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To The Feynman Point



 Genre: Experimental

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album: Waldo
track 1: 4:58 Conflict Of Interest
track 2: 5:56 To The Feynman Point
track 3: 4:27 Climax Pop
track 4: 5:02 Banished From Pandora
track 5: 4:20 Quellek
track 6: 5:28 FungibleSonicConsciousness
track 7: 2:33 Extraordinarily Corrosive
track 8: 3:07 253
track 9: 7:31 Images
track 10: 7:35 Disturbed
track 11: 4:10 CFL
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Song Description

a mapping of the decimal expansion of a well-known transcendental number to pitch and duration out to a special, named point
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Uploaded: Feb 26, 2010 - 11:05:43 PM
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pi (1)
shavingronaldscar said 3213 days ago (February 26th, 2010)
dawdling proteins
lemme guess the number. The golden ratio? Either way, wicked progression. This grows on itself and on the listener in a truly cosmic manner.
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DWL said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
I have no idea what this is all about but it is rather engaging


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Moviz said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
I see it as
the 'Golden Mean'.... weird and wonderful numbers progressing.... was it 32? Not sure, cheers M
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Calchas said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
Ha ha...
A fine bit of Post-Modern Neo-Pythagorean sound-scaping Bill.

Rather trippy!

Be well friend!
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Calchas said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
Puts me in mind of one of my favorite books:

"A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTING THE UNIVERSE: The Mathematical Archetypes Of Nature, Art, And Science...A Voyage From 1 To 10" by Michael S. Schneider.

You just might enjoy this one Bill.
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Morning Light said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
& interesting listen! :)
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guygrooves said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
Sometimes Smokey...
you make my brain hurt.. but only from trying to understand wtf you're talkin bout. NEVER your music though ... I have come to really enjoy my visits because I never know what to expect. I am glad I put the headphones on for this.. LOTS goin on.
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Sigmund said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
To The Point
While I haven't a clue one what you are doing or how you created this, it does sound intriguing - very new age sounding. To be honest, I did not think this would hold my attention for 6 minutes but actually it was an enjoyable listening experience from start to finish. Interesting work - thanks for sharing this with us.
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drakonis said 3213 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
A curious character - Charmed, I'm sure
Feynman is one of my heros. As is the transcendental number here, which I only memorized out to about 10 places as a teenager (didn't have anything better to do, I Gauss... but it was better than walking the Planck, or eating Avogadros.) I didn't know that there was a little loop in the number there, that is cool! Really inventive how you mapped the numbers to notes so they played nicely with others, and the main synth sounds almost like a fast-strummed Balalaika. And I learned something too! Usually, pure numerically-driven music sounds quite random and un-interesting, but you've come up with sounds and harmonies and a way to map the #s and a rhythm that makes this as sweet as home-made apple pie. Do you have some ice cream to go with this?

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SmokeyVW said 3212 days ago (February 27th, 2010)
Feynman had a great sense of humor. the whole point of the Feynman point is literally a joke.

set scale [list 0 3 5 7 10 12 15 17 19 22]
set velmap [list 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120]

set root 48

p melody =chan 1 =program *piano*1* =when 0 =dur 20 =len 18 =vel 90 =tempo 120

foreach digit [split $PI {}] {
set digit [string trim $digit]
if {$digit == ""} continue

p melody =vel [lindex $velmap $digit] [expr [lindex $scale $digit] + $root + 12]

for {set i 0} {$i < $digit} {incr i} {
p melody =vel 50 [expr [lindex $scale $digit] + $root + 12]


write_schedule output.mid

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Roxylee said 3212 days ago (February 28th, 2010)
math music
You and Drak left me in the dust with the geeky number generated music stuff, but it was interesting to hear. I, too, expected it to be all random weird, but you made it sound good. I loved reading _Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman_ and want to read t again. Dick had a delightfully quirky sense of humor and used a lot more of his brain than most. He would have been honored, hearing this piece.
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jiguma said 3211 days ago (February 28th, 2010)
You really should get out more ;)

No idea what you're doing here, but it sounds fantastic.
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awigze said 3211 days ago (March 1st, 2010)
and odd.... I was never good at numbers but should have been. This is intriguing and I am sure it means a lot more to those who understand such things... maybe we all do but on some immeasurable sub conscious level. beautiful!
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egobandit said 3210 days ago (March 1st, 2010)
but drifting at the same time it gets bigger and bigger without even a hint of motion if that makes any sense. Greatness a new level of perception
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sonnyjim said 3210 days ago (March 1st, 2010)
The first time I actually heard his voice
I was a little disappointed: weedy, reedy Brooklyn. But the explanation that followed (why planetary orbits are elliptical, I think) was -no pun intended- stellar stuff! As a good friend of mine said, "the math involved is not for boys..."

This is pretty quirky with its reflexive return; I'm not sure 'enjoyed' is the right word. But I sure wish I'd done it!

Best to you, Bill,

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TheReverendAG said 3210 days ago (March 1st, 2010)
Mixing music with quantum electrodynamics makes my head hurt...
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Daugrin said 3210 days ago (March 2nd, 2010)
No Claims Made
You Sir are the Hero! At last, something for itself.

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michaelkoppenheffer said 3209 days ago (March 3rd, 2010)
I like the swirling stereo textures around the center-panned bleeps: is this really the sound of a circle?
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sschedra said 3198 days ago (March 14th, 2010)
I have to agree that the generated sequences and the backing synths really form a listenable pattern. My favorite Feynman story is the one where . . . , well they're all my favorites, but I love the one where as a kid he pretends to speak Italian and yells it at some Italian guy as he rides past on his bike and the guys gets all excited and starts hollering back in Italian. He was a character from the moment he was conceived. A remarkable human being.
Oh and so are you Smoke,
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dimm witness said 2466 days ago (March 15th, 2012)
what I needed after a 13.1415927 hour day at work!! thanks!! :D
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sschedra said 2465 days ago (March 16th, 2012)
I loved Dick Feynman. I see you included the loop code you wrote. What platform and language did you use (is it Basic)? Great idea Bill!
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SmokeyVW said 2465 days ago (March 16th, 2012)
glad you liked this! some background: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feynman_point
the language is Tcl/Tk http://www.tcl.tk/ - although there are some procs used behind the scenes that actually generate the midi file. you're welcome to the complete code if you want, here: http://home.comcast.net/~t129wojce647/mm.zip


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