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Lunar Meathooks

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This is in collaboration with

Basically, Traumatizer made a lot of cool, creepy sounds, and I mashed the hell out of them and threw in Rinca's vox. Beefy!

This was my first experiment with a technique I figured out for making beefier reese basses. Usually, a reese is made by layering triangular synth waves and detuning them from each other. But the fattest sub comes from a clean sine wav tone, right? So I started with a series of simple, deep, crisp sub shot, and then layered it with bassless synths, some triangular, some not, in approximately the same tone. I also layered it with Traumatizer's samples, run through a waveshaping saturator, in order to turn them into reese elements. It seems to work well. The differences in texture create minor harmonic and tonal deviations from the clean tone, thus lending the overall picture that bristling reese feel.
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Lift me up on gilded hooks
I'll take what I like
I'm a chopper
I'll take what I like

Skooh dedlig no pu em tlif
I'll take what I like
I'm a chopper
I'll take what I like
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AndeeScott said 3228 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
is some hard hitting sounds right here. Which I just love, great bit of Drum with the bass :)
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michael2 said 3228 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
cool idea for the bass; i always love your drums too BTW. great track.
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Kicbal said 3227 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
Deep Bass
I may have to ask you again how to achieve such sweet synth bass sounds. As a saxophonist, of course I like the sax hits mixed in with all the other fun stuff. Keeps it in an unusual light/dark razor edge.
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rok41 said 3227 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
Lunar Meathooks
Intense, "phat" in every sense. Gut wrenching bass tones...nice.
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kevmikwa said 3227 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
You are a true scientist of sound, aren't you, Joachim?

I mean, just the mathematics of bass and your methodology is super intriguing. I like seeing someone approach music from that point of view. Truly understanding what goes on between the speaker and the ear.

Nice to also be able to experience the practical application of your theories by simply pressing "play". Maybe not math, per se, but clearly quantifying and applying the theory that makes the sounds that you like. As opposed to just twiddling knobs and hoping for the best until it sounds good.

Long and short of it: I found this to be very enjoyable. In an amped-up Esthero kind of way.

Thanks for sharing.
867-5309 said 3227 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
5th element guest singer
the degree - in cents of detune - with chosen layering is just right - for the bass - seems to range from
8 to 15 cents making a natural chorus fattening / plumping without
the 'cuttng-out' - thus seeming to administer an overall sub-smoothing.
like the eyes wide shut / 5th element (mila jovovich bruce willis flick) classy vocals
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xavrockbeats1334 said 3226 days ago (December 23rd, 2010)
just awesome music here, absolutely lov e the little horn sampling. Purely awesome.
Soundhound said 3225 days ago (December 24th, 2010)
I didn't.....
Check this one out on the other side, must say it has
a cool groove a solid feel to it, I see you like it out on
the edge yep...nice place some times.....
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egobandit said 3225 days ago (December 24th, 2010)
smashed and mashed! thumpin good time horns are a nice touch! excellent! Vocals and other elements are cool additions !
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