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Love Music Hate Racsim



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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hiphopbattlearena collaborated on a track against a racist battler.
so Love Music Hate Racism and show your love
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I just heard you rap, its unfair and harsh,
your still a little kid whose just scared of the dark
I'll tear you apart, rip out your heart cos i want it.
to show people its black... how ironic.
i dont know why your spitting that topic,
it makes you look moronic and more bitter than tonic.
clickin apon it, i saw your lyrics and stopped it,
i didnt expect to listen and find Hitler apon it
i dont think you know the concept of making a joke..
give your friends a slap but dont break their nose,
Doctor Doctor, I'm unable to joke.
knock knock?
"whose there?" oh just a racist bloke.
yeah say hello to the 8 year old, so
so gonna take your votes,
so gonna leave your mouth stapled closed,
hate you wrote against jews was dim though,
cos we get the Yeses and you just get the big No's!
Comin in guns blazin, you're gettin wasted,
Imma blaze it, No joke!....ure a blatant racist.
A modern day satan. I've put u on my hatelist
ure ugly like a rapist. ugly like ure face is
il do a remix on it and reshape it/
ure rhymes hold no basis/
I'll get rid of all of you haters.
ure mindsets in the middle-ages/ youl never make it
call ureself an mc/ but dave shud remain.. nameless
And you said dont answer this? i dont know why when its hopeless
you'll only win if you recruited some white hooded voters,
and it dont matter if its me or a guy whose throat less,
a grunt is good enough to leave you on the site vote less.
the irony i hope is that you die as a homeless bloke
begging blacks with sign that says "I'll blow for dope"
I think you should sit at the back of the bus,
singing your raps to a bunch of black blokes
see if they laugh at your stuff.
U wanna play rough/then ure getting rushed
Comin for ya blood..bruv!/
U got urself in this mess ..yes!/
With no cred no respect left/
Cant put us to the test/ confess!..u overstepped/
U racist pest/ keep ureself in check
Run back to ure triple K(kkk) sect/
X marks the spot..and ure marked for death/
Demolish ure rep/and u aint even got one yet
yo its pozzy, droppin 8 bars for you to see,
theres another rapper who hates your tuneless beef
you choose such stupid beats
so you get more 'boos' than alcoholics in a duty free
i was bought up in a mixed race community
this kind of race hate is all new to me,
I'll remove you teeth for having crude beliefs
if you were to get up and stand up id shoot your knees!
I hate racists, people shouldn't face this,
so I'm gonna post this track and make you taste it
laced it with my beautiful fellow emcees
and make a track in something that we all believe
Your fundamental views are twisted
love music, hate racists.
you need to step back think of the joke you just made,
you must be a young boy who aint been properly raised
I'm gonna beat you black and blue, make you dizzy
electric shock ya till your hair gets frizzy,
you'll look in the mirror, get scared and cut your hands
trying to punch the man whose staring back
most raps black, your a stupid guy
going snorkelling dissin those who scuba dive
what you like? its plain to see,
your an idiot, yeah, and just a racist freak.
Political correctness
i heard your battle and it left me, breathless
so lets fight, stand up and reunite,
it don't matter if you're black , jewish, muslim or white.
I'm gonna kick this racist punk off the site
kick this racist punk off the site
kick this racist punk off the site
kick this racist punk off the site

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chrishunt said 3644 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
Love Music Hate Racism
Show your support and download our track
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chrishunt said 3644 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
check us out
Check out my latest song called Hip Hopera
ElPeruano said 3644 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
you brought it
well done! I'm particularly impressed by Woozle! did he write that?

you the same cats that did gobbledegook and chattabox??
Check out my latest song called you must be crazy
johnwhitehead said 3644 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
..not my genre...but I really enjoyed this... the message of course, the multiple MC's, the backing tracks---all really well, done. Thanks for the post.

Wonderin', what was the incident that sparked this protest track?

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ChristopherCihon said 3644 days ago (June 26th, 2009)
You all..
said it all..DEEPEST RESPECT.


BTW...no D/L?
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chrishunt said 3644 days ago (June 26th, 2009)
we did this track as someone on http://www.hiphopbattlearena.com
posted a racist battle, so we got together and done this.

ElPeruano yeah I used to post Chattabox tracks we are good friends check his new album at http://www.dialectcrew.com
Check out my latest song called Hip Hopera
Lennon714 said 3644 days ago (June 26th, 2009)
I checked this out last night but didn't get a chance to respond until today. This is great. Woozle's rhymes are particularly good. "going snorkelling dissin those who scuba dive". haha. that's great.

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Char said 3506 days ago (November 10th, 2009)
Good song. Very animated and I liked the different voices. And of course, I commend the message. Thanks.
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morgan102 said 3080 days ago (January 10th, 2011)
One word.....EXCELLENT!!!
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