both of you.
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Char said 3801 days ago (May 25th, 2009)
Well done.
No criticisms. Glad it didn't take any longer though. The embers might have died out. Thanks.

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Char said 3801 days ago (May 25th, 2009)
How about
inviting Yeman back? I'm sure he has more music. And now, I'll bet he has more freedom to pursue his bliss. Beautiful, Eduard. Thank you, Yeman. I miss you.
Check out my latest song called Bound, v2. w Music by Dirigent
Bob6stringer said 3800 days ago (May 26th, 2009)
The streets are safe...
Heroically somber. This works well, It's a good mood piece (vs. a good-mood piece!) with a lot to dive into. And of course it has an edge, thanks to the nice razor-sharp melody lines of Yem's strings. Kind of reminds me of a rainy urban alley after the good guys, outnumbered, finally beat back the gang of ninja thugs. The streets are safe...
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awigze said 3799 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
MAn, nice tune - wow - what a work! Over the years - very nice to ahve done this huh? are you planning to keep adding.... will take a listen to the original
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Dragonas said 3799 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
Love the guitar work on this!
Drak's excellent piece provides the perfect atmosphere for your heartfelt guitar work.
Played to the piece and performed with good taste.
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b0rn2w0rsh1p said 3683 days ago (September 20th, 2009)
Great guitar(s)
is this really the same guitar - electric and acoustic? Nice sounds, hard to believe you don't play much slide - very well done (I never got the hang of it).

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BirdmanWayne94 said 3599 days ago (December 13th, 2009)
Thank you for providing such a great song to work on Sir Eduard! I look forward to get my hands around it again sometime in the future and see what new ideas might come along... who knows what will be next?! Thanks to everybody else for the kind comments as well.
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Bethan_Mathis said 3514 days ago (March 9th, 2010)
Hi Eduard, I am here for the first time on my own and haven't a clue how to negotiate this site. Here goes;-
This piece is very beautiful and ethereal but the listener is held in the present by the guitar. Clever indeed!
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