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Pandora's Box (version 2)



 Genre: Progressive Rock

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This is Tobin's revised version 2 of the original GB file supplied by Fioretti. What Tobin liked about the original - its rhythmic creativity, its drive and energy - he attempted to maintain. He also tried to lend to the piece a heightened sense of human playing (since the original was perhaps too mechanistic) and a better sense of build (since the climaxes are reached and held, much like in heavy metal, but have no where to build beyond).

First, Tobin added measures and harmonics to the introduction using one of the synths Fioretti used in his version: Casuarina Cascade. He then rehearsed a solo Moog ("Good Moog") part, having a great time playing different styles and lines as the intro looped and looped. (The expanded length of the intro resulted from his desire to have more tooling around time, cuz it was so much fun.) He then recorded the Moog part, including the use of the wheel vibrato on the ends of certain phrases and as a way of accenting certain notes.

After completing this new intro, Tobin added some more complex chords to the second section using the acoustic piano sound @ 1:19-1:42. Tobin then turned to his B3 and started playing around with ideas. The original track was so dense, he could hardly hear the organ. So he left that section to figure out what to do later, altho he did add some organ hits that augmented the new harmonics with some complex chords, especially between 1:03-1:17, trying to break up the sense of severe parallel rhythms.

He then cut up the next section (1:45-2:11), creating some rests/space for the organ to add in chordal hits. He layered Moog over it, but is uncertain if the mix is right.

The sense of organ build that ended that section led to the rising chordal progression that builds into the finish 2:00-2:11, and then 2:11-2:36.

Continuing on, he added Moog hits to augment the new organ chord progression, leading to that really high note at the end.

NOTES TO FIORETTI (from TobinMueller): Let me know if this is the right direction. If so, I want to add a few more lines to the middle section in a version 3 before I pass it back to you.

Also, this track is only 2:40 in length, and most prog is usually much longer. Do you want to extend this piece, or have it be the opening section of a multi-movement Prog Etude collection? I vote for the latter.

As stated in the original post, the drums I used are crummy in comparison to your plugin drums. But I'd like to work on a version 3, after you let me know that this is the right direction, before you fix the drum track. I edited out some of Dream Theater style double-pedal drumming in the middle, so that there was a better sense of build. Hope you like it.

• Pandora's Box (version 1)
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TobinMueller said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
Michael, let me know if this direction is ok, if you want me to redo any notes, editing anything out, add more, etc. I'm having a great time with this...
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Ren-Tin-10 said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
Eat yer heart out, King Crimson!
Cool stuff! Would like to see where this goes.

Thanks for sharing.

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T_Being_esq said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
I will be watching this
As it develops. Going well so far, although it is beginning to loose some of the clarity of the first version ( a bit muddy tonally). I am sure this will be cleaned up as things grow. A real bass would be nice, as of course some solid guitar leads. Love the Moog and the organ, very fitting. Maybe some space between the beats at around 1.00, silence between the stabs and again around 1.25. I hope you do not mind the comments.
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TobinMueller said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
We welcome all comments, to be sure. The main reason for the muddiness is the crummy drumset I am using. Fioretti has the actual plugin we'll use for the final version. The bass drum in my set creates distortion, but since I know that will be fixed, I didn't bother changing levels, etc.
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T_Being_esq said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
I knew you would be on top of it
I suppose this is what I meant about spaces.

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Fioretti said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
I use EZDrummer for the drums and I can get them to sound pretty "spacey." I think the drums will sound pretty cool in the in end.
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Jim Bouchard said 3279 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
I do hear a lot of distortion but I guess that will be fixed. It sort of drives me crazy as it's like Flaming Lips jamming with ELP, and I can't stand the sound of Flaming Lips, but as a preliminary mix and a piece this is pretty cool as a collab. I din't listen to the first one yet so I'm off to compare!
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month_of_sundays said 3268 days ago (February 10th, 2010)
Hah - I love Jim's Flips comment
regarding the distortion. Really impressive what has happened with one pass of add-ons. All the keys are intense - and there's a nice bit of humor in the playing that is sometimes lacking in the genre.
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Girk said 3208 days ago (April 11th, 2010)
Prog in (heaps of) motion
The drumming once again from Fioretti is just great: Lots of pace and lots of drama. Bill Bruford! Its the drumming that allows the fantastic work of Tobin to shine on through. Love the portomento squidgy-ness and the deft quick runs of scales. Very nice, very different. Prog... In an instant!
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Name: Michael Fioretti & Tobin Mueller
Location: United States
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On Wisconsin! Rock on Prog! This is the profile page for the CollabBlabs Challenge collaboration between Tobin Mueller and Michael Fioretti. WIProg will be working on the song "Pandora's Box" that is based on the final third section of Fioretti's... [see more]

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Progressive rock (shortened to prog, or prog rock when differentiating from other "progressive" genres) is an ambitious, eclectic, and often grandiose style of rock music which arose in the late 1960s, reached the peak of its popularity in the early

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