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Get Out Of My Brain You Damn Dirty Crickets (LIOLI 9)

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Here's my entry to the amazing Lioli 9 insanity.

It's really a medley of 3 different variations, composed almost entirely of Apple loops dredged out of the GarageBand basement and kicked around in various different voices. I noticed that the Dance loop almost always landed on a whistle voice, and with various layers and velocity settings, ended sounding like a chorus of crickets.

So now you know, partly, how the title came out.

The first medley uses the Dance Loop in layers of jazz drums and a piano, with a midi Bass guitar loop thumping away and mirrored in some horn voices among the crickets. Vaguely reminds me of the group War, for some reason.

Medley 2 has the loop in more layers of drums, with an assortment of bass guitar and synth loops bouncing around amid the sea of crickets buzzing away in your brain.

Medley 3 is my favourite, with an interesting bassline popping away amid the crickets and vaguely Latin drums, along with a melody line of horns that I penciled in while waiting for my pants to come out of the dryer. (I told you guys I record without pants. ) I like how it all sounds near the end, and its all the loop - only dropped into a piano voice, stripped of bass and pushed up into the tinkly zone. I'd like to explore this one some more.

Serious fun.

And the other part of the title? It put me in mind of Charlton Heston's Planet Of The Apes 'get your hands off me you damn dirty ape' quote..... only with crickets.

Good times. Good times.

Thanks to Chikoppi for launching this. I'll be a regular from here on in.
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Mac Mini
GarageBand 09
said 3587 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
beats mosquitos...
maybe - then down here we have the notorious things called cicadas, OMG!

sounds like a cuica in there too.... Enjoyed, Thanks!

. - Harold
mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Ahh Cicadas..... buzzing at the end of summer as I finish off a cold beer on the porch.

Loved your entry - that was killer stuff.
sheilad said 3587 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
your crickets
are now in my head.... thanks! And the no pants thing.... that totally works too! Cool job on this!!!
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Who needs em?
DeputyDoofy said 3587 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
They're all over me. GET 'EM OFF!!! :P
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Wish I could help but I cant get the damn things out of my head. Maybe Cricket B Gone?
sschedra said 3587 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
Yes exactly the funky sounds of the group War! This is a chunky funky treat. Love the horns. Very good first effort (not counting the "This Is Not A Song" offering, which although not a song, makes a fine public service announcement).
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Funny how stuff like that happens, hm? Love playing with GarageBands horn section. A little funk never hurts either.
sloparts said 3587 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
Now I'll never get the sound of those crickets
or this loop out of my head. Thanks a lot Mr. Morden.

Very creative though I have to admit. Sounds super cool to me,

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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Ive tried drinking cold beer to drown out the crickets. It hasnt worked... and I cant remember where I left my pants.

Your entries were killer, Ed. Guys like me poke the crickets and screw around, and you buckle down and create real music. Looking forward to hearing more.
Diviner said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Great fun. I like what you have done with the midi loop. The funky bass is very nice as well. Cool track Mr Morden.
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Bass and Crickets
Whoudda thought they'd go so well together?
michael2 said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
oh yeah
you're all the way up on the high, weird end of the piano roll on this. whistles, insects, all kinds of freaky stuff and you made it work. i love that reverbed bug sound. you could have made 3 minutes of just that sound and I would liked it. seriously (i'm weird). great job.
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
That part of the piano
has always intrigued me. Old country (40s, 50s) used to mess around up there all the time, and all kinds of crazy stuff can happen.

Those cricket sounds were completely accidental, but they really have a certain energy all their own. The first two parts sound oddly lifeless without the crickets.....
drakonis said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
love that movie, still.
But then, I'm a nut for O'Henry twist stories. This was great silly fun... especially without pants. I think it has just the right amount of cowbell, and crickets (or maybe those are Harold's Cuicadas). And you are calling other LIOLI-looper's "insanely demented geniuses"? I dunno, this comes close to giving you the crown! Great work!
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Insanely Demented Geniuses
This place is full of them. Some, though, such as yourself, balance equal measures of class and dignity into the mix as well. Thanks for braving the crickets, Drak!
sonnyjim said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Those horns
are very "Kill Bill"; in fact, this whole thing has a 'Tarantin-esque' vibe. Let me also say this could be the only proper use of that horrible 'whistle' sound....... ever.

Much enjoyed!
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mr_mordenus said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Kill Bill
yeah, there really is a Quentin vibe to that third section... hadnt considered that before. And yer right - those horrid whistles work here and nowhere else I can imagine - most likely will never reappear in anything I do again........... ever.
richard13 said 3587 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
Very, very nice (except for the dam'd chirping)
If you ever re-mix without the crickets, let me know please. I listened to this twice (you use those horn loops well) but I was afraid to d/l for fear of a permanent cricket nest (warren? den?) in my head.
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SISTERS said 3586 days ago (August 22nd, 2009)
yo a doodle

cool approach to the situation
medley 2 cooked for me
you got me saying NO! when it was over cuz i wished it not so.
thank you!

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davajonah said 3586 days ago (August 23rd, 2009)
Mixing skills! Great use of this loop and others, really well put together. Likes it!
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RadioChuck said 3586 days ago (August 23rd, 2009)
Rocha is right ...
but tis cricket season as well....did you record this in my backyard?? Melody 1 is just down funky cool..... Melody2 ..... there seems to be a buzzing in my brain.. Melody 3 seems to drive the little buggers away... This entry was worth waiting for and you are very cool ... a fan I am!!
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SmokeyVW said 3585 days ago (August 23rd, 2009)
by golly it does remind me of War.

i'm a big fan of crickets. they always remind me of summer.

this is fun, and nicely done

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tempie said 3585 days ago (August 24th, 2009)
cool 70's tv vibe. no idea why those whistles aren't on my nerves but they work great, cool idea. love the softshoe rhythm that comes in mid way through. and the horns!
Check out my latest song called The Double Helix
T_Being_esq said 3576 days ago (September 2nd, 2009)
A pure delight. Could have listened to it for a bit longer. Have you thought about a re-work at the end? Maybe slow down the tempo broken tape stylie and finish with crickets speeding up to a high pitched blur.
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ic42 said 3571 days ago (September 6th, 2009)
rhythm of crickets
the beginning sounds of a japanese kite festival. teams are inspired by a leader, who keeps time with a whistle. many teams, many whistles. it is exciting. the kites fly and fight. a string is cut. a kite falls. a team has lost. this inspires bright colors and excitement.
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Char said 3561 days ago (September 16th, 2009)
Very enjoyable.
Theatrical. It could be a film score. You are great. Thanks.
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michaelkoppenheffer said 3536 days ago (October 12th, 2009)
My basement where I record
Is actually full of crickets, and they often intrude on vocal and guitar tracks. I like your crickets a whole lot better than mine: yours seem to know how to keep a groove going, whereas mine just chirp at awkward moments. Nice job!
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magnatone said 3534 days ago (October 14th, 2009)
Out of My Brain
how did i MISS THIS??? My apologies Mr. M! what a GREAT song! except now i feel like they're in MY head, and what am i going to do? LOL - great tune - thanks!
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