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playboy's mailbox blues

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on may 30th, our regular lead singer was away on his annual birthday retreat, we had the pleasure of playing a gig with the great cliff spencer on hammond....he is way cool....we decided to record and we did..cliff recorded hammond and electric piano onto 4 tracks of some recording device he had, and i recorded the rest of the band, vocals direct from the board...about 24 mics or so recorded to 12 tracks....i have been mixing and experimenting with the recordings...it is amazingly hard and ridiculously fun to hear this great organist play so beautifully with my great bassist and drummer....what a ride!!!! this is the first tune of the night...i sorta mooshed up a bunch of lyrics and we ripped to warm up. this mix sounds good to me...let me know how it sounds to you.


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magnatone said 3661 days ago (June 15th, 2009)
is this what you were trying to send me? this is awesome fran - and you're so right about cliff on the hammond - just fabulous. i'll be enjoying this for a LONG time!
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futzpucker said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
This must have been a satisfying night...
This is some seriously great blues. Cliff enhances your extremely tight rhythm section with style, and his playing and yours mesh like you were born to play together. He can play his face off, handles his drawbars with great finesse, and adding his fine sound and great chops to your blues artistry creates a whole new dimension for your band.

Just plain smokin', tight, soulful, killer blues, boys.
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WG said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
Fantastic as always Ziti
I think the Mix sounds really good on this. Sounds like you had a lot of things to tie together and what a great job. It sounds clean, live and terrific. And what a great jam. All around a great one to share...
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Feter said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
playboy's mailbox blues
This is a blast ...what most outstanding about it ..is yu hear a true
surround sound very nicely produced ....everything on this just superb !!!
the B3 is the real deal here ... Deepest bow !!!!!!!!!!!
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ktb said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
and considering its live makes it all the more remarkable. Big deep sound. That hammond rig sounds great. You must have to get there damn early to rig recordings like this.
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Ibstrat said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
The Version
of "Paint My Mailbox Blue" by Taj Mahal is an absolute favorite of mine.I cracked up when you went into those lyrics.The band really cooks with the organ.You guys shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun.Smokin' solos.
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ziti said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
I always
blank out just before i start to sing a blues...then I start pulling blues lyrics out of the mist of my memory...sometimes they actually relate from verse to verse...I had listened to the Live at the Fillmore Taj big band on the ride to the gig....

as always thanks for the comment mark
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shavingronaldscar said 3661 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
oh yeeeee....
man, you know how to wail out dem blues riffs. I'm always impressed with your work. the mix sounds great, love the live edge it has.
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MarkHolbrook said 3660 days ago (June 17th, 2009)
Great tune
Great mix Fran!
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GML2380 said 3660 days ago (June 17th, 2009)
Another fine post Zetes! Cliff,s playing would make an elephant surrender its Ivory willingly!!.Excellent guitar soloing with just the right amount of flash.(not a fan of players with 10,000 note solos)Thanks for the treat.
stratcat said 3659 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
I like
it. Sounds real good. Wish the video was closer, a bit blurry. The music sounds real good though. What amp are you using since your ampeg blew out? Good stuff!
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ziti said 3659 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
hiya cat
that was the night BEFORE the amp blew....best it ever sounded too....as the recording progresses thru the night I can hear the meltdown starting...there is a distortion that is not nice creeping in....the amp blew in the first set of the next gig. The ampeg is at the hospital. fingers crossed!

the videos are always shot by the bass players girlfriend...she gets to chatting and the camera wanders a bit...but we love augusta!!!
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thewheelofsteel said 3659 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
mike wheelhouse
outstanding dude , fantastic keep the hard work up guys
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