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A future that is carrying your weight



 Genre: Ballad

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An old song, recorded in a studio with my band. We had a weekend in a studio in december, and the plan was to record an album. We managed to record six songs, but were not as satisfied as we should have been. We then decided to go back and record the rest. But after a while we got tired of all the old songs, and have decided to just let these recordings rest for a while, and start the recording of a new album instead! It´s strange how things are. Recording in a studio had some advantages and some disadvantages. This is one of the songs we were very satisfied with, i might post more from the studio sessions later this spring.
Thanks for listening!
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A future that is carrying your weight

You were only talking about the evil that you´ve seen
I tried to think of all the good times that have been
All the good times and its heavy weight

So think about those that have done you good
It might be hard because you never understood
That their intentions came straight from the heart

When you lie down
Thinking of a future
A future that is carrying your weight
Then You calm down
But never really resting
You like the sleepless nights cause of its pain.

You should have been with the ones who could lift you up
Instead you got strung out, just like an empty cup
Its An emptyness you cant define

I whish you could have seen, the abilities you´ve got
The things you do that´s great Are so easily forgot
Pushed away by all the darker thoughts

When you lie down
Thinking of a future
A future that is carrying your weight
Then You calm down
But never really resting
You like the sleepless nights because of its pain.

it possible to dissapoint yourself, in a better way then you do?

When you lie down
Thinking of a future
A future that is carrying your weight
Then You calm down
But never really resting
You like the sleepless nights because of its pain.

You just lie down,
Thinking of the people
The people that have always shaped your fate
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Way to much stuff to mention!
The studio used
Feter said 3772 days ago (April 25th, 2009)
A future that is carrying your weight
Man ..what a band ...tight and so powerful ..loved the song man ...
folk rock to the bone ...what best that this man ? ... I can tell you
I ve been recording at studio the whole last year and till now ...
its really the thing you want the best and keep trying to hear more
than what your heart want when you take the men at the mixers and PC
there ...I knew it from the start ..if I felt ok I wont listen to it
more ...give the song a chance then go back to it after a while like
its all new ..then I ll judge if its ok or not ...usually I knew it
right away at the studio ..(cos my songs so simple) ... but here
I can see a very cool effort from everyone at the band ...this is a
gorgeous song ...cant wait to hear more my friend ...its been a while
thats why my cmments too long here ... kudos ..thnx alot for sharin !!!!

ROCK ON !!!!
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Sir Bass said 3771 days ago (April 25th, 2009)
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Ed Hannifin said 3770 days ago (April 26th, 2009)
This is the best...
...sound that I've heard from you, Magnus... I really love the acoustic sound that you're getting here, and beyond that, I love the combination of the acoustic guitar with the electric, and how you've arranged the song...

I continue to appreciate the wistful, yearning quality you bring to your vocals... The second vocal also blends nicely...

I was afraid that adding bass and drums would muddy things up, but you've got a good, clean sound here...

Others may note that perhaps there are things you could do here to bring more impact to the mix, but for me, the very natural balance draws me in as a listener, and I like it.

It's good to hear your music again...

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bronco said 3767 days ago (April 29th, 2009)
Your voice is strong and confident here Magnus. I like the arrangement also. The single strum of the electric versus the constant strumming of the acoustic is very effective. The drone note right at the end also worked quite well. Very nice pop song. Radio ready as far as I can tell!
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thoddi said 3766 days ago (May 1st, 2009)
Cool band
Your observations on advantages and disadvantages when working in a sterile studio environment is right on. I think the most difficult thing is to preserve the energy of the band. If you record with headsets or record parts of the band at a time, you easily loose what goes on a live stage or on the rehearsals.

But the sound, technically, is of course where a studio recording wins. If you manage to keep the good energy of the band, like when it has its best rehearsals or live gigs, you're in for a thrill.

This one has good qualities, and it's a good song that deserves to stay with you on the repetoir. I think the band sound very good. I like the sound from the drums and that electric guitar with tremolo is a tasty choice.

Your singing is up with the best I have heard from you Magnus. You've managed to keep your energy just at the right level. Leaves me wanting to stay and listen.

Very good. Be sure to let me know if you plan a tour with the band to my part of good old Norway:)
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Calchas said 3754 days ago (May 12th, 2009)
Nicely done!
Good to see you around here again Magnus. Wish you'd stick around.

Enjoyed the tune!

Be well friend!
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ste said 3592 days ago (October 22nd, 2009)
this song a lot. very professional. the vox are sang honestly and the guitar is tasteful. nice one
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crissew said 3582 days ago (October 31st, 2009)
Very well done
vox and recording. Great acoustic tone. Enjoyed it. Wil lhave to check out some more of your stuff.
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