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BoWevil (LIVE! Analog, Recorded 1971)

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Another original by the 15-19 year old members of the band Bittersweet from suburban Minneapolis.

This is a live cut from a performance somewhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin... all those cities faded together. We traveled thousands of miles in in a 1964 Dodge School Bus which we (sort of) converted for travel. 8-track player played thru a pair of Altec "Voice of the Theater" speakers. Seats from an old Greyhound Bus, cooler for "the beverages".

Lots of Zap Comix (go Mr. Natural!). Boones Farm. Ripple and Annie Green Springs wine. MD-2020. Zapple. Silver Satin. Sloe Gin (Bobby- not so much!). Thousands of Old Gold and Marlboro Cigarettes. Coffee. Cases of Diet Rite and Diet RC Cola, Repeat as needed, as needed, as needed....

Friends having the time of their lives on the road. The greatest time of my life.

GregDz (keyboards) and PeterZ (Lead Guitar). Jeff (Drums extraordinary), BobbyZio (non-flute, guitar, bass, sax and anything else he picked up), Paul (Bass & Vocals)

LIVE- Analog - they way God created music! If it doesn't sound the same live as it does on the album, it ain't worth the price of admission.


If you like what you hear, let us know. We have a lot more of the old analog tapes we'd like to share with you. ENJOY!
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Never did really figure out what they meant. Heck, it was 1971, we were teenagers, who cares!
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Analog, analog, analog.
what was that?
michaeljayklein said 2936 days ago (October 6th, 2011)
Great stuff!
Free front row seats! Superb and extremely able work on this and the addition of a flute in the combo makes for a very nice and rare addition. Liked this VERY much! Thanks for sharing this and I laud you for your support of music in the public schools (I wonder if it even exists anymore--they always seem to have money for the football team though). My only suggestion for this track would be to maybe put a little limiting on the volume--the flute solo was just a tad loud, but this is small potatoes. Applause from your neighbor in south Minneapolis....Michael
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wearebittersweet said 2935 days ago (October 6th, 2011)
Free Front Row Seats
I think this cut was recorded in Willmar, MN. Our agent always booked us a a "dance band" but with the music we played it always ended up with the crowd sitting on the floor, concert style.

4 of us on this cut went to Richfield High.

This was a live mix of a 1970 era P.A. mixer, and the flute was probably hot because all of our stage amps overpowered it and our roadie would crank it a bit.

Thanks for the listen- many more to follow...

Son-in-law is a high-school music director and ends up paying a lot of the band expenses out of his pocket. Yes, still lots of $$$ for the jocks.
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johnwhitehead said 2935 days ago (October 6th, 2011)
Love the B-3. Track really comes alive at instrumental break. Excellent guitar shredding and love the flute solo. I imagine your were doing J. Tull covers, as well? Great picture and back story.Cool post.

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wearebittersweet said 2935 days ago (October 6th, 2011)
Jethro Tull covers?
I think we did 1 or 2 by them. Bobby (flute, sax, guitar & bass) would put on a bathrobe and stand on 1 leg when he did his flute work.

Appreciate the listen and kind comments. We just thought it would be fun to share "the good old days".
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alackbass said 2934 days ago (October 7th, 2011)
BoWevil (LIVE! Analog, Recorded 1971)
That guitar sound is exactly what drives me to pick up an electric guitar. Hearing that tone coming from the speakers as you strum the ax is pure musical joy! Thanks for sharing this gem from your past!
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wearebittersweet said 2933 days ago (October 8th, 2011)
that tone coming from the speakers
We were in a period when people went from using effects pedals to getting distortion from hot-rodding the amps, and over-driving the speakers (aka "cone cry"). I used to overdrive the amp on my leslie to get that dirty Hammond sound like Deep Purple, ELP, Steppenwolf. Just had to be certain we had spare amps, tubes and speakers on hand.
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Char said 2930 days ago (October 11th, 2011)
You must
have torn up the stage. I hope there weren't too many disasters. Great stuff. Thanks.
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wearebittersweet said 2930 days ago (October 11th, 2011)
too many disasters
I guess the closest things to disasters was angry boy friends who didn't like their women flirting with us "long hairs". Couple of amps caught fire, risers folded up or collapsed, or they only had 1 electrical outlet for all of us to use for all our equipment. It was just fun- and we took the bad with the good... like our name said "BitterSweet". Thanks for listening!
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Feter said 2929 days ago (October 12th, 2011)
I enjoy every single song you posted on the page and I m total psyched about the band ..tomorrow I m having a jam bands night ..this is fused the hell outta me ...what a band I d dream to be in ..very true the genre and talented and full of energy on every aspect of the song and sound ..too bad the music didnt continue with you all guys but ...I think you left gems to be enjoyed and remembered ...thanks a lot for sharing these gems ...keep them coming !!
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wearebittersweet said 2929 days ago (October 12th, 2011)
too bad the music didn't continue
As with many bands, things cause breakups. When Bittersweet broke up, our drummer and vocalist went on to form their own group which I understand was quite successful. The drummer, bass player and I went on to form "The Robert Moore Group" with the former drummer from "Crow" (and also from the Castaways of "Liar, Liar" fame. We hit the college circuit, with incredible music, mellotrons and moog's, etc... then I decided to get married. The guitar player start a very successful band, the drummer went out with an incredible 1 man act called "Ape", and the bass player moved to LA and joined up with his older brother in a group called "The Katz", "Nu Katz" and "Boy", a hot group in the 70's and 80's music scene.

We all still play to varying degrees. I am doing freelance music for a video production house and play in a Classic Rock era group with some other old farts.

My dream was to get us all to re-preform all of our old original material, via digital files - one person does his part, sent it to the next. Dont think that will ever happen so I may put out a request to do a collaboration with some our you.
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Doug Somers said 2883 days ago (November 28th, 2011)
Oh ya
A little Tull in there? I can only imagine the concerts you guys would have put on. Amazing to have so much talent.

Smokin track.

And supporting music in the schools - right on!!!!

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faultysynapse said 2164 days ago (November 15th, 2013)
Time capsule explosion.Very cool...Glad you brought your music here.Thank you.
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