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Golden Hare Masquerade

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This is a dedication to one of my favourite books as a schoolboy in 1979 - Masquerade by Kit Williams and his story of how the Sun and Moon were in love but could never meet.So the moon sends Jack Hare with a treasure for the Sun,but along the way Jack loses it.

On the back cover of the book it claimed that the treasure was buried somewhere in England and the riddle as to its whereabouts could even be solved by a child.

It thoroughly fascinated me and has to this day to the extent that I always vowed to bury some treasure myself and leave a subtle map reavealing its location.I haven't buried anything yet,but when I do you will be the first to know! Thank You - RG Paddler aka Richard
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Golden Hare Masquerade

caught between ambeR and blue
jack hare skips to the tune
round they Go,
never the twain shall meet

i am as old as the earth
buried in the earth was I
one of six to eight
a riddle of rhymes
we dance to the grand masquerade

rubies and moonstones aglow
where nobody knows
surely the sun and the moon
should meet in the gloom

tara treetoPs has flown
to the seA so deep as a Dream
maybe the seeD she has sewn
wilL spring into life
when seasons take their toll

caught between amber and bluE
jack hare skips to the tune
round they go,
never the twain shall meet

i am as old as the earth
in waters blue and green
one of six to eight
a Riddle of rhymes
they dance to the grand masquerade

written in June 2010


A Frogs Legacy

TaDpoles piNe
To grow into frogs
Some may escape
WhiLe others remaIn
For a gun dOg there is only
ThE shadow of time
That points towards ciPhers
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Feter said 3288 days ago (June 16th, 2010)
Golden Hare Masquerade
Mate you are just so great ..great use of the
whistles ..just haunting ...Kudos ..thnx a lot
for sharin !!!!
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alackbass said 3287 days ago (June 16th, 2010)
Golden Hare Masquerade
The treasures are your songs. This one had me from the first chord strum. The winds and mallets add the childlike quality. Your vocal is brilliant. This is like XTC at their best.
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richard13 said 3287 days ago (June 16th, 2010)
I hope pretty is not an insult Richard
'cos this is: delicate and airy, like a pastry. (Was the buried treasure ever found?)
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davisamerica said 3287 days ago (June 16th, 2010)
an interesting mix ... has the hallmark paddler magic. Nice whimsical journey Richard. Downloaded
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sloparts said 3287 days ago (June 16th, 2010)
A lovely piece for a lovely story, Richard.
Love the care and obvious love you put into this piece. Very delicate, and magical.

Kudos, it's wonderful and refreshing to the soul.

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lengold said 3287 days ago (June 17th, 2010)
Beautiful song
Rich... lovely performance and I really like the uncluttered and intimate production.
Downloaded. Thanks.

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kingbee said 3286 days ago (June 17th, 2010)
hare hare
I had to click on this one cos a mate of mine was ( still is) a masquerade nut and dragged his poor missus around the country trying to find the bloody thing.
I've been to where it was found /buried in Ampthill in Bedforshire.
Anyway, this song is really lovely.
A sort of 'happy' Nick Drake.
I like the background clicking rhythm, almost like the mechanisms of a clock whirring around.
Flutes /recorders are a nice touch too
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Char said 3286 days ago (June 18th, 2010)
I can understand
how such a story could spark your imagination. I see the buried message of R G Paddler. This is enchanting because of the sounds and the lyrics, which I don't quite get... but which are fantastical and poetic. Unique in every way.
:) (But, I don't get the TDNTSWLFOTETPT ;))
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paddler said 3286 days ago (June 18th, 2010)
Well done!
Haha - thank you PaulaMunk/Demeter7 - you forgot the I in remaIn - bit harder to spot with the font.It makes more sense when you look at the 2nd picture embedded in the mp3.The clues won't lead anywhere though - as I haven't buried anythng yet.I just embedded them to use later on as I didnt want to upload it again.I'll put an update somwhere one day - Richard
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Vic Holman said 3285 days ago (June 18th, 2010)
excellent one Richard
this song is so rich! performance and production is top notch!
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chestnut said 3285 days ago (June 19th, 2010)
Golden Hare Masquerade
A terrific song, Richard! Lovely vocal- it really suits the music and the theme. A super arrangement too.
The Golden Hare really was buried and was eventually found by someone who didn't get the clues right but got there anyway!
This is a song for my 'biggest favourites' folder!
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jiguma said 3283 days ago (June 20th, 2010)
Sounds terrific RG
Maybe the whistles are a tad loud compared to the guitar, but such a minor nit in such an enjoyable tune - I really like everything about this. Terrific lyrically as well.
Sort of like a kids' song but for adults.
Very nice indeed.
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hackneybloke said 3278 days ago (June 26th, 2010)
hare masq
as soon as i got directed to this song and saw the artwork i knew what this related to because i grew up with the same book...and spent endless days and nights convinced that i would work out the riddle. someone did apparently...it was unearthed near glastonbury...amid some controversy as i remember. anyway, back to the song. sensational. i love the chorus bit with the echo of your voice panned the other side and also the chord progression is wonderful. the lyrics are fantastic...i love the loose rhymes and the effortless delivery. i grew up on a farm in rural devon....this transported me right back there. truly great track.
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racerat said 3277 days ago (June 26th, 2010)
and delicate. What a wonderful lullaby. Light and airy. Lovely.
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Social_Ice said 3273 days ago (June 30th, 2010)
Good night moon...
I remember the years reading bedtime stories to my daughters....A classic was "Good Night Moon".... perhaps I am visualizing this in a different format.. Your vocals and arrangement bring the story to life in every sense... Very nice Richard.
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