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Used to Be Bad as You

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A 12-bar blues I wrote for my younger brother last year, by way of some advice, when I heard he was going to have his first kid. Playing with filling it out in Logic... Hope the one-man-band doesn't sound too transparently canned...
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fasteddie said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Great vox
Man you've got one really great voice. I'm envious. Always straight up and good. I like the bass part in this song. Are you playing the bass or is it midi? Great picking on the guitar as well.
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lilmom said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Used To Be Bad
You are still 'BAD' - in a GOOD way!. This is really a pleasure to hear. It's a fav for sure - and just right to bop down the street to when I take my daily walk. Hmmm....wonder what the neighbors will think! LOL
Sylvia (lilmom)

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tempie said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
koo koo kachoo
love the organ buried beneath the guitar. and love the fingerpicking. really like the occasional strays into falsetto (kids will do that to you). hate to say "sounds like" but there are moments here when i thought i was listening to lyle lovett (a good thing).

cool tune, great sentiment and witty presentation (how's that for a critique?). Good is good, but not TOO good. you owe it to your kids to be interesting...
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PaddyNavinCaryatid said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Nothing canned about this. Great all round performance here Michael. Superb vocals, relaxed and bluesy, without sounding contrived. A keeper.
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ShadowofNine said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Excellent retro
Brings back some old memories which I shall not share..but they were good ones...enjoyed this piece...(strong lyrics) cool vocal...
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GML2380 said 3424 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Used to be bad as you
Touch of Murray McLaughlin in this super post!
I wrote a song in 1969 called "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore" that is your songs twin.Mine had a loose string hard strum on each beat and bass drum every second...you suceeded where I came up short.Great vocals and arrangement,this should be canned and sold to music lovers everywhere.Thanks for the post.(If I ever save enough for my Mac,I'll post mine so you can have a laugh) Gerry
BirdmanWayne94 said 3423 days ago (March 8th, 2010)
Whenever I come...
... to read your name, I read it as "MarkKnopfler." LOL! I had to check your stuff out and I'm really liking what I'm hearing. The style has bits of Knopfler here and there (instrumentation). I love this song; sweet performance! Thanks for sharing and welcome to MJ.
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egobandit said 3423 days ago (March 9th, 2010)
Extra nice
I dig the lyrics, I could never tell my kids I used to be as bad as them but I think they already know. Some great guitar playing on this and of course your singing flawless. Great composition and all !
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VicDiesel said 3422 days ago (March 9th, 2010)
Country blues?
I enjoyed the stride feel of this. Reminds me of a Lyle Lovett song in places.
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Ed Hannifin said 3422 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
I like the guitar....
...all through this... it has a nice, steady roll that keeps the feel of the whole track really live and natural...

You've got a nice touch of Jesse Winchester in your vocal on this. Reminds me of stuff like 'Talk Memphis'. That keyboard in the right channel is neat, too.

Well written lyrics, too...

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blaky smith said 3422 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
great post Michael, very beautiful piece, excellent playing and vocals. Very well done, really I love your style. A pleasure to listen. Bravo !
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Calchas said 3422 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
Michael, this is my fave by you so far. Everything sounds great. Your vocal really shines herein! Thoroughly enjoyed this man!

Be well friend!
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davisamerica said 3422 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
get down wit yer bad self...wow... this is just fantastic
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scofugate said 3422 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
You got it man!!
You do your thing well!! your song writing skills floor me!! Vocals are perfect!!
Nice way to use this progression. SWEET!!
I am sure he loved the tune!
P.S---no (canneyness) in my ears.
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sonnyjim said 3421 days ago (March 10th, 2010)
I think
I'd actually like to hear those tracks sounding a little more canned.. Your vox are straightup enough to carry a little fakery in the scenery, to coin a phrase. Those Workingmans Dead BVs are very fine!
Top flight offering, thank you!
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billykirsch said 3418 days ago (March 13th, 2010)
Great song
and great performance. Your voice goes to places I didn't hear before on your songs. Very expressive and surprising twists.
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magnatone said 3417 days ago (March 14th, 2010)
Used To Be
your music is just consistently AWESOME! i really appreciate your vocal qualities and tones and your guitar pickin' is excellent! this s great - thanks michael!
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kassia said 3396 days ago (April 5th, 2010)
who invited lyle lovett?
you can be anyone and anyway you want to be - i'm still gonna love your stuff. clever and fun lyrics delivered just as cleverly and funly (??). nice work on the canned band - could have brought that soulful bass up in the mix a little bit. and give that organ player a solo! Awesome stuff Michael!
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Kicbal said 3388 days ago (April 13th, 2010)
You do indeed have a great sounding voice. I really enjoyed the Lyrics too. The understated backing instruments blend well with the song and whatever you did, mixing your vocals works perfectly for this tune. I did think that the solo/bridge lost a little focus compared to the rest of the song, but it is a minor comment. Thanks for a delicious laid back groove.
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PockBluesman said 3366 days ago (May 5th, 2010)
Great guitar, lyrics whole package really. Loved it
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