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Planetfall (Macjams Space Race 2009)



 Genre: Ambient
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Macjams Space Race Challenge 2009

On Seeing a New Planet at Sunrise

The initial wonders and excitement of your name coming up on the list of mission personnel. The Long Goodbye's with all those you cherish and care for. The joy of the journey to the Lighthugger Interstellar Explorer. The apprehension as the huge craft ignites the huge engines to begin the journey.

The meeting of your fellow travellers. The plans made.

The Long Sleep............. The Awakening.

The Lighthugger has moved into a parking orbit above the new planet (DP IV).
Scans have revealed no hostile presence. The world is waiting for the first
visitors from Earth. The shuttle leaves the orbiter and begins its decent
as the sun of this system, Delta Pavonis, peeps out over the curve of the
planets horizon.

As the craft loses height, more detail of the surface emerges and as the sun
grows from below the horizon, more colours are evident. The sight is
breathtaking. Beautiful colours from all parts of the visible spectrum greet
the eyes of the crew. Flying forms appear from what passes for vegetation on
the surface, and scatter in scintilating coloured explosions as the wings
beat in a scared, random scattered frenzy. Simply awesome.

The vegetation begins to thin somewhat and a green plain appears and this plain
gently slopes away down to a lake in the distance and wonder of wonders, what
appears lolloping along in the distance but a herd of absolutely massive four-legged beasts. They stop their walk, in unison, look towards the noise of the craft, pause, then carry on their previous business.

The journey continues with more and more spectacular visions of beauty. Each
transcending the earlier wonders, but that's another story.
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sloparts said 3060 days ago (October 7th, 2009)
A long one, but then it would be
since coming out of orbit takes time.

But it's time well spent as these creature get first light and first sight of what is to become their new home.

Very cool the way you use the music to help show the emotional reactions to seeing it all for the first time.

Wonderful piece of music reinholt

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Reinholt56 said 3060 days ago (October 8th, 2009)
Hi Ed......
I tried very hard to sculpt this piece to the ideas in the description and imagined my own thoughts and feelings as the storyline moved along. I hoped that this would come out for the listener, especially if they read the description as the music progressed.

Take care.

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Ex_Silentio said 3060 days ago (October 8th, 2009)
Lighthuggers and quadrupeds
Lighthugger! Haha. That's a great name. Do you happen to write sci-fi novels? If you don't, then you're evidently neglecting an untapped potential. Looking forward to the next installment, Paul. Great stuff. I like that title. Nice touch with the break around 6:10. The moment of truth follows.
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Reinholt56 said 3059 days ago (October 9th, 2009)
Hi Duane.........
I don't think that I made the name up. It is a word already used in SciFi works, so it's not my invention. I read so many of the things that some words I read become part of my vocabulary.

The moment of truth is the every day work that happens once the wonders wear off or the scientists have their recreation days, and can dream strange dreams. Dreams that they couldn't have dreamed on Earth.

It's also NOT an entry in the SRC 2009.

Take care.

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Henke said 3060 days ago (October 8th, 2009)
Very nice
I can sense a more positive direction in your music of lately. And even if a good deep space ambient piece can be very gratifying, some positive elements sprinkled over the piece are probably good for the soul and makes for a lot more replays, at least from my iTunes playlist... So thanks for the download!

Oh, good story too, fit the music very well.

Take care.

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Reinholt56 said 3059 days ago (October 9th, 2009)
Hi Henke.....
The last three or four numbers were originally made weeks or months ago and finished only in the last week, so one reason that I may have forgotten about them or not used them at the time was my personal circumstances. Things change so one month of dread can be followed by a lighter month. Maybe this is a lighter month. I truly hope so!!!

I'm glad you thought this a better mood piece than others I've uploaded. It's good to know how others feel about my soundscapes.

Take care.

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Doug Somers said 3059 days ago (October 8th, 2009)
Delta Pavonis eh? 5 Starts in Conde Nast Traveller
And I always thought epsilon Eridanii was the hot spot. :o)

Well conceived and written, both in prose and tones! Your visual imagination certainly matches your depth of aural creativity.

Blazing lights going on here in a really good Reinholt/Vangelis way which seems to flow into an electro fanfare. Lighthugger is a great name as the tones seem to be so bright.

The expression of the planet's surface reveals the awe of the crew. Unlike your 'moving' space pieces this one seems to take everything in from a series of stationary viewpoints.

Very nice Paul. Prolific as usual whilst maintaining inspiration and quality. I'm jealous!

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Reinholt56 said 3059 days ago (October 9th, 2009)
Hi Doug.....
I have a thing about Delta Pavonis. I may be from there or something!! Ha ha. It rolls off of the tongue so well. I'm very glad to hear it has 5 Stars on the Conde Nast web site. So it should, although the sulphur in the atmosphere may not suit some out door types!!

I tried to make the description into a series of statements, so that seems to have worked somewhat with the music.

My next piece, Delta Pavonis Blues, is the anticlimactic, troubled sleep of those brave planetary explorers.

Take care.

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richard13 said 3058 days ago (October 9th, 2009)
Sunrise is my favourite time of day.
Beautifully done, Paul. This is a lovely glide over the morning topography of a new planet with constantly changing textures and colours. Downloaded, thanks.
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Reinholt56 said 3057 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
Hi Richard......
This was my favourite track for the SRC 2009. I could genuinely picture those explorers on their new home world, excited and awed by what they were witness to.

Take care.

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davajonah said 3057 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
Great story Paul
And suitably epic music to accompany it. Excellent.
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Reinholt56 said 3057 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
Hi Dave......
I enjoyed putting the story together. As you could imagine, it could go on and on, and one day may just do that. The music inspired the story but both really took their final shape together.

Take care.

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ic42 said 3056 days ago (October 12th, 2009)
hms beagle
to see such wonders on other worlds... you bring these visions to light... and you do so with a sparse soundscape. expertly achieved. again. thank you so much for energizing the spacerace challenge.
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Reinholt56 said 3055 days ago (October 13th, 2009)
Hi Mr D.......
I enjoy tweaking the old synth or two, and if the sounds that come out are agreeable to others that make me very happy.

I also enjoyed the SRC 2009. I tend to over excite when there's a hint of Space, Ambient and a chellenge to boot. I just couldn't resist having a go or two.

You had me with the ic42 pseudonym. I thought it was some sort of algorithmic oracle who created extremely thought-provoking music to boot. Nice one Eduard. It almost seemed a very well written and behaved computer facsimile of an inscrutible, enigmatic musician/philosopher.

Take care.

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ic42 said 3054 days ago (October 13th, 2009)
i never meant to "have" anyone. the enigmatic poet is still me :-) I'll now be able to be my poetic self ALL the time. :-) and I'll continue to try to keep up with your talent and musical ideas... thank you Paul.
Check out my latest song called Mars à Oublier - 0x01
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