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The Zoo Escape

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This composition is how upside the world could be if all species of monkey turned against the human.

What if??.....a day out to the zoo became an experience that nobody would ever forget. You are standing outside the glass panel enclosure of the orangutangs. Through the glass you are watching them watch you. You are face to face and see very similar likenesses. You tap on the glass and mock them with monkey noises. the response from the orangutangs are minimal yet provoke the huge powerful creatures to majestically climb to the highest point in there enclosure. High up in a woodentree house you notice the elder orangtuang make a wild gesture to signal surrounding species of monkeys to go wild. there is an eerie atmosphere as curdling dark clouds become darker. Monkeys of all species creating havoc and chaos break loose from there cages. Gorillas are grunting, beating there chests, chimpanzees and gibbons are snarling, kicking and screaming at the humans as they make there way to the Elder Emperor orangutang for instructions. as five hundred plus monkeys line up surrounding the Emperor orangutang, guns and weapons are passed and supplied to this new army of superior race. Our emperor addresses the army to destroy anything and everything human related...the war for revenge begins...

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Yordbear said 3284 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
Moral of the story:
Always think twice about tapping on the glass at the zoo! you never know what them crazy monkeys are plotting! hahahaha!!

davisamerica said 3284 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
You gave monkeys guns????? whot were ye thinkin man???
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Yordbear said 3284 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
they could do more damage with guns as opposed to waving bananas in the air willy nilly...*Y*
jdholliday said 3284 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
And then
Charlton Heston says to Roddie McDowell, "get your hands off of me you damn stinking ape" ;-)
We could call it "Planet of the Apes" :-)
Kidding kidding, this is very cool I loved it!
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Yordbear said 3284 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
Here comes a joke!
I heard they were gonna do a version for fruit: think its called Planet of the Grapes..thanks for the comment!*Y*
RAVENS said 3283 days ago (June 23rd, 2010)
I never cross those lines, or tap on an animals cage. No thanks! I remember your other monkey adventure, nice to hear you again. This is cool, the voice is spookifying! Awesome piece.

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michaeljayklein said 3283 days ago (June 24th, 2010)
Very nice!!

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Jarvoid said 3283 days ago (June 24th, 2010)
'Bear you are
too weird for beer.....who is gonna mock an orang utan....hell they are mobile sacks of strength in oversized stretchy skin....now a rhesusu monkey I may stick my tongue out at !!

Hehe,cool track mon brave, encore.

Cheers Jarvoid
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PaulaMunk said 3283 days ago (June 24th, 2010)
Oh yeah!
I watched some chimps batter up and sock it to my daughter's teacher at a school outing in Lincoln Nebraska. They "dung" real well. I think we are nothing more than monkeys with guns, loads of times. Keep monkeying around Aron. This is powerful. :)
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lengold said 3276 days ago (July 1st, 2010)
You conjure
up a pretty convincing illusion. Great storytelling and great music. You are a craftsman.
PS: Really pleased there is no 'yordbear' bit - thanks.
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Hickling_Stan said 3273 days ago (July 4th, 2010)
Done it again
Hey Aron, I listened to this on the headphones for full effect after first reading the story. Very dramatic and a real sense of menace in the whole piece. Really good to see you yesterday thanks for making the effort to come out and see us live. Cheers "Harry the cake"
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CrazeeFlootGrrl said 3241 days ago (August 5th, 2010)
The Zoo Escape
Woah. That was intense. Very cinematic in its arrangement! Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!
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SomeMadGirl said 2849 days ago (August 31st, 2011)
Ahead of its time!
With the new Planet of the Apes movie! Cool!
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egobandit said 2849 days ago (August 31st, 2011)
very visual, I got sucked into this while reading the description. I like that interaction a true cinematic experience!
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