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Ejected - Full Suite

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First a warning. This piece is very long at 21:35 so it is not a quick listen.

The movements all fade into each other, and so I thought that cutting it into movements and posting them separately lost the continuity as well as the overall feel as the piece evolves. This version includes the finale that was previously posted Ejected - Final Movement for the SpaceRace 2011.

Most of this piece is space-ambientish, but not everything as there is a kind of Kraftwerkish electronica, choral and orchestral styles as well. That is why I set the genre to 20th century. I hope you find that the styles work together. In some ways this is more of a soundtrack than a suite, but I like to push boundaries so the definition isn't important. I was also compelled to finish this despite its length. Normally I would do a 3 to 5 minute piece in one style and do something quite different after that. Not this time.

The music intends to tell a story of a space pilot whose craft was struck and who was ejected in their seat into space. He navigates his way to civilization through finding a hyperspace jump portal. The theme is about human ingenuity and determination when facing almost insurmountable odds - the ability to dig deep and keep resourceful when it really counts.

Of course you can interpret the sounds however you like. If you want the back story (as conceived) from the rescuers' perspective look here: http//web.me.com/...

If you want it from the pilot's perspective, look here: http//web.me.com/...

These postings can give you something to read as you hear the tune evolve. You can try to guess what is happening at various points in the piece (I didn't post actual times in the backstory to still leave something to the imagination).

Gold stars to those who find the sonic reference to a once popular TV show. Hint - it's not too tough, and I've got lots of gold stars to give away.

I also reworked part of the finale with input from the commenters on previous postings. Thanks for those!

As always, part of the fun of this exploration is in the learning, and I appreciate all comments including constructive ones.

This piece is dedicated to my co-organizers of the SpaceRace 2011: Drakonis and Ex Silentio, both of whom contributed far more to that project than I did, and to Reinholt56 who is the most prolific composer in this 'space' I know.

Grab some headphones, close your eyes, and lay back to travel on a journey far out in time and far away in the colourful reaches of space. The story starts as we find, amidst the pinpoints of light in the inky sky, a small single piloted craft traveling alone at sub-light speed.

I hope you enjoy it!

Addendum: I listened again to the intro track by David Kneupper from the CD of music from the Kennedy Space Centre last night. I remember being surprised when I posted the piece Coming Home that after I composed it I found it had used a 6 note motif that Kneupper wrote, and I had unwittingly included it without realising where the phrase came from. I ended up later modifying the title of the track as a result. When I created the finale for Ejected, it was my intention to base it on similar lines from Coming Home but deviate from the motif even further. I deviated from Coming Home but, from what I heard last night, ended up pulling in a tiny bit more from the phrases in Kneupper's piece than I thought. It is by no means a clone, but elements are recognisable. Clearly I 'just can't get it outta my head'. David's a fine composer and you can hear his music in many theme parks across the US.

No one has mentioned the reference to a TV show in this piece that I talked about above, so I guess it is way more subtle than I thought. Here's the hint to give it away - at 10:07 there are 4 slow notes on the synth that are used in what famous space TV series from the 1960's as the introductory notes to its theme? Hint 2: they are played here much more slowly than in the TV show.

Thanks to all who have taken a listen to Ejected and to those who have left such very kind comments. It's been a pleasure to post this one.

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Mac Pro; Akai MPK49
Logic Pro; Absynth 5; The Finger; Kore Player; Kontakt 4; Requiem Light from SoundIron; Sonic Couture Abstrakt; SonoKinetic Project Infinity
Jarvoid said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
I am going to download this
and listen to it in the car .....don't ask ...I just listen better in the car....don't know what that says about my driving !?

Be Back Later
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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Hello Chris
I'm glad you downloaded the piece. I often listen in the car to MacJammer music, although for me I try to stick to those pieces likely to keep me awake! So if you listen to this one, please stay alert during the ambient bits (or pull into a lay-by) :)

I look forward to your reaction. Thanks for your interest Chris!

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Reinholt56 said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Hi Doug.....
This piece is absolutely stunning. From the first sound through to the last sound I was totally immersed in the ambience of the piece. The description and the two story lines are very evocative too. A 'total concept' brought through to life, from beginning to end and told brilliantly in the unfolding of the soundscape.

Thank you for the co-dedication. It is a wonder to me when I think of all those who are associated with this site that work both within the bounds of imagination and beyond imagination but all make One World here at Macjams, and also those who give help to others unasked or without regard for time.

To everyone here at Macjams. Thank you.

Take care Doug and I hope you and your family all have a wonderful 2012.


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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Return of the Concept Album
It was a lot of fun to think really big for this one and try to take on a much broader story than some of my earlier work. I'm glad you liked the immersive storyline and thank you for taking the significant chunk of time to hear it through and report back with such very kind and generous words. You know I'm a big fan of your music and it means a lot to hear your reaction to this suite.

Cheers Paul,

And yes, MacJams is a very cool and amazing place because of the artists who gather here, share their work, and support each other around the globe. I feel privileged to be here.
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davajonah said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
This is fantastic. Right through to the epic "film score" ending you posted for the SRC. Wonderfully constructed musical narrative, fitting perfectly with your most excellent story. You should extend and get it published. Or made into a film - the music is ready!

I have downloaded this, with thanks. My commute to work in the morning is just over 20 minutes. Perfect!
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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Now only if I knew some film people
Another commuter, so I won't repeat the warning about staying alert whilst listening to ambient music that I left with our friend Jarvoid. Oh, I guess I just did.

Lovely that you downloaded this one Dave, it's an honour. I was particularly pleased to be able to put the finale in it's rightful place both temporally but especially having it emotionally in the right spot. I think the context of what comes before changes its meaning and impact.

Thanks for all the kind words Dave - you are on my list of paragons of ambient around here so if you find that I unconsciously lifted any of your ideas please take it as 'imitation as the most sincere form of appreciation'. And if you know any film folk ... :)

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PatriciaGirl said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Well done Doug
An odyssey in itself. Epic composition that seamlessly weaves together a myriad of styles to create a wonderful journey. Very much enjoyed!
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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Hi Patty
I feel with this release that the journey of creation is complete. Now it is up to others to take up the invitation to travel, and I'm so glad you took the time to give this a listen. Given how much music is available here to listen to I'm really honoured you spent so much of your time hearing this piece (sounds like a variant of what airlines say at the end of a flight, but I'm quite sincere).

I look forward to your next post!

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drakonis said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
The music of the rings
I found a rare 21 minute segment of quietude, and launched myself happily into this immersive experience. Read the narrative of Wallace at the beginning, and finished in time to hear the music of the hyperspace rings start, and due to reading, knew what you were going for there... that was absolutely perfect. But the lead-up, noises of the collision, alarm, floating, all were perfect too. Then the Chorus comes, and the angels guide him to the other portal (and that was beautifully written and recorded, how did you do that? You sneak a recorder into mass?) And the final fanfare, announcing success, now was even more grand. And it still reminds me of Holst's suites, great work. It is funny but at the end there, I realized that like Wallace, I too was almost out of air, and could finally breathe again. You really did capture the tenacity of the human spirit in your written short story... love that too.

Beautifully realized, in all dimensions, Doug, thank you for expanding this universe we call Macjams and offering such gems! Wow. That was quite a ride! You have managed to get my exclamation mark key stuck!

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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Multi-dimensional ride
With all you have going on in your life I really didn't expect you to have given this piece a listen so quickly. I'm really touched Eduard. Truly!

I'm glad that the sounds worked for you story wise. I can get a little hung up on making more of a Foley track than music with some of these pieces, so I tried to find synth samples that were close enough to the sounds that they were to represent but not too close. Certainly the rumphs sounds got a workout!

I hadn't thought of the interpretation of angels GUIDING the delirious and almost out of oxygen hero through the last ring. That's cool. When I listen again it makes great sense.

How I did the choir: first, my lovely wife said I could buy the 'music package du jour' as a Christmas gift and so, with all the sales on, I chose something I had my eye on for a long time - Requiem Light, a choral package from SoundIron (was called Tonehammer until the principles split to form their own sound design companies). I loaded up a patch of marcato sounds into Kontakt, and chose a sequence of syllables for the choir to sing. Unlike East West's Symphonic Choirs, Requiem only has some canned words that the choir can sing (vs. all vowels and consonants in SC). Even so, I thought they do a much better job of clearly singing the bombastic, fff choral work that you hear in so many movie scores and trailers these days. I then sat down at the keyboard, plunked my hands down, and started hitting notes. I noticed that the samples were just as good with short sounds as with sustained ones and so I varied one note from the chord with my ring finger or pinkie on the right hand after the chord was struck. I had no melody in mind, key, or whatever, which is probably why some of the transitions are a little (or quite) unusual. Stuff just happened rather quickly. I then went back in and edited a few notes that didn't really play nicely with their friends, shortened the wandering ending, and fixed the cadence at the end to sound more deliberate.

I really love the fact that now the finale wraps up the emotions of the rest of the ride of the piece. Stand alone it was fine, like a TV theme, but in sequence here (to me at least) it really resolves all that has gone before. I sense you had a similar reaction and could catch your breath too along with the hero.

Gotta love Holst - how very many composers that guy has influenced. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to play some of of his band works in high school. You are very kind to make the association with this piece.

I'll say it again Eduard, thanks for getting this space race challenge going this year. Without that this piece would not exist. Thanks also for your friendship and encouragement through the years.

All the best, and until your next opus,

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DWL said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Epic work Doug
I loved the way you worked through the different textures.

Choirs, electronica and symphonic grandeur. A genuine epic journey you've just taken me on.

There are some lovely interludes.

Planetarium comes to mind. This would work so well in that environment.



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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Planetarium music
I knew people who worked in a planetarium in the 70s and their search for suitable music at the time was quite limited. I would imagine things being quite different today.

It's good to hear that the different textures and styles worked for you (vs. being jarring). I appreciate your enthusiastic comments Dick, as always, and wish you and your band-mates all the best for the new year.

Keep well,
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Bowman said 2726 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Beyond infinity.
A beautifully realized work of contemplation, fun, wonder and nobility.

The ambient sections are perfectly mixed and expanded by those unexpected fragments of communications reminding us of our fragility and the danger around us.

At about 8:23 I start to hallucinate (a disco party?) a very fun interlude. Later on I'm having a religious experience. (Have I died?) Having heard your finale several times before it has now acquired a classic rightness to it and entered my personal pantheon of great space themes.

I immediately download this work and will now finally have a way to leave this earth bound reality and touch eternity.

It's a generous gift you've given us Doug.
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Doug Somers said 2725 days ago (January 7th, 2012)
Many thanks Charlie
I based the changes in the finale theme on your comments from before - they are subtle but I think they add enough to address your valid points about that part of the piece.

As to the disco party (Wallace's ear worm of the Tyralian farmer's dance), all I can say is I experienced it the same way. There was a sample I found with this repetitive almost mechanical rhythm and the rest is disco-electro-folk history. The choir was meant to bring on the Have I died association, since many in the western culture would associate the music with religion.

As to the new declaration that the finale has your mark of Classic Rightness, well all I can say is that is a reaction that no money can buy.

Thanks Charlie for hearing this one out (including the finale that you had already so kindly commented on before).

All the best,
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KCsGROOVE said 2725 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
Quite a trip!
Really cool and spacey soundscape!
I see that you used the Absynth, a great synth for this kinda work.
Very much enjoyed!
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Doug Somers said 2724 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
Hey KC
Thanks for dropping in man, and for the generous comments. Glad it worked for you.

As soon as I came across Absynth I was hooked, especially with all its abilities to morph sounds from wav files. I have not mastered its capabilities but still find enough in the canned sounds and the 'mutate' button to keep me going for a few millennia.

Take care,

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magnatone said 2725 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
doug, this is absolutely incredible. what a wonderful ride for 21 minutes - it went by way too fast. this is an instant D/L and i can tell you we will enjoy this many times during long motorcycle journeys. i'm just blown away by your talent
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Doug Somers said 2724 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
Bike Music
Karen, the fact that you and others here have taken such a significant chunk of their day to hear this music is really humbling. I didn't intend to create something this long, it just kind of needed that to be complete. Your words are very kind and they mean a lot.

I hope you continue to enjoy this music on your rides through the Rockies, and if your biking ever takes you up this way you're both welcome to stop in!

Take care,

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composerclark said 2725 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
I began listening before reading the description, and my first thought was that it had a kind of 70's electronica (FM synth) vibe, albeit a lot cleaner due, I guess, to this being done digitally. Now that I read your description, I see you reference Kraftwerk, whose music enthralled me as a young man, and I feel similarly about this.

Has a trippy 2001 Space Odyssey feel too, until the more rhythmic material begins at about 8:40.

It is very challenging to create an effective 21 minute composition, yet you pulled it off marvelously, and you get HUGE admiration from me for doing so!
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Doug Somers said 2724 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
70s vibe
I'll admit that I came across a number of artists in the 70s who used electronic music generation (Vangelis, Tomita, Rick Wakeman, JM Jarre) and I know they influenced how I perceive what is possible in the electronica space. Kraftwerk was a group I was introduced to by a friend who lived in Germany for a while, although with the few cuts I heard back then I didn't really 'get it' until I came across them again a few years ago. Now I too am an operator of my pocket calculator.

Thanks for your interest in this piece Clark, and for your encouraging comments. As I mentioned to Karen, I didn't intend at the outset to craft a piece that was long, I just wanted to tell a story at the pace which made sense to let it unfold naturally. As such, it didn't seem like the jolt I would get when I did oil painting and moved up to large canvasses: "How am I going to fill all that white space?!", but rather each movement just built to a point where it was finished, and the whole thing then strung together.

The one concern I had was that the two kinds of electronica wouldn't work with the choral and orchestral bits since the styles are quite different, or that it would alienate fans of one genre when they heard the others in the suite. That was short lived - I feel that if I like this, then anyone else who does too is a bonus, and I won't get tied down by conformity.

Many thanks again for your thoughts and support!
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michaeljayklein said 2725 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
Wonderful work Doug!
I decided to take this one and download it to my little MP3 player (thanks for permitting that) and listened in a spot where I could be more relaxed. I boldly went where no man has gone before thanks to your superbly imaginative score. Applause!!!!
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Doug Somers said 2724 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
These are the voyages
Hi Michael - isn't it nice to be able to be so transported by plugging in a couple of earbuds and zipping off to some remote time or place. The magic of music. FOr my part, I love to be able to connect with the times and places of the writers of the classics that you sing so well. And with your art, you often throw in a bit of great humour to keep us all from getting a little too serious. That's a gift.

So thanks for that, thanks for your applause and downloading, and here's my bow. (Did you catch it?)
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richard13 said 2724 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
And I'm not referring to the lights ;-)
You already know how I feel about your abilities Doug, so a) I'm not going to tell you again for fear of swelling your head (Canucks don't wear swelled heads very well) and b) I've heard nothing here to change my mind about my opinion. Damn fine work (and there must have been a lot of it), making for an enjoyable 21+ minute voyage of aural delight. Bravo!
Oh yeah, the two textual accompaniments are wonderful, and unexpected bonus material. Again, bravo!
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Doug Somers said 2724 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
Craniogigantis Canadensis
This creature is extremely rare and due to its swelled head becomes an easy target for prey in its natural habitat. As a result it often has to migrate to other locales in order to survive.

If you had a 21 minute voyage of aural delight then I am very happy for you. It's nice to know that wherever the inspiration for this work comes from, others get to enjoy it too.

Speaking of which, your recent Emma post was so on target it stopped me in my tracks. A very compelling listen (anyone who hasn't heard it and reads this post should check it out!!)

Thanks for your support Richard. I'll try to keep your head normal sized as well while still letting you know the great work you do.

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PaulaMunk said 2723 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
and a warm hug, sir. That was superb and I felt so giddy at 8:40, no longer scared but had a renewed faith that our friend would make it. Absolutely, a suite for the Griffith observatory or an Imax film about a space explorer robot. I live near the Air Force Museum and their theater has a steady posting of such films. Love that hallelujah chorus of star sprites! I thought I heard Amen. It is so encouraging and comforting. At 18:09, Gene Roddenberry and Alexander Courage have to be smiling widely. As am I. Wow, Doug! Thank you.
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Doug Somers said 2723 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
You made it!!!!
And you rode along with our hero Wallace! We got you home safe and sound then. Thanks so much for your detailed description of your reaction to the parts of this piece. I was hoping that people would have a bit of a ride.

You're very kind with your comments Char. Thank you!

Do you think I should be contacting some planetariums? :)

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thetiler said 2723 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
Cool sounds comin right out of the shoot
Enjoy the lonely spacey sounds, the ear to ear rotation of sounds, the uplifting strange sounds etc.. This would not only be good for a space movie but maybe a Tom Cruise mystery when he is tryingt break into Cape Canaveral to prevent space aliens from another galaxy from taking over!

Thanks so much for your wonderful participation in Macjams!
Cool stuff!!!!!
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Doug Somers said 2723 days ago (January 9th, 2012)
Alien invasion
Tom Cruise and the Canaveral invasion - that might be something to follow up Bill. It is certainly full of promise.

As a guy who kind of sort of plays guitar, I realise that these synths are pretty far removed from the warm tones of a nicely tuned acoustic as we find in your music. But then there is a place for everything I figure, which is what makes this site such a great place to hang out.

Glad to have you come by and thanks for leaving your thoughts and supportive remarks!

Be well,

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Narad said 2722 days ago (January 11th, 2012)
Ejected - Full Suite
Magistral indroduction. suspense almost silence, floating gears communicating timeless messages, gossiping stars, blue planet ships rise in the distance hoisting happily their bright immaculate mainsail.
Suddenly the starry horizon turns red and violet. A majestic swan emerges and wraps the spaceship with its huge swings. A glorious choral music welcome the crew in a neverending sunrise.
Fantastic stuff and instant fav ! :)
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Doug Somers said 2722 days ago (January 11th, 2012)
Spatial poetry
The poetry of your comments is a wonderful gift on top of your kind remarks. It is always interesting how for some people (myself included) music can suggest visual details like colour, shape, texture, brightness, and motion. Your images are lovely and a pleasure to share.

Many thanks sir,
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jazzman1 said 2720 days ago (January 13th, 2012)
Exquisite !!!!!!!!!!!!!
An incredible piece of work, wonderfully layered with beautifully smooth transitions that keep you wanting more. Thank you so much for sharing.
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Doug Somers said 2718 days ago (January 15th, 2012)
Hi Dale, I appreciate you taking the time to listen and come back with thoughtful and supportive commentary. I'm also glad you commented as it gave me an introduction to your own music which is a welcome find!

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RochaMalhada said 2720 days ago (January 13th, 2012)
space is a broad thing...

length is not an issue for this kinda thing, it's a trek in of itself...

great listen, thanks

. - Harold
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Doug Somers said 2718 days ago (January 15th, 2012)
A trek amongst the stars
...wonder what you could call that? :)

Thanks Harold - I guess the journey worked for you which is great. I'm also pleased that the mix of styles seems to work for folks as well.

Appreciate your kind words sir!

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gadzooks said 2716 days ago (January 17th, 2012)
Ejected - Full Suite
Doug this is pretty amazing ... I had to wait and find time to give the length of it a good listen. Lunch time at work, put on the phones closed my eyes and took your journey far out into space. I really dig the ambient parts. Relaxing, floating and so peaceful ... oops, just woke me out of my dream at 8:14, change of direction which made me type this. This is brilliant the way you have pieced this composition together. The ending I have listened to before and is still as majestic as I remember and a great and grand finale to the piece. Visual art created with sound. I downloaded this and will listen again on my commute home from Halifax to St. Margarets Bay.
(yeah,another commuter)
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Doug Somers said 2715 days ago (January 17th, 2012)
Relaxing, peaceful and ...
It is indeed a long piece and I knew that would limit the number of people who would have time to hear it through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it Stan. Love your comment "visual art created with sound".

Nice commute back to St. Margaret's Bay - a beautiful part of the world.

Thanks again Stan, and if you're listening to this while driving, please stay alert!

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Loob said 2715 days ago (January 17th, 2012)
This would make a great soundtrack!
Well constructed with good dynamics!
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Doug Somers said 2714 days ago (January 18th, 2012)
Thanks Fred! I appreciate your patience for the listen and your support.

Dynamics were important to me in this piece so I'm glad they came across. It does get almost beyond soundtrack in places with the odd sound effects, but what's a synth owner to do, right?

Be well, and thanks again!
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Ex_Silentio said 2715 days ago (January 17th, 2012)
Give this man an award
Sorry for being late. I needed the time to listen in full listening mode.

Look Doug, I knew you were good, but this ... this is really too much. This sits up there with the finest ambient music EVER. Then it goes beyond ambient, with the choir, and intriguing sound effects, and the solid-ground big finish, with its sense of triumph. You are so fully in command of your tools, and so eloquent and deliberate in conveying this grand concept that my paltry words cannot do any kind of justice.

I enjoyed reading your description, and I will go off and read the backstory before my next listen. DLed? Are you kidding? Absolument. Excellent song graphic, too --- the hyperspace portal, I'm assuming -- I was staring at that during the first half, and I felt like I was falling in.

A real adventure, a masterwork, a labor of love. Deep bows to you, Sir Doug.
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Doug Somers said 2714 days ago (January 18th, 2012)
Mr Ex, you do me a great honour
All I can say is:
- you're very kind in your enthusiasm
- sounds like you really enjoyed yourself hearing it
- it's really gratifying to work on a major project and have it work out to put a little charge and energy into some listeners' minds

OK, maybe not all I can say....

Yes, the graphic is supposed to be Wallace's view in hyperspace - at least on one of the jumps. Although I didn't write it in the backstory, I envisioned that the experience between different jump rings would be quite different, hence the different sounds.

I also didn't write much in the log from Wallace's point of view while in hyperspace since I figured he was already kind of out of it from not being fully revived, and the effects of jumping messed with his being as well. Toward the end of course he's almost out of O2, so that can't help.

Your words are far from paltry my friend, and they help bring meaning to this work.

Finally, glad to hear from you and no need to aplogise about the timing of your comments. They would be just as valued a decade hence.

Take care,
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Moonwolf_Project said 2714 days ago (January 18th, 2012)
Nicely done
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Doug Somers said 2714 days ago (January 19th, 2012)
Thanks Mr. Bluesman! Nice to have you drop in.

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Henke said 2713 days ago (January 19th, 2012)
What can I say? I am pretty speechless after listening to this a few times now on various systems, and many truths have already been said in the other comments...

You mix some pretty high class classic space ambience with J M Jarre stuff (around 8.45-10 min) and stellar cinematic orchestration to finish it off. It's a mind blowing feat, and I admire your patience and perseverance in taking it to the finish line making this an absolutely brilliant masterpiece, so wide in scope (in so many ways - motives, genres, software used, combining word and music etc), keeping interest throughout without rushing into possibly easy solutions. The production in itself is a marvel, can't understand how you do it. Maybe Logic and a good ear help ;-)

So you see, I am all out of words to tell you about the greatness of this piece and your accomplishment here. Hope you will forgive me :-)

BIG thanks for sharing it with us. If you want fame, I hope and think that this piece will win it for you, fingers crossed.

Take care and have a wonderful 2012!

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Doug Somers said 2713 days ago (January 20th, 2012)
There is much I have to be thankful for and one of the things is the camaraderie and support from the people here at MJ, not to mention the inspiration as to what is possible. In that light, I think back to a series you did called Dreams in Cerulean Blue, which is still on my iTunes, not to mention your Covenant tracks and Space Race Entries. Works by Ex Silentio, Reinholt56, Davajonah, ic42, Narad and others from years back have also shaped what I came to understand as possible for the home musician to produce.

So thank you for your terribly kind words, and for being part of the group that lead the way to what's possible.

As to how I do it: I guess if the muse is there it gives the energy to see things through. Having the almost cinematic idea for a storyline as with Ejected propelled development of the sounds throughout the piece. I don't always visualise events this clearly but in this track I did. I compose mainly by ear, in that I don't have the kind of theory background at this point to actually plan the development of a sophisticated piece according to harmony or counterpoint or any of that.

I have been fortunate in being able to buy some good synths (Absynth is wonderful and I haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do) and I also scrounge free stuff whenever I can find it from the web or magazine DVDs. Some of the free stuff is here in Ejected. Auditioning interesting sounds and imagining what they could represent is fun for tracks like this one. The last thing I like to do is throw different or contrasting things into the composition in such a way that it works - for me anyway. The rest is just pawing at keyboards (pretty literal since I'm not a trained piano player) and dragging with pencil tools until the sounds come together in a way that works for me.

Oh, and listening to lots of different kinds of music to let all of those ideas percolate through the old grey matter.

Thank you again for taking the time to comment so carefully about a piece that already took up a third of an hour in your day. I really appreciate it Henrik.

Be well sir, and I'm looking forward to your next posting!

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Philip18 said 2706 days ago (January 26th, 2012)
Thoughtful and musical, with a story to tell. Closing your eyes and imagining the scenario you have described brings this to life. Congratulations, Doug.
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Doug Somers said 2706 days ago (January 27th, 2012)
Cheers Philip
It is a story first and foremost, probably moreso than any other piece I have posted (even those where I imagined some kind of backstory). Thank you for the careful listen and letting me know of your reaction. I appreciate knowing how this work impacts other listeners.

Thanks for the kind words,
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Jarvoid said 2694 days ago (February 8th, 2012)
First a Warning...
this piece is addictive.......I did not listen to it in the car as first suggested but actually listened to it whilst I was working on yet another of my brainwave schemes....a bit of animation in windows paint ,(tricky,time consuming ,but possible) and Movie Maker...this was the perfect atmosphere ....soothing ,stress relieving and superbly written and performed and when it finished I listened to some other stuff for a whilke ...and then listened to this again ....and so went the weekend....great stuff,stirling work I have to say and well worth waiting for the opportunity to listen properly...I must say it is the best way to ;isten to the longer tracks and then get back with a comment.Thanks for creating this ,much enjoyed and much more to come.

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Doug Somers said 2693 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
Needs the 'space' to hear it properly
Cheers Jarvo, you have made my day. Your comments are most kind, and more than that I'm so glad you found the music provided an atmosphere for other creative work! Creativity begets creativity.

I'll be over to have a listen to your new post later today.

BTW, will you be showing us your animation??

Best wishes,
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