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Arguing Semantics



 Genre: Heavy Metal
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I recorded this, bassless, using garageband and an mxl 990 on my guitar cab and vocals.

the guitar does not sound how I want it to.
the vocals do not sound how I want them to.

I did the software instruments all myself and the drums were created in EZ Drummer.

those, I am semi-ok with.

I would appreciate it if anyone listening to this song would leave some type of constrtuctive criticism, hopefully on how to mix the songs better, and get them further away from the 'garage' and closer to something that an actual studio may create.

I also know my own hypocrisies, that i want better sound, but use an M-audio USB powered interface that my cat has knocked over too many times. and the cheap mics that came with it.

Please let me know what Purchases I should make (hopefully none) and what I can do with the program I am using to make the mix better.

I struggle with having things occupy the same space and tend to over-rely on panning, and also reverb to cover up poor takes.

I decided instead of re-mixing old songs, I would do a new song and hopefully it sounds like I have improved from last time, instead of getting worse.

moving forward.

please help me mix this.
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You're so simple and boundless
the most complicated shackles on my wrists!
You're so pure and free
the dirty iron bars encaging me!

you're just another face in the fucking crowd
you're just another name and we are not allowed
to speak such ugly words
so take a look in the mirror before it breaks

and my dear i look at you and i just know!!!!

the difference between you and I
was that I was not afraid
to stand up tall and let you drop and fall
through the cracks that we both made

and you were scratching at the door
and i watched you drag your heels
through the summertime, but when winter came
you had lost your sex appeal
but where were you when i was down and out?
oh you were skipping stones and breaking bones
that we were better off without

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kingbee said 3627 days ago (July 13th, 2009)
This sounds good.
Just a few things need attending too.
The lack of bass is one thing and would give it a whole lot of bottom end.
have you got a mother keyboard to play the bass bits on?
It would add so much more to it.
I like the synth layering on the guitar.
The vocals are good and I like the harmony and the 'softer' vocals.
When the drums on the ' you're just another face..' line drop down I would maybe have an open hi hat backing up the rhythm as it's quite a drop down and sounds just a little bit too empty.
There's loads of forum postings on what mic to get.
You could play it safe and just get a shure SM58 which is an all rounder and is one of the best sellers.
maybe with the guitars I think there recorded in stereo.
Do two different takes with a slightly different sound on each one and then pan them either side which makes it sound like you have two guitarists and adds a lot of texture to the overall mix
Apart from that things are moving along well.
Cool stuff
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Wummimann said 3627 days ago (July 13th, 2009)
some good ideas - i can't hear a bass guitar or the equalizing put it out, the drums have no punch - all in all really not bad!
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Reggie_Pole said 3627 days ago (July 13th, 2009)
A bassless opinion
Yukyuk. Why did you post it without bass? Well, anyway, I will watch for the next version. The opening riff is a bit too much Rusty Cage. A great song, but that signature riff ... you know, it's been done. I don't use GB, so I have no advice for you. It's a start. I think a big improvement will happen when you get the drums sounding bigger.
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michael2 said 3624 days ago (July 16th, 2009)
mix of synths and grind. drums sound good, synths sound good. the guitar is not as in your face as it could be. i would crank the rhythm gtr a lot more, but doesn't sound like it really needs anything on it. the vocals sound a little far away. how did you do them effects wise? sounds like a really small reverb (like you're screaming in a bathroom). they are a little dark sounding too, maybe drop everything below 20 Hz on them with an EQ (just get rid of all the bass in the vocals since it is only adding noise), and then crank up the highs a bit. can't remember who, but someone on MJ put a good guide to EQ up a couple of weeks ago. and sound on sound magazine has some good online tutorials, but i can't find the addy right now (i'm at work). anyways, i guess what is standing out is that the parts are not quite fitting together, like some is really raw sounding, and some (like the drums and synths) are more hi-fi. see if you can spread the frequencies around a little more, and it won't be so muddy. panning helps with that as well.
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VicDiesel said 3616 days ago (July 24th, 2009)
Again, not bad at all
but you really have to start using bass. C'mon, every guitar player thinks that they can play bass, so why not you? Try it.

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sewer rod said 3597 days ago (August 12th, 2009)
This one sounds a little better. Again I go with Kingbee. I can hear the bass, maybe bring it up just a bit(if you can.) Kingbee is always telling me to bring up my bass to, so don't feel bad. And the drums, just because I like drums. But really overall, a better effort.
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