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Jesus or the Devil

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I wrote this song about an experience I had in the 4 corners region of the USA. It basically tells exactly what happened on a night my girlfriend and I were driving from our motel in Needles to go gambling in Laughlin Nevada and back to the motel. We took a back road called River Road. To this day we do not know what really happened on that night, it's somewhat of a blur.
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Saw a shadow walking straight across the night sky
A little voice told me that this was no hitchhike
In the middle of the highway crossin' over the white line
a woman defiant, starin' at my headlights

She wasn't gonna move, car couldn't get around her
It happened so fast that even now I wonder
Car swerved past, by a miracle we missed her
Time stood still in the eye of a twister

Here I am drivin' half lost
thru a town where trouble won't let you go by
Hope I find my way out

Late night chase scene winds around the river
An unknown someone, the presence made me shiver
A white van passes, but then it pulls over
Another confrontation, this time it was not her

I can't calm down now not as hard as I try
Saw Jesus or the Devil standing by the roadside
He held out his hand as he looked into my mind's eye
Out in oblivion, golly how the time flies

I heard a strange voice emergin' thru the static
Believin' what he said, it was almost automatic
For such a long ride, it was over in minutes
A great conversation, but I wasn't in it

I can't calm down now still feel his vibrations
Heard Jesus or the Devil on an FM station
Commercials came on, I was losin' my patience
Drivin' along in suspended animation

Wide eyes glued open so long
I've been wonderin' if I'm gonna be able to sleep
Got to check in somewhere

I can't calm down now, can't remember quite why
Jesus or the Devil was standin' by the roadside
His highbeams were flashin' at us after we drove by
thru the rear view mirror, like he was sayin' Goodbye
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Hickling_Stan said 3057 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
well it's one of the most original little story tunes I have heard for many a long year. Kept me engaged to the end. Some incredible phrasing....yeah much enjoyed, cheers Mark
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Six-Nail-Coffin said 3057 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
Cool little tune and i love story songs, especially ambiguous ones. Your delivery seems just a little rushed, and wavering. Otherwise, nice job!
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RAVENS said 3056 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
Goodness, I'm trying to figure out what happened to you both! Whew, sounds like a crazy night. Don't ever take back roads, first rule in all scary movies! Cool song, I like that you incorporated your experience.

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awigze said 3056 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
Those roads
can be like that. This doesnt seem like a random thing. Oh... and it likely wasnt Jesus. He is elsewhere for the moment.
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lyzak said 3056 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
"To this day we do not know what really happened..."
Enjoy your tune-story. Simply told - just right.
I always enjoy driving through the Four Corners area. This song makes me realize why. Usually someone in the car makes a comment like: "if something otherworldly was going to happen, this would probably be the place."
After hearing your tune , I may be inclined to make sure it's a daytime trip!

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VicDiesel said 3056 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
watch out on them crossroads
Pretty cool performance, with just your guitar. Nicely recorded and all that. I dig.
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Llarion said 3056 days ago (June 1st, 2011)
Pretty Creepy...
Lyrics are compelling as always, FT... You certainly captured the intended atmosphere here, vivid imagery, creeped me the hell out. Dumb of me to listen to this before bed, I suppose. :) Your fault if I dream funny. Perfect for around a campfire, like a ghost story...
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neilh79 said 3055 days ago (June 3rd, 2011)
Jesus or the Devil
Nice tune, rhythm is tidy all the way through and I enjoyed the lyrics well done
egobandit said 3054 days ago (June 3rd, 2011)
love the bouncing in your voice, just thumpin along against that guitar, excellent song excellent experience!
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mvh9591 said 3054 days ago (June 4th, 2011)
Guitar tone and vocal recording. "flies"

Enjoyed - Thanks for sharing,

mvh : )
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Daugrin said 3053 days ago (June 4th, 2011)
Welcome to the MJ, I think I like it, the pitch challenge is fun, and the plosives just crack me up. Thanks for sharing...

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SerenaS said 3049 days ago (June 9th, 2011)
Compelling Story
Good riff, suits your easy vocal style. You make a compelling storyteller. I like how you're not scared to play with your sung notes. Goodbye x
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TobinMueller said 3048 days ago (June 9th, 2011)
Lost time imagery and the confusion of memory
I like the Rathskeller open-mic night feel to the recording. Authentic. The repetitive nature of the song works with the endless road idea. Cool images, nice lyrics.
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PaulaMunk said 3034 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Very eerie
subject creatively woven into a song. You have an engaging vocal style. Thanks.
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