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got no idea what to write at the moment.
no clicktracks, no samples, no autotune harmed in this production...
three times drums
four guitars
a bass
difficult mix on the vox and the overall sound
but i hope you enjoy it...

stay cool, turn loud!

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do you believe in what they´re telling
on the screen of your TV
is it true what they´re telling
can you believe in what you see

do you believe the weatherforecast
and the anchorman who smiles
right after counting down the victims
from the famine that arrived

do you believe them when they´re saying
that your food is alright
because the chicken you´re eating
got some medicine inside

do you believe that you´re a free man
that you have the right to speak
and to complain about elections
did you thought you would choose free

do you believe in tv-preachers
do you believe those words at all
don´t you think they´re overacting
there´ll be no-one who saves us all

do you believe in advertisings?
do you believe that XXXXX for free
can you attest that you´re a winner
cos you got the things you need

do you calculate your action?
or do you swim with everyone?
are you comfortable with everything
and happy with your attitude

is there really nothing left there
that let you doubt and think
will you win that casting-game-show
where created heroes sing

should i swallow some of these words
should i stay away from you
shall i leave you in your dreamworld
covered with no point of view...

(did you find your ****ing hero?)
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a guitar, a bass, a drumkit and me... some tobacco and coffee...
not much. rec with audacity, mixed with cubase
alackbass said 2760 days ago (February 26th, 2012)
Man does this ROCK! Love the vocal. Like Roger Waters on The Wall! In fact there's a Floyd at their heaviest about this. Love the production. So many cool effects. And the guitar sounds are awesome! Too much awesomeness for one listen! Downloaded!
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KCsGROOVE said 2759 days ago (February 28th, 2012)
Carsten, this is cool!
Always enjoy your drumwork!
REally good, lots of energy
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Narad said 2759 days ago (February 28th, 2012)
Excellent listen ! Thanks doctor ! :)
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VicDiesel said 2758 days ago (February 28th, 2012)
I like
Compliments on the mix. It's all audible, yet totally coherent. In particular love the guitar solo.
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doc_elvis said 2758 days ago (February 28th, 2012)
i played the drums three times (so you cannot hear the mistakes) without clicktracks or another kind of base... i just had that guitar riff in my head and started...
the guitar solo was just a filler - but the more i listen i like it too - especially these weird chords at the end...
the whole production took a week, and i´m still not satisfied with the mix of the vocals...
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KCsGROOVE said 2758 days ago (February 29th, 2012)
second listen....
Still dig it a lot! :-)
read your comment..
I can hear your difficulties in the mix..
Maybe the vocals should be EQ-ed a bit more and a bit louder in the mix poerhaps. Maybe you should reconsider the amount of reverb here and there, because too much reverb makes instruments or vocals move away.
I can't believe you started out drumming with a melody in your head, too cool for words :-)
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davisamerica said 2757 days ago (February 29th, 2012)
still owe me a post card ..... will settle for a download.
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richard13 said 2757 days ago (February 29th, 2012)
Sometimes, when we have no idea, an idea finds us. It sure found you. Great rocker with very pointed lyrics. I took a copy, thanks.
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finkeldink said 2757 days ago (February 29th, 2012)
Yeah man. I dig this for sure.
Really unique song and production.
I think I found my XXXing hero!
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magnatone said 2755 days ago (March 2nd, 2012)
wowzers doc!! this is terrific, soft, loud and in between! great work - always love your stuff!
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egobandit said 2755 days ago (March 2nd, 2012)
loud and cool
that riffin on the guitar love it off the hook this is ! The harp rules! that jumbled speaking part really tripped me out
btw the lyrics are solid
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Daugrin said 2755 days ago (March 3rd, 2012)
Elvis in the building!
Thanks for sharing this tune. Great work!

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gadzooks said 2753 days ago (March 4th, 2012)
Very REAL performance. I like the drums and your very cool and trippy vocals. Great crunchy guitar sounds . Enjoyed the guitar solo with those reverby and sustained notes Where's my purple microdot...... Excellent!
SG .....spelling now fixed and I got to listen to it again ... cool

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