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~~ NOTE: you should not tell dirty words or explict words to non-English speaker, Non-native speakers tend to learn those very quicly!!-==
Oh well. its almost the first song i made with GarageBand last year. i really forgot how it had starated.
2 or 3 years ago, one of my friend sent me very hilarious video via MSN messanger. it was called "Superbowl is g@y" . it must be famous joke video on the net.

Anyways, on the other day, i think we were getting tired and sick to deal with some jerks from Europe in our chat rooms( me and my friend r volunteer admin on another site). Kept booting those @ssholes for several hours or so.
That stress made us nuts and we started to curse and swear all Europians on MSN messanger . I know its non-sence, but sometimes we need to do that not loose patience. Since the time i saw the video " SuperBowl is g@y", saying "` **** is g@y!!" became my favorite line. And then, this terrible song was made :p
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I`m gonna tell you how to have good coffee time.

You should choose what to drink carefully. Cuppuccino is the best choice, Espresso is not bad as well.
If you were a lady, Cafe au lait is ok. But NEVER de-cafe without milk or sugar.

Stand Your little finger around your coffee cup, Put on red scarf aound your neck. Smile and say " ca va?"

Dont care about weird little Japanese who calls you g@y.

Hava a good tea time, ca va?

Standi little finge puttong on ed scarf around neck? IT`S G@Y!
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G4Cube, micro size brain in my skull
GaraGend1.1, Speach of OSX as usual
Peter Greenstone said 5145 days ago (January 18th, 2005)
It's pretty funny
Hey, I'm not a big fan of using just GB loops to make
music, but for this piece I think it's just the right
approach. I could see this being paired with some video/
film of the described scene.
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koolpaw said 5145 days ago (January 18th, 2005)
It's pretty funny
LMAO ty fot listning to this riddiculous song. I know this one is totally crap but it kinda our inside joke among my friends.

BTW, i found the origin of this " SuoperBowl is G@Y" video
i dont know where the original file was posted, seems its really popular now, i could find it so easily with google.
You need Windows media player or VLC player to watch WMV player on ur mac as u know.

Yeah, making video must be fun but i dont think i can beat the great "SuperBowl is G@Y" heeee heee !

The friend who showed me superbowl is g@y always finds these kind of funny ones, 2 day ago he bizzed me on msn messanger and passed me this link.

damn its too funny, my tummy hurts and i still have tears in my eyes. have fun
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the dennex donor said 5142 days ago (January 21st, 2005)
nice one . . .

it's been a long time kp . . .

but it was worth the wait . . . i think ?

glad to see/hear you jamming again


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koolpaw said 5142 days ago (January 21st, 2005)
nice one . . .
ty for listning but

this song is totally G@Y i think lol
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Syncopatient said 5138 days ago (January 25th, 2005)
OK,,peed myself
Forget the constructive critism....I have to go again....to
much gay ca va.
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koolpaw said 5130 days ago (February 2nd, 2005)
OK,,peed myself
Merci beaucoup, lol
oh i cheated to spell this Fu*king difficult langage using google of course.

i m not a native english speaker as well, so i no english 100%ok. Still learning English with very good cartoons on the net.
The Cuppuccino Guy who is my friend and senior admin is now worried about my English saying " u didnt say that "F*ck* b4!"

Geee, whats the fuc*ing wrong with this *ucking funny squrrel???

ca va?
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allesklar said 5122 days ago (February 10th, 2005)
I like it !
It is the same idea as me.
Speach of OSX can be really useful.
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UncleSamwich said 5103 days ago (March 1st, 2005)
great idea...i wish i thought of it.
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thetiler said 5080 days ago (March 24th, 2005)
very usual talent here
You are one of a kind.

Lots of creativity that is very unique to you.

thanks for being you.

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amandamason@mac. said 5060 days ago (April 13th, 2005)
Crazy imagination!!!
I loved that....specially the first time macman says "Ca Va"
i did a little giggle - a great way to use the loops! I
admire how simple it is, great things usually are.
c'├ętait seulement un petit peu gai!
Chocolat, cul de sac, rendevous, mange tout!
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koolpaw said 5039 days ago (May 4th, 2005)
omg ty for ur comments,
i noticed the rating points got raised up suddenly, does it mean someone bombed this ridiculous song?? what a waste of time ! :o
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Drew Kopr said 4950 days ago (August 1st, 2005)
this is f'in hilarious!
Man, you are funny as a g#y cup of ca va. Seriously, this is hilarious. I love it.
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macgalver said 4628 days ago (June 19th, 2006)
oui, ca va.
i think I'm loving your sense of humor more than anything. It's
obscure, but strangely idenitfiable. Your friend in texas, kelli
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