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Who Rides the Wind

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My bandmate's young kid has recently discovered that he likes video cameras and devised his own Kid's Challenge reality show. It's a test of speed and stamina and it needed a song. The proud father, Nestor Gomez, came by last Friday night with the chords and some rough lyrics, which we refined and recorded. While there was some real excitement with what we came up with, it had been rushed and had pushed my vocals into unfamiliar territory. I really liked the song so for a change I was compelled to come back to it and tidy up things.

Anyway, I'm still looking to improve it. Anyone have any ideas on how to polish it up? I can hear level changes I think I should make and I'd like to lose the high-gain guitar hiss without compressing them to badly.

All suggestions welcome!
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They all had a shot,
a shot for victory
Giving it there all,
Running fast and free

Muscle meets the mind
Souls about to shine
Who can find the win?
Who Rides the Wind?
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Feter said 3574 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
Who Rides the Wind
Hey my friend its been a while ..short but so
cool ...a swing change with diffrent scale will
be cool ...loved it so far ..kudos ..thnx alot
for sharin !!!!
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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
Not sure what you mean by swing change. Are you suggesting doing it in a different groove altogether or switching things up half way?

Thanks for the listen and advice though!
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ste said 3574 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
think it's great to be writing for that reason. i like the tune, i'd speed it up and stick on some drums if it's a speed and stamina show.
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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
I'm thinking that a bit more essence of speed might help. Toying with a drum/bass line that might speed things along.

And it was a great motivation to write a song for this cause!
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composerclark said 3574 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
Very cool… feels like an anthem of some sort! The acoustic guitar intro is really nice and sets up an "up" and kind of mellow, folky mood, but after only 4 beats of this the entry of the distortion guitar feels rather incongruous or at least unexpected. That said, the lead guitar line sounds good… I guess if it were my song, I'd try an acoustic version, then I'd try a more aggressive, electric guitar based version, and see which one I liked better. I think they'd both sound good, though.
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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
When worlds collide eh? I think I know what your saying, but I think I've managed to marry the electric over the acoustic. I'll post when I've finished it up and see if you agree.

Thanks for the insight Clark, sometimes it can be hard to hear the conflicts when you get attached to something like this.
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smokey bacon jnr said 3574 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
Nice guitar work
You've got a really good voice for this sort of song. Gravelly! You could use EQ to tidy up the hiss, rather than compression which would not tackle that problem. Use an 2 band EQ where you can select a frequency, turn it down so the line dips at some point and move the dip up and down the line til you find the part of the sound spectrum that's causing the problem. Either that or use a noise gate which cuts out when the sound becomes white noise. You have to be careful not to cut out too soon though!! Good stuff.
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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
Gravel hiss
Thanks Smokey. If I can find a free plug-in to do such a thing I'll give it a try. And thanks for the singing compliment, my first!

When are we going to hear some Toneport magic?
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Ed Hannifin said 3573 days ago (September 4th, 2009)
I think you and Nestor really hit it in terms of coming up with something anthemic. I think this suits the theme of the show very well... What I hear here is an excellent demo for the fully realized theme song...

If it was me I'd contact jiguma or perceptual vortex and beg for a stellar drum track... Failing that, I'd use one of those tempo-deriving little programs like the bpm widget for Dashboard, and get the tempo, and then I'd mess around with drum loops until I found one that sounded cool with me playing the acoustic bit over it... Then I'd build the whole thing up again from the drum track...

If you don't want to go to that degree of trouble, then I'd just remix it. I'd get the two acoustic guitar parts hard left and right, and I'd compress and tame the electric part up the middle. I'd spend a lot of time messing around with the vocals, trying reverbs and compression, and then I'd bring the vocals up in the mix--if yer gonna have an anthem, it's gotta be anthemic. Big, bold, strong... You could also add some bass...

I'd also take a look at the tracks and see if anything needs nudging as regards time....

This may sound like a laundry list of complaints, but really it's me saying--this is just perfect for its purpose, so take it all the way...

The lyrics and melody are right there, so you can work it up as far as you want to...

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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
Great advice
As usual Ed, you've provided some excellent insight. I've tried your recommendations and it really does clean up the mix quite nicely. Looking forward to you hearing the results.

Still not sure I've got the anthemic vocals going. Maybe there is a magic plug-in but I'm limited by the pipes I was born with!

And trust me, it never comes off as a list of complaints, just rock-solid advice. So thanks!

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VicDiesel said 3568 days ago (September 8th, 2009)
Nothing wrong with the song
But for a show that's about "speed and stamina" I think you should up the bpm a little.
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Pete_NB said 3566 days ago (September 10th, 2009)
I'm detecting a theme here. I'm working on increasing the precieved pace of the song with a drum track/new bass line. At least I hope it will!
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