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 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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This is a song in progress. There is no chorus yet, just my 3 verses. Ive been working on my lyricism more than anything so I would love to hear your thoughts on that. I found the beat here, it is by kylegreyGK. Hope you enjoy.
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Let me get in here a minute, im infinitely exquisite
I just take a verse and pin it down your shittin when im finished
You'll be sittin wit your head just restin in your palm and index
Im a ticking bomb relentless when im spittin out a sentence
All these tricky little rhymes in your notebook you can blow em
And just throw em out your floatin at the bottom of the totem
I am over all the odor-filled vocoder-killed performers
Or the others with your daughters singing every shitty chorus
See a penny for my thoughts is just a pity cuz they're sorta
Worth a quarter i bring forth a dose of what the doctor ordered
For the record Im the illest or the sickest or the strongest
Or im flawless im a porshe thats pushin 400 horses
So get off it you can die just knowing I can do it better
Whether rappin or just living giving passion every letter
That im scratchin on a pad and lining up these rap patterns
Fired up but that happens, tired of these whack bastards

Im cautious like a porsche is right before it rushes towards ice
Or cautious like a white walking through the bronx at night
This is heavy, every fucking second im edgy
Ask anyone who's met me, not a buck im short a penny
What the fuck you snortin? any chump can hunt and point a semi
Lend me ears and you will hear a deadly medley thats as good as any
Ready for the day when i can put you in your place and if
Escaping's in the daily planner better get erasin
And the saying's that you can't always believe in what you seein
Got these sneaky weasels creepin sneakin in to where you sleepin
Leavin bleeding gashes leakin from your knees up to your teeth
And flee and return back to me with pieces of you in a jeep
My speech is dark isnt it? Theres no kidding its definitive
Proof that I am rippin it few can truly pick at it you
Can try to pickett it Ill chew your try at censorship
Cuz I aint shuttin up cuz it aint just my stuff is infinite

Now before i go and get too far into the third verse
I wanna take a few bars for you to see that im first
And foremost a kid who's spittin havin fun on these tracks
I dont get paid for these raps, no cash for blastin these cats
Perhaps I do it cuz it helps my fucking mind to relax
Sit back and crap on these assholes quick and give em the axe
So when you see these heads rollin, you will see me here grinnin
No i aint worth a million but still im verbally winnin
In monopoly you'd probably be still in with nil n'
I got boardwalk and park place with hotels sittin in em
Plus the greens to go with em and the yellow to get em
Before he even hits my corner he'll be wishin for prison
Im addicted to given em venom straight with no serum
Im like venom im supervillain get em and tear em
A new rectum infect em with death unless they're confessin their best
Is less than a tenth of my breath digest it and check on my next record
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Konscious said 3730 days ago (July 1st, 2009)
I thought the verses were pretty ill... you did a good job to tailor the structure of your lyrics to this slightly chaotic beat... So props to the lyricism on which you have been working, this is the first of yours that i've heard, but i look forward to hearing more. Peace.
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Sir Bass said 3706 days ago (July 25th, 2009)
Crazy flow man, but put vocalization in your words.
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