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Dance Spectacular 2019!

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I spend a ridiculous amount of time at dance clubs, demonstrating moves I have invented and perfected, such as the Dying Carp, the Somnambulant Octogenarian, and the Crazy Kat, where I consume KitKat bars while feigning insanity and moving sluggishly.

And so, with this as a background, I decided to improve the quality of the dance music I listen to so faithfully, night after night, and create what is arguably the best Dance-Club genre composition ever created, and very possible the best composition ever, irrespective of genre I am actually blushing as I write this; that's how good it is.

My secret? I believer there are close to 100 instruments used here — or perhaps it is only 20; how am I supposed to know the difference? — and I played them all. Or, if not "all," exactly, then perhaps "none" would be more accurate. It all depends on how you look at it. Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day; that should tell you something about my current state of mind.

So, I guess all I am saying is yeah, this may have been done with a whole bunch of loops, and occasional use of the GB pencil tool, but so what? I could have played all of these instruments myself, if I had not been living in poverty growing up, and when I say "poverty," I of course mean "wealth," since the two exist in a kind of symbiotic relationship.

So... yeah... there it is; a loop/pencil tool dance piece that will have you busting a few moves whether you wish to or not, and it concludes with a sobering reminder of why it makes no sense at all to be sober. Ever.

Me? I don't drink, but I do enjoy the dance scene very much.

And no, of course I don't go to clubs; I'm talking about the dance scene in "The Producers" (1968).

Duration: 1:54 Nobody needs to dance any longer than that.
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Ed Hannifin said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
Please, please, please....let me be firsties...
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alackbass said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
Dance Spectacular 2019!
Is progressive dance club a genre? This just might fit. Well done and a very enjoyable listen.
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magnatone said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
Dance Spectacular
oh man, i won't get over being THIRD!!! awesome work clark, and i might have to frame your song description it's so one of a kind! this is great - ya got me! (as usual)
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Ed Hannifin said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
This may well be the best dance composition, or, for that matter, composition of any kind, ever, in the history of the world, or the world plus what there was before there was the world...

The throbbing fruskiness.... the elging plenk!... the gleebing phrebnobitude!...the familiar loops used in elegantly plerdinous ways, and with dissonance, which, as we have discussed before, always means that you are smart! And better than other people!

Did I bust a move to this? I' faith, my move is full busted withall....

But you need to use more compression in the 23rd bar, and EQ out everything EXCEPT 7khz at the bridge.... You can believe me about this, because I am a professional at something...
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michaeljayklein said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
Feet, stop moving!

As is your customary fashion Clark, you've once more trumped yourself. I think dance tracks and the creative use of loops are a very happy marriage and I'd say this one was made in St. Paul's Cathedral from the sounds of it. LOVE IT! Michael (PS: Don't let this get out but I've always been an abysmal dancer--like a duck on roller skates, ugh!)
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Vic Holman said 3140 days ago (March 18th, 2011)
Dance Spectacular
yes it is true........you are a dancing machine.

I'm visioning jazz hands a flutter at the ending
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bitfeld said 3140 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
I just realised
that the song ended and I have a smile on my face! :-)
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Kicbal said 3140 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
Too Funny
I enjoyed your description as much as the song itself. "the Crazy Kat, where I consume KitKat bars while feigning insanity and moving sluggishly", I actually laughed out loud at this part. And wouldn't you know it but I started reading when the music began and finished just as the last notes were played. Amazing how you also managed to write a description equal in length to the song . . . yes a true masterpiece ; ) Enjoyed!
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Moviz said 3140 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
Now this
is great..... always love these racy beats, but you've got practically the whole gamut of music types added to it and it's so exciting, but........ I wanted much more, regards M
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Corporal Beef said 3140 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
Dance Spectacular
If you wrote all the dance music for all the clubs, I would actually consider patronizing them. Even with a whisk of the pencil tool you create inspiring music! Thanks for posting.
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Bowman said 3140 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
In the hands
of a master loops can be masterful.
In know you're not a loopy kind of guy Clark but you've thrown me for one.
A lot of fun here and you actually got me moving which is a very good thing.
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Char said 3139 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
Well, if
you were not drinking, you spent some time snuffing something...dirty socks, perhaps? I'll believe anything you say about your work ethic, in future. This was a mixmaster, a triple, scrumptilicious shake with just about everything thrown in, with aplomb and pinache. And I can see your smirk from here. Thanks.
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PeterB7858 said 3139 days ago (March 19th, 2011)
Glad I dropped in...
Hi Clark. I must admit I had second thoughts about dropping in on a dance-club tune but I assumed you would do something inventive with it. Glad I did. Loops and dance music are twin sisters. 1.54 is more than enough for me. I am gasping just listening to it. Take care, Peter.
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RAVENS said 3138 days ago (March 20th, 2011)
Well I don't drink either, but I do love to dance. Hec, there is nothing wrong with using loops, I use them too, I actually create my own loops from samples. It's all in fun, and this was a great/fun track. A bit short, but still cool!

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guitapick said 3138 days ago (March 20th, 2011)
...I like the way you throw in the dissonances. The end's really cool. Stravinsky doing splits under the mirrored ball!
Nice, Clark. Boogie down!
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VicDiesel said 3137 days ago (March 22nd, 2011)
Parody? Pastiche? Pistachio nuts?
I know that you've got a good sense of humour, but it usually stays implicit in your music. Not so here. This is blatantly not-serious.

However, I wish it was more over the top. It starts great, and I'd say the first 25 seconds are just delightful, but after that it kinda goes down in intensity.
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Macaudion said 3136 days ago (March 22nd, 2011)
mr composer
i'm afraid that your blush matter has spilled onto my plate and now, i'm blushing to. well, i think it's a blush of sorts... well... maybe i'm trying to keep from busting a gut and its the backup matter that looks more like you spillover. you continue to amaze me and make me laff you always make an orchestra sound real. thank you!
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Parichayaka said 3104 days ago (April 23rd, 2011)
that was fun!
and the piano here is quite outstanding! Really enjoyed listening to this fun track with all these subtle sophisticated touches, intertwined with the simpler dance loops. Joyful, tasteful and completely different from your other posts. Great idea!
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thetiler said 3099 days ago (April 28th, 2011)
sure if there is anybody on this site that really combines the ultimate in cultures puts them in a spectacular style and mixes with care and comes out incredible. Love the depth in creativity in this. Sounds even with a twist of suspense with horns. I can sure hear why you are in canada's grammy race. Your truly a great and talented composer and mj is blessed to have you hear CC !
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TobinMueller said 3086 days ago (May 12th, 2011)
The Dying Carp
Your comments and the tango nature of this made me smile all the way through. I really liked the ending, reminded me of a 70s movie. I'm hoping there'ss video footage of the dying carp somewhere in your family archives...
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paul f. page said 3079 days ago (May 19th, 2011)
There is a piano concerto wishing to be born here. You may deny it, but deep down that's what this wants to be...either that, or a sequel to Peter Gunn. Either way, it's way cool and, your ridiculous explanation notwithstanding, you masterfully glue together disparate elements to somehow magically create an aesthetic ((used as a noun, not an adjective attached to the word "art") that is at once engaging and arresting. Why it took me two months to get to this, I don't know. But it is a trippy, fun number. ... I agree with your explanation of the brevity of this little wonder. :)
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Doug Somers said 3052 days ago (June 15th, 2011)
As Kickbal said, this is laugh out loud funny in the writing, and the music is really well executed too. It has the elements of a 70's cop show opening complete with freeze frames while the credits appear and hopping in and out of cars. Love the piano particularly.

Great stuff, sir. Brightens my day.

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hackneybloke said 3051 days ago (June 16th, 2011)
ha ha what a very interesting and witty song biog. lol the ending....hitchcock....hilarious. love the beat...the little weird piano riffs. it's like you're taking the piss all the way through....and yet it's almost like a homage...in fact i can't work out what you were thinking. that outro again...seriously....clever....funny. you're such a show-off....and with every justification.
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Philip18 said 3022 days ago (July 15th, 2011)
The song description certainly led me in several directions in terms of expectations, but what I got was a very listenable and magnificently put together tune - thanks!
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Bubowski said 2997 days ago (August 8th, 2011)
Too Damn Cool
A Freaky Fusion. Love the ending.
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phyllomania said 2995 days ago (August 11th, 2011)
Oh yeah!
Fun, fun, fun! and so humble, yet grand. Thanks for the music. Obviously, I have a lot of catching up to do!
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Cori Ander said 2869 days ago (December 15th, 2011)
Your song description (as well as Ed's comment) gave me a good laugh. This was lots of fun!
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