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 Genre: Rock & Roll
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its like a really crappy version of all the stuff linkin park usually does
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And oh we found our way
We’ve been searching for
We’ve been searching for days

Dark and quiet
Just the way you always
pictured us
I said id try it
One more time
But you sold us out
And you crossed the line
As we tried to keep our heads above
The axe that swings and spills our blood

Woah woah
Its late at night
And this city sleeps
In its tattered dreams
The comforts of a reality
in Between the sheets and the vanity
As We try to find the answers
But we only got the echoes of
the questions that we asked to everyone

And oh we found our way
We’ve been searching for
We’ve been searching for days

Days and days and days and days
In all the dreary dreaded ways
That you could call this serenade
A home to all the serpents prey
We caught a tiger by its toe
And if it hollers let it go
Cause I know something you don’t know
A way to melt the summer rain to snow

sick and tired
and we’ve always been
this colorblind
so we close our mouths and we shut our eyes
And trust in all the worlds replies
And you said that I look pale
And you read me like a book
But you misread me off as braille

Woah woah
Its late at night
And this city speaks
In its twisted tongue
With the accent of
All The deaf and dumb
In The dialect of the language we’ve become
As We try to find soultions
But we only get the problems to
the dead ends and the streets they drove us through

And oh we found our way
We’ve been searching for
We’ve been searching for days
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the same
the same
MannequinRaces said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
Room For Improvement
1st thing you gotta do is get rid of that errant drum hit at the very beginning. 2nd you gotta change your song keywords so they don't say 'crap, not good, and bad.' Tighten up the guitar parts around the 1:40 mark. Mix the snare drum a little lower in the mix. Vocals sound really good and the guitar sound is nice. Tweak the end of the song because the reverb tail gets cut off. The kick drum is completely lost in the mix, all I keep hearing is the snare cracking away. Cymbal levels are good though. Not sure if the Beastie Boy's rap type part really fits. I would think about cutting out or making a better buildup going into the 2:04 mark. The stuff from 1:38 - 2:04 doesn't get me that excited. I want to hear a better bass guitar definition. Try cutting some bottom end off the guitar and maybe your vocals to make room for the bass guitar and the kick drum in the mix. Whew! Hope that helps! Overall this is a good song. I dig the lyrics and vocal delivery. The guitars sound good (just need tightened up in spots). It's catchy and stays in your head. So lots of good things about this with some tweaks needed to really make it shine!
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Symphony101 said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
I won't be of use giving advices about
.. sound recording, you seem to manage better than I. About your song, it's a great song, you've got great vocals and the melody is captivating, you did really great on melodies. The guitar work is great too. I think there are lots of good ideas.

Without being able to give a thorough technical assessment, I'd say overall I liked very much this song, I enjoyed listening and I'd certainly listen again. It's a good song for me.

Like others also mentioned, I think what would really help is firstly to get rid of disgracing your own work. Secondly, it's for everyone's benefit, if you're "part of the club", also listen to others' work, encouraging them and even collaborating them. I'm sure it'll just push you further (for me, it did). Many people here are amateurs, so we have the same needs and challenges.
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kingbee said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
foxtail soup
Well, this has the markings of a great song but suffers slightly with the mix.
All the components are there.
Liking the vocal line and the way it 'floats' over the harder rock edge.
And the guitar playing is very good.
I don't know exactly what's wrong with the mix it just sounds like it's been recorded really well...and then someone has recorded it onto a well used cassette tape and it's got all muddy.
Clarity is what's needed to make this good..but wouldn't know where to start.
It's not 'crap' or whatever you think it may be.
Just needs a bit of TLC in the mixing dept.
Good stuff otherwise
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alackbass said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
I Disagree
Nothing crappy about this. Great clear vocals. Love the harmonies. Heavy guitars over a killer drum track. I would be proud to post this song, so should you!
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jdholliday said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
this is not crappy!
this is good stuff dude, love your voice great harmonies and backing track , hey the cool thing about this is you can tweak whatever you agree with 100 times but I like it just the way it is! Great job one of the best originals I've heard here lately!
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Ren-Tin-10 said 3343 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
To me...
...the "crappy" description was actually a pretty smart move. It got me to listen. *wink*

It's better than advertising it as a great song and then it actually BEING crappy.

I like it. Fav'd.

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magnatone said 3342 days ago (May 28th, 2010)
yes, knock off all the "crappy" talk! you've gotten some excellent advice here from some terrific songwriters. i'm just a pianist and orchestrator and can't really offer advice. but i enjoyed the song - and good for you for starting to participate at MJ by listening/commenting - THAT is how you get the comments/feedback you're wanting!
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Bob6stringer said 3338 days ago (June 2nd, 2010)
Nailed it.
I commented on this before, for sure. But it doesn't show here -- I must have clicked-off the page too soon. You really know what you're doing here, power rock for sure.
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