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Artifacts (An Experimental Ambient Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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This is a mix based around a Frippatronic delay effect plugin. Hence the repetitive backdrop to the 'scape. I play, from time to time, with delays as well as reverb and stereo spacing effects. This is the latest effort.

There are some sections that have more bass in them than I would normally use but hey. What the heck!!

It is 7:31 in length so all I can say is take care on your journey.
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Uploaded: Jun 24, 2011 - 02:32:15 PM
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HP Pavilion Elite HPE computer
Energy XT2, Reaper, Goldwave and some top secret effect plugins, haha.
Doug Somers said 2915 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Endless horizon
Is that Frippatronic as in Robert Fripp the guitar player?

The sense of space you create - in a whole variety of ways - is quite astounding Paul. This one seems larger due to the repetitive figure you use that makes the outdoor (as I interpret it) space seem vast. It's like being on a flat alien plain with few if any features on the landscape and a cloudless sky.

I'm always impressed by your interpretations of sound.

Downloaded and enjoyed.

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Reinholt56 said 2911 days ago (June 29th, 2011)
Hi Doug.......
Yes. The reference to Frippatronics is about Fripp's innivative techniques and my trying to, in some way, duplicate something similar. The space you hear is the Fripp-style delay, reverb and stereo placement of sounds. All add up to what you hear/imagine.

I've not forgotten about the 'How I do my Thing' document. I'm working on a Debussy piece and documenting the process as I progress.

Take care.

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michael2 said 2915 days ago (June 25th, 2011)
this is gorgeous. might be my favorite song of yours (of all time). so brooding and the sounds you use are pretty intense. that "guitar" sound that comes in and out over the loop is genius, and the frippertronics loop is hypnotic. i'm glad the song is this length; sometimes this kind of stuff can drive people crazy (like my wife), but I swear I could listen to that loop for a week straight. phenomenal Paul.
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Reinholt56 said 2911 days ago (June 29th, 2011)
Hi Michael......
You've nailed the technique in one. I used a 'Vangelis' preset, in Sylenth, then fed that through a tape effect and then reverb along with stereo spacing. This seemed to give the part the haunting delay effect I was looking for.

I have twenty minute plus versions. I have put together, up to now, at least eight other variations on this theme. It's all a work in progress. They will become forgotten on my drive and brought out at some future date when I find them again.

My dad would ask me to turn that 's#*t' off if I played it for him. Such is life.

Take care.

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SerenaS said 2915 days ago (June 25th, 2011)
What am I seeing ?
Oddly enough I'm picturing a very sad scene of a large alien monster in the throws of death, looking up at me begging for help ... sadly I can only watch and listen until it's over - Serena x
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Reinholt56 said 2911 days ago (June 29th, 2011)
Hi Serena.......
If you're OK with that scene then I'm OK with it. Just don't have nightmares. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

I didn't picture anything but heard the 'artefact' as I listened with the volume higher. The background noise is quite high for this type of piece although the jiggerypokery I used on the guitar sound may account for it.

I'm glad you stayed until the end.

Taek care.

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Henke said 2915 days ago (June 25th, 2011)
Nice low end
I like the use of more bass on this one. The loop sure is hypnotic (and needs the length of the piece to become so) but that other "guitar" sound coming and going is good for retaing concentration and focus.

I also hear some ambient noise as if someone is sitting silently at work with something, occassionally shuffling papers or other work materials or tools. Maybe on a space craft. But is he alone? I am not so sure...

Thanks and take care,
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Reinholt56 said 2911 days ago (June 29th, 2011)
Hi Henke......
The background noise you hear is/are the 'Artefact/s'. That is why I gave the piece the name that I did. The tape delay I used models old valve tape units and so I think a certain amount of noise is always present. I thought it added something to the piece and so uploaded it. If you turn up the volume this background noise becomes even more evident and takes away from the enjoyment, IMHO.

I was conscious about putting the bass sounds in the mix. I mostly don't do this as my hearing falls off towards the bass so I tend to stick to mids and highs in my music.

Take care.

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aRcTip said 2912 days ago (June 28th, 2011)
This is intense. Very good! A favourite.
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Reinholt56 said 2911 days ago (June 29th, 2011)
Hi aRcTip......
Yes the piece is intense. The guitar effect and the rhymic backdrop put some sort of forboding expectation in the listening experience. I hoped listeners would not be put off by this.

Take care.

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I'm currently busy with getting my life back on some sort of track and hope to get into the music making business again in the near future, with a planned third net album 'Karma of Love' that will be an Immersive Ambient set of tracks. This should be... [see more]

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