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Where are you

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Being single. Just wondering when I'll find someone new. How long will it take? Will I ever? I guess I'm getting used to being my own person for once. And finding happiness. Where are you?
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January 29, 2005

Sparkles in your eyes
The spark will never die
Love will make my heart
Burn deep inside

Love won’t fade away
Like the stars at a new day
I’ll be here waiting
For the sun

No more pain will I go through
I’m hoping that I’ll find you
To make my life brand new

Will I ever find the one
Who’ll never come undone
Where smiles will always come from

Where are you?

I know it will take some time
To forget that you were mine
The sunshine will dry up all the rain

And I never will look back
I admit I do miss that
All the times we shared together once

I’m trying hard to take care of me
Yet I’d still give everything to you
Someone someday will be with me
But I wished that someone was you
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Cheap mic (getting a new one soon)
Garageband to record vocals
Andy Taylor said 5360 days ago (February 15th, 2005)
Really like that..
Thanks for the song. Really like the vocals.
I know just what you mean..
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aclarke said 5360 days ago (February 15th, 2005)
Love your music
But can't wait for your new mic so we can hear you better!
Excellent harmonies!
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Joanna said 5359 days ago (February 16th, 2005)
Pull those vocals out
The guitar is so warm and upfront, it would be nice if your
vocals were in the same space. I know how difficult it is
with a less than stellar mic, but there are ways to
compensate. For example, triple your vocal track, putting
one toward the left, one toward the right and the third in
the middle. This makes vocals richer sounding. I've also
found the EQ setting "vocal presence" can help warm up

Loved the harmonies and the performance!
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said 5359 days ago (February 16th, 2005)
I know...
the sting of loneliness first hand. It really cuts to the core.
Still does. This is a beautiful song. Very well crafted. I
think the vocals are a tad bit buried early in the song. But
then come out front and center later. I love the guitar. The
message of this song speaks to me on a very personal
level. I definately mean that as a compliment. You are
talented and beautiful, IMHO. Love will find you when you
least expect it. In the meantime, have fun being single and
enjoy your freedom. Good luck.
Nolan said 5358 days ago (February 17th, 2005)
I love it.
Great stuff. I love the concept: been there and wrote
plenty of songs about it. I'm a sucker for acoustic and
harmonies and your voice is fantastic. I love how you sing
the second verse. Can't wait to hear you through the new
mic. I'm not too sure about the drums. You probably
could have done without them. They might work better if
some bass and piano or strings came in at the same time.
To be honest, I think the guitar could have carried the
whole song. Listening to it again...that "ooh" after "dry up
all the rain" is magic! Love it.
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fairymagic17 said 5358 days ago (February 17th, 2005)
Thanks so much for the comments! I've been hearing that this subject has been written about to death. But I recently just went through something that's impacted my life where all I can write about is this topic. It's driving me nuts. I don't really like to write love songs or sad songs but it's all I seem to come up with lately. Thank-You for listening. These comments rock!

~* Sarah *~

"Don't kick dirt on others, you're only losing ground."
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aclarke said 5357 days ago (February 18th, 2005)
A lot of the appeal of your music (at least to me) is that is comes from raw
human emotion and personal experience. All my life the music that I've
enjoyed most has conveyed that same emotion. Whether the subject is love,
pain or even baseball is less relevant to me.
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pooey said 5357 days ago (February 18th, 2005)
I love it.
I agree with Nolan. Very good stuff, and there's nothing wrong with writing
about love (or the lack of it). We've all been there (well, except for me...ha).
The vocals are great. Much stronger in the second verse and beyond. Cheap
mic, yea, but listen to Bonka's early stuff--its all done on the pinhole mic and
its great.

The song is nice and the guitar could have carried it through, but I'm a guitar
player so I'm biased. But if you're gonna go with drums, then some keys and
some bass is a must! Well, that's all up to you. Don't let us push you around.

Keep having fun with GB and pouring out your soul. We will share your pain.
Oh, and I lived in the 'Peg for a few years as a child. I dunno what that has to
do with anything, but, there ya go...Ciao. Great work!
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thetiler said 5284 days ago (May 1st, 2005)
You have nice voice. Very pleasant to hear.
Like how you added the drums latter on. cool

just a very soulful sweet voice.

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