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4 Days Dead (The musical...)

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This is the full version of the spoken word posting from way back. It's the musical version along the lines of Alice Cooper. The greatest honor possible for this would be if somehow Alice heard it, liked it and wanted to perform it himself.
The storyline: a man is murdered on his remote property by the unexpected treachery of those he cared for. The property's dark history enfolds cults and acts of vile rites. The land still resonates with ancient twisted power. It revives him after 4 days as...something. He sets about exacting horrible vengeance upon his murderers and when they too revive after 4 days, leaves them as defiled, sensory deprived, tortured things -scarecrows, bolted onto metal crucifixes in the corn field to be slowly eaten by the overly large crows. He leaves for an unspecified destination
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4 Days Dead
©2011 Wolf macFal

I sit upon a green chair, throwing stones at things that move
Contemplate my situation, And what to do with You
I plan, I wait, I ponder, as the water drips on stone
My fingers trace the furrows and the crater of the wounds
I wonder what you told them and where they might have looked
I wonder if you pretended to care -and what lies that took
But most of all I wonder, how I'm waiting here for You
So much of me is missing, from the weapons that You used.
The dim light shows the greenness of the chair and of my skin
Mildew clots and blights my hair. Decay crowns me as its king.
I know that you'll be surprised that I'm waiting here for You
-We have Unfinished Business. There's so much for me to do…
Now that I am 4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
-But I can still Feel
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
I move, I think, I wonder, just what I’ll do with You
My Imaginations working -I’m so glad that it pulled through
I guess that you could call this, Life-After-Death
I know that you’ll want to know, when you’re taking your last breath
And If you rise, after you fall, then I’ll be there to catch
-You when you’re 4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
Like me, You’ll Be
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
The Sights I’ve planned to show You, and the Lessons I’m going to teach
Your treachery killed me once but nothing can remove you from my reach
I’ll wire up your body -so you cannot move, nor speak
A frame of steel to hold you, an iron crucifix I will make
My vengeance will consume you, but the pain you can’t escape
Like Lazarus on a bad day, you will eternally awake
As a scarecrow in the cornfield, the same place I was betrayed.

Four and twenty blackbirds, pecking at your flesh
Better learn to make some new friends, so they don’t eat to fast
I walk away and leave you and I’m never coming back
I know that you can hear me because your ears I’ve left
And now you’re going to find out -just how long is life after death?
When you are 4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
Squirming in the sun
4 Days Dead
4 Days Dead
Now that you are 4 Days Dead
Rotting on the cross
4 Days Dead
4 Weeks Dead
4 Months Dead
4 Years Dead
4 Eons Dead -But you will never die.
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Began on a G4 17" 1.67 ghz laptop w/2 gigs RAM and concluded way too long after on on a Macbook Pro 17" 2.93 ghz Intel core 2 Duo with 8 Gigs RAM, M-Audio Producer USB mic, M-Audio iControl interface
Garageband v2 to v6, lots of loops, my own sound effects
richard13 said 2782 days ago (November 7th, 2011)
Freakin' evil stuff!
How do you sleep at night? Oh wait, I just realized... never mind.
Uh,... cool piece dude. Great vocal: Is that your voice?
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virtualruffy said 2782 days ago (November 7th, 2011)
Yes, my voice...in an empty house, in the middle of the -sorry, quoting the criminologist from Rocky Horror. The only effects on the voice are megaphone, nothing else. After trying to get it right for years I did it in one take on Oct 28th and some patches on the 31st where a word got clipped off at the beginning (because I started before the microphone was recording).
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