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The Hidden (MJ Space Race 2011)



 Genre: Ambient

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To the unseen lurkers, who appraise us from shadowy places, nestled in corridors leading through the connecting, collapsed dimensions.

For the wise man looks into space, and he knows there is no limited dimension. --- Lao Tzu

Freesound attributions:

MemoryMoon_pad-luminize.wav by suonho
they_are_all_around_us.aiff by Corsica_S
baby_voice15.wav by reinsamba
POW03-E01-ElectricVoice.mp3 by Freed
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drakonis said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
unstuck in time
the dissonance, the phasing, the female phrasing with the offset L/R echo, all worked together to create a dizzying, disconcerting uneasiness, and the ambiguity kept me thirsting for more. Very cool effects. I often wonder what things are peering at and playing with our little 3-dimensional world. I shall be looking over my shoulder all day now, thank you very much! :-)

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aRcTip said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
The Hidden
Great soundscape you've created here! This creeped me out (the baby in particular), thanks :)
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Six-Nail-Coffin said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
It's not those outside
We need to worry about... it's them over there....
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Moviz said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
atmospherics and well chosen sounds....... quite haunting and scary especially that little tweeting sound..... yes they are all around us, but..... who are 'they'...... excellent sounds and so spooky, regards M
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Henke said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
Cool soundscape you've created here. And creepy, yes. (Not to mention Adam's comment above!) Maybe I should have a look at Freesound myself...

It's no secret anymore. These awesome space race tunes are already all around us!!

Really glad to hear a new post from you.

Take care,
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Abraxas said 2851 days ago (November 1st, 2011)
Movement from a dream to the cold light streaming from the unknown. Frightening, yet warm and rich. Haunting yet calm.
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Narad said 2851 days ago (November 2nd, 2011)
The Hidden
The revealed hidden in a deep shattering silence and murmured omninescience !
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richard13 said 2851 days ago (November 2nd, 2011)
"They" are those little things you see out of the corner of your eye
but when you look closer, they're gone. Were they ever there, or are they just super quick? Aliens, witches, ghosts? Whatever, I'm staying indoors.
Great track, Ex.
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davajonah said 2850 days ago (November 2nd, 2011)
Another cracker. Mysterious, wavering pads, eerie FX, what a wonderful soundscape this is. Perfect for a film score, if you were to ask me.
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SomeMadGirl said 2849 days ago (November 3rd, 2011)
CREEPING. ME. OUT. That baby is wicked freaky! Goosebump-good.
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SmokeyVW said 2849 days ago (November 3rd, 2011)
hmmm... i'm not finding it to be spooky or scary - but it is very dream-like and mysterious. passages through odd twisting tunnels and yet passages through huge expanses of space. the "they" that are all around us might be inhabited planets we are about to encounter

thank you
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PaulaMunk said 2846 days ago (November 6th, 2011)
wouldn't be curious? Who wouldn't want to see? What is not so spurious as they who hide from we.
A rustle in darkness and blaze of color gone by.
It's just those others living within a baby's cry.

Scintillating imagination touching on truth. Wow. Thanks.
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MotherofMeursault said 2840 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
I like this scary track quite a bit. This plays at the unclear borders of scifi, goth and horror, and is probably my favorite entry to this challenge. Those searing intrusions into the deep, morphy background synth make the whole track really glitter. Marvelous!


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Jarvoid said 2840 days ago (November 13th, 2011)
SciFiHorror spooky
and scintillatingly eerie....I like the little frissons of uncertainty one gets wondering what will happen next.......good stuff.

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MJG said 2838 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Stirring dark travel
yes, well done, dark, creepy, & cosmic, scary good stuff.
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Doug Somers said 2826 days ago (November 26th, 2011)
Love the premise
What a great setup to this piece including the quote. String theory predicts something like 10 dimensions. Could there be life there - why not?

The music works perfectly with the setting. There is a definite 'more than what you think is going on' quality to this piece. Deftly developed and evolved. Your synth wizardry is again on show and we are the lucky beneficiaries. ||: Dloaded and repeated :||

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