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Four Scenes

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This was my graduation piece from my studies in composing for film at The Iceland Academy of the Arts. It was premiered on the 15th of April at my graduation concert.

This piece, written for two grand pianos, a string quartet, clarinet and flute is influenced by the American minimalists but still draws greatly from melodic nature-romanticism. It's divided into 4 parts, each one describing a setting for a scene from a film that the listener is to create for himself.

I. Int. House. Morning - Ext. Field. Morning.
II. Ext. Forest Trail. Day.
III. Ext. Beach. Twilight.
IV. Ext. Forest. Night - Int. House. Night.

This is the software instrument version of the work but I hope to get my hands on the live recording in the next few days.

This piece is just under 18 minutes - so I hope you're not in a hurry :)

©2011 Einar Sverrir Tryggvason
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drakonis said 3070 days ago (May 24th, 2011)
First Pounce!
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drakonis said 3070 days ago (May 24th, 2011)
minimalism to the max
1. Well, the repeated piano pattern is beautiful, and perfect to build upon... as the sun rises, its warmth draws everything around me to life, the flowers turn and open, insects buzz, the town comes to life and traffic starts to swirl.

2. Escaping from the traffic, a quick walk out to the trees will clear my head of the burdens plaguing me. The legato thoughts stretch out like shadows before me, but the pizzicato problems persist. Suddenly I'm stopped by the beauty of a hidden pool in the dappled sunlight. I stop and relax, and drown the last thoughts of the day in the dancing sunlight on the surface of the water.

3. There is no point in returning yet, time to zip up my jacket and pick my favorite rock at the beach, and watch the time drift over the horizon. The pelicans glide across my field of view, unaware of their captivating beauty in flight. The waves curl and capture bits of crimson sunlight, folding it and scattering it across the sand. The last bits of the day's worries are pulled back into the sea and washed away.

4. Time for home. Collar tucked to hold off the chill, I return through the evening forest. The moonlight bounces through the trees and leaves with me, drawing smiles and shapes beyond description... but strangely comforting to me. A light grows stronger, and I can see my home in the distance beckoning and welcoming me. After melting into nature, coming back home at first seems strange, but then the tug to return is too compelling, and I begin to long for the warmth and cozy hearth, family and friendship. I begin to jog toward the light, which now seems close, but takes forever to get to. And suddenly, I am at my own front door, Ah!
That's the journey you took *ME* on. And it was perfect, thank you Einar. I look forward to hearing this performed live, and I cannot imagine the joy you'll have hearing your own music performed, a dream I have someday. Gorgeously thought out and scored.

My wife and I just got the Iceland-Volcano-DVD that you wrote the music for and watched it last night, and it too was astounding. Amazing video footage, and your music was perfect for it.

I look forward to seeing your name all over the place soon!


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magnatone said 3070 days ago (May 24th, 2011)
Four Scenes
Einar, this is AWESOME!! i'm completely blown away - FABULOUS!!
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Skweryl said 3070 days ago (May 24th, 2011)
This song has a nice sound. Would like to hear the real instrument one. Enjoyed

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Hickling_Stan said 3069 days ago (May 25th, 2011)
I am listening on a friends compotuer and don't think I can manage the whole 18 minutes here but this is definatly one to bookmark for when I get home. What I have heard so far is just wonderful.Einar you are a very talented chap. Cheers mark
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davisamerica said 3069 days ago (May 25th, 2011)
work Einar. I suspect you have a very bright future ..... this is 18 minutes of wonderful.
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roz said 3069 days ago (May 25th, 2011)
Simply great
I really like this. You have a new fan.
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H3nry said 3068 days ago (May 26th, 2011)
Visual music
Your soundtracks do conjure up images. Minimalist this may be, but the effect is not small. I like your melodic sense, the way the mood develops within each scene. I hope your professors like it as much as I do.
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Henke said 3066 days ago (May 28th, 2011)
Congratulations Einar
What a great piece to celebrate your graduation with. So what does it make you? Master of Cinematic Music? Well, you already were that of course, just curious what the certificate calls it :-)

Like Eduard I'll be looking for your name in the aftertexts(?) from now on.

Good luck and take care,

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AndeeScott said 3048 days ago (June 15th, 2011)
I looked at the length of the tune and thought this might be along haul.Wow, I was very wrong about that :) This great tune was over before I realised it and left me wanting more. Can't wait to hear the live recording
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modalgrooveman said 3043 days ago (June 20th, 2011)
four scenes
wonderful minimalist writing!!

I will follow more of your wonderful music.

Iceland is an incredible place with so many gifted and imaginative musicians!!
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