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Chills (its cold outside...) w/ TNTrio



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This is a live recording for my band (TNTrio) did on Dec. 9th in DC. As we are poor, I have been mixing the songs down in GB for our demo.

I'd love to hear input on the mixing. I did not track it, and I have several issues with how the guy handled it (there is clipping and little separation in the drum tracks, the keys are in mono instead of stereo... ), but I did my best with it.

He used a Shure Beta 52 on the kick, an sm58 for the hat/snare, a beta 58 for the toms/ride, and a beta 87 for the vocals. Keys went direct in mono.

Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Especially on the mix, but if you have thoughts on the song as well that is most certainly welcome.

Stay warm!

P.S. the lyrics are a composite of two earlier works I posted on macjams, Winter Wind and Negative Space. Check those our too for my solo stuff!
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see Winter Wind and Negative Space
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spitlogic said 3493 days ago (December 21st, 2009)
The mix pretty much sounds like a live concert. Something about most live performances is that they never sound as good as the studio. I like the sound and the song itself, but I don't think that as a demo it showcases the best your group has to offer.

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ElPeruano said 3488 days ago (December 26th, 2009)
sup mitch!
good to see you stopping in! I hope you are enjoying the holidays (preferably with your family).

I agree, but we won a free live recording, and we are going to use it until we have a studio recording (which costs $$$). Hopefully we will get that in the spring. This is just to hold us over until then (give to fans and friends, and to get gigs so we can play and raise some $$ for the album, etc.)

thanks for listening! I'll be sure to send you a copy of the album when we get it all done if you're interested. best.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3492 days ago (December 22nd, 2009)
love the emotion and delivery in this dude. Lyrics were well written. The drums and keys are tight with eachother, Very effective song. I agree with spit though on the mix. I picked out tons of noise through out the track. A lot of it was prominent in the kick drum. Its a decent live recording, but i wouldnt use this as a demo to showcase your band. the song lacks dynamics and sounds rather flat. The song itself is good though, and contains lots of emotion. The recording could be a lot better though. You should record this again in a smaller space. Also in regards to your keys recorded in mono, you could copy the wav file and spread it out in GB ( i think..or logic ) im assuming GB has different channels you can drag it into. I would give that piano more presence by layering it. the drum mix was a little off in the headphones i listened with. usually the kicks centered but i was hearing it shift to the left, and that snare in the right sounds a little off to me. These are all things I would look at. and you know this is meant as constructive crit im a huge fan dude. Good luck with the demo.
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ElPeruano said 3488 days ago (December 26th, 2009)
yo yo yoooo
thanks for checking it out man! I love to hear your input, and I really appreciate the advice!

what noise did you hear? crowd noise? There is a crowd mic and thats on purpose to capture that "live" feel. otherwise, the kick drum was clipping pretty much the entire time, so I tried to reduce the distortion with EQ as much as possible, but, it still sounds a little weird.

are the dynamics completely flat?? I used some compression, but only at a 2:1 ratio for the most part, because otherwise I thought the dynamics were a bit much. did I over-do it?

As for the keys, thats exactly what I did, and I EQ'd each side slightly differently. Still, its not the same as recording in stereo.

I agree, the kick was left, because there was way too much kick in the toms drum. I had to beef it up to get the toms at all and then I got too much kick. I'm going to go back and sacrifice some meat on the toms to get the kick a little more centered. Good catch.

I'll work on the snare also. The problem is he used 2 mics on the whole drum kit, so its not just a snare mic, its a snare/hat/lots of bleed from the entire kit mic. Its difficult to emphasize one drum without drastically changing the sound of the rest of the kit. Does the snare need more/less meat or attack?

Thanks again for the input man. Its much appreciated.

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