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star spangled banner desrever

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star spangled banner in reverse -- for that kind of 4th of july
lyrics by Francis Scott Key -- public domain
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!evarb eht fo emoh eht dna eerf eht fo dnal eht re'O
evaw llahs hpmuirt ni rennab delgnaps-rats eht dnA
'.tsurt ruo si doG nI' :ottom ruo eb siht dnA
,tsuj si ti esuac ruo nehw ,tsum ew reuqnoc nehT
.noitan a su devreserp dna edam htah taht rewoP eht esiarP
dnal deucser n'vaeh eht yam ,ecaep dna yrotciv htiw tselB
!noitalosed s'raw eht dna emoh devol rieht neewteB
dnats llahs nemeerf nehw ,reve ti eb suht !O

.evarb eht fo emoh eht dna eerf eht fo dnal eht re'O
evaw htod hpmuirt ni rennab delgnaps-rats eht dnA
:evarg eht fo moolg eht ro ,thgilf fo rorret eht morF
evals dna gnilerih eht evas dluoc egufer oN
.noitullop 'spetstoof luof rieht tuo dehsaw sah doolb riehT
!erom on su evael dluohs yrtnuoc a dna emoh A
,noisufnoc s'elttab eht dna raw fo covah eht tahT
erows ylgnitnuav os ohw dnab taht si erehw dnA

.evarb eht fo emoh eht dna eerf eht fo dnal eht re'O
evaw ti yam gnol hO !rennab delgnaps-rats eht siT'
:maerts eht ni senihs won detcelfer yrolg lluf nI
,maeb tsrif s'gninrom eht fo maelg eht sehctac ti woN
?sesolcsid flah ,slaecnoc flah ,swolb ylluftif ti sA
,peets gnirewot eht re'o ,ezeerb eht hcihw taht si tahW
,sesoper ecnelis daerd ni tsoh ythguah s'eof eht erehW
,peed eht fo stsim eht hguorht nees ylmid ,erohs eht nO

?evarb eht fo emoh eht dna eerf eht fo dnal eht re'O
evaw tey rennab delgnaps-rats taht seod yas !O
.ereht llits saw galf ruo taht thgin eht hguorht foorp evaG
,ria ni gnitsrub sbmob eht ,eralg der 'stekcor eht dnA
?gnimaerts yltnallag os erew dehctaw ew strapmar eht re'O
,thgif suolirep eht hguorht srats thgirb dna sepirts daorb esohW
?gnimaelg tsal s'thgiliwt eht ta deliah ew ylduorp os tahW
thgil ylrae s'nwad eht yb ees uoy nac yas !O
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VicDiesel said 3548 days ago (July 4th, 2009)
Completely unrecognizable. The strange crescendos and slides are definitely spooky. Makes me wonder what that was in the original.
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egobandit said 3546 days ago (July 5th, 2009)
there is
a constant in the back I think doubling up with a mean electric guitar...almost a a bass line most enjoyable thanks. I must admit it was your artist name dimm witness that drew me here Im glad I came on by!
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Artist Info
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Name: dimm witness
Location: pismo beach california
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