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 Genre: Trip Hop

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mahler24 was looking for a vocalist to develop a song for his great tune at http://www.macjams.com/song/68976 I responded, tried my best to sound like "Portishead" and here is my version.

My grateful thanks to mahler24 for allowing me to collaborate and expand my musical horizons.

Music : mahler24
Lyrics, vocal melody, vocals : Mosaica
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What did you think of me?
What did you mean to me?
What did you think we meant to each other?

What do you want from me?
Tell me just who you see
in the time that we met.

Oh, I don't believe
you really mean me to come with you
in the time that we met

Following this time together
we never really said how we felt.
I don't know what to do!
I don't know what you mean!
I'm naive beyond the stars...

Cradling my fate within your heart,
cradling my needs within the dart
of Cupid's bow!
I don't know
what it means
why some people not "get" it
and others do?
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Philip18 said 2676 days ago (February 25th, 2012)
Tell me
Fascinating - but just a bit spooky! Your magnificently breathy, tuneful and urgent voice creates something very atmospheric - as does the music. Impressive work!
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abzwork said 2676 days ago (February 25th, 2012)
Tell Me...
The flava here is...Ahhhhhhh...so sultry, so hot, so smooooothe...yes, I'm lovin' that "edge of darkness" in the melody, it provides such a delightful canvas for such a sassy vocal outing...Big Smile City all the way here...:):):)peace
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DWL said 2675 days ago (February 26th, 2012)
Portishead is a good comparison.

Excellent vocal delivery that works really well with the music.

Dramatic stuff!


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richard13 said 2675 days ago (February 26th, 2012)
breathy, atmospheric addition to the instrumental. You "get" it. Thank you, I took a copy.
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drakonis said 2675 days ago (February 26th, 2012)
down dark twisted mental corridors
There is something beguiling about the music and voice together here, like wisps of intoxicating smoke, blinding me to everything around me, focused on the slow inexorable pace...
Great choice of music (although the "Star Trek transponder" sound effect was a surprise)... lovely and dark. Your singing and lyrics were delicately ambiguous, very alluring, and well delivered... very nice result.
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Symphony101 said 2674 days ago (February 27th, 2012)
Great vocal performance Rosalind, great music bed too, very nice job !
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TvRicky said 2674 days ago (February 27th, 2012)
"why some people not "get" it and others do?"
This is a side of you kept hidden yet exposed here. You are extremely sensuous and freaky here and that is a 'wild side' within that is exposed brilliantly in this wonderful and revealing composition. Fantastic performance and musical presentation!

A SincerelyZippedm, TvRicky
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Jarvoid said 2673 days ago (February 28th, 2012)
I wondered what that
bleeping noise was and then Drak hit it on the head....well different and slightly ethereal......no sod it ,very ethereal,me likey.

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paul f. page said 2670 days ago (March 2nd, 2012)
I don't understand...
...this kind of music, but I do know that your vocal is sultry and breathy and full of emotion and nuance. It was an interesting listen and I am glad that I had the opportunity to hear this. From the standpoint of the mix, it seems like everything is held quite a bit far back in the band and I wish it were just a little more upfront. Your vocal, too -- bring it out a bit more so the listener doesn't have to strain so much to hear. A very unique track.
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composerclark said 2669 days ago (March 3rd, 2012)
Shades of Kate Bush… Your stylistic range is truly remarkable! This is unsettling, but powerful and, well done! The only suggestion I have (not sure if you're looking for any?) is that it might be even more dramatic to find a spot or two where you really belt it out (vocally, of course!), a la Kate Bush or KD Lang, just to contrast with the the prevailing breathiness of your delivery in the rest of the song... Just a thought.
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Soundhound said 2664 days ago (March 8th, 2012)
Very Nice.....
This is good, but I find you think to much about the notes your singing...
Girl you've got a massive voice, in your vocal training it's like marching
to the note, this track would be like skipping to the note....
That means changing the dynamic attack to the notes, creating a different
style with in your big comfort zone and wide range......
No need in changing what you've got, just the way you use it..... :-)

Meant this with love......PEACE........

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Doug Somers said 2647 days ago (March 25th, 2012)
Moody and whispy-dark. Kate Bush does indeed come to mind. You have a wonderfully surprising range of styles you can sing well and this piece is testament to what is not only possible to tackle but is something that comes through brilliantly.

Lovely job Rosalind! Downloaded with thanks.

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Vic Holman said 2615 days ago (April 26th, 2012)
tell me

okay i'm just catching on (slow me) you have a great diversity in your vocals so i'm finding...... this is great!
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Mosaica said 2614 days ago (April 27th, 2012)
...for listening to a bunch of my stuff :-) Much appreciated!
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PHBB said 2593 days ago (May 18th, 2012)
After hearing you sing opera, this really is a fantastic surprise. Great job both on the lyrics and the performance. Very spooky indeed. And I just love the photo. It seems to fit. Per
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