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SIX-MINUTE-SONG TO GO (the contractman will wonder)



 Genre: Rock
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a man came to me last week and asked for a song for a six-min-video-commercial - it should sound friendly and wonderful and the song should contain a piano-intro... he would PAY a lot and we would sign a contract. okay mr contractman: this one´s for you!

(btw: he came from an advertising agency from a well known insurance company...)

(no loops, clicks or samples nor autotune raped in this production)
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the contractman wants
a song where the sun shines
a song with a few major chords
a song where the birds sing
and every men smiles
where freedom is not a lie
the freedom of speech
the freedom of saying
that there´s trouble ahead
in the name
of a god that needs money
of a god who loves all
though it seems we will burn down in hell
is it really so boring
this song for commercials
can i say that their smiling is faked
don´t you want it to know
it´s a major rip-off
in the name of love
you pay for love...

i could prostitute myself and sign the contracts
i could burn all my poems and make it an act
i could live in the spotlights and deny the truth
like the war that´s not shown on tv
there are wars about water
and wars about food
wars for religions and the land that you own
soon a gun at your head if you won´t sell your soul
and your house and your car and your kids and your gold

there are trillions of things
you´d never dream of
things you don´t wanted to see
did you ever ask
what´s behind plastic rainbows
how the prozac-machine kills your soul
while the craven play cool
and the ignorant fool
and so many bills are not payed
there were large warning signs if you´d understood these
if you´d able to read between lines
but it seems you´re not so i´m raging again
and to the contractman i can say:
here´s your sixminute song in the friendliest key
and i hope you will choke on the words

(...here are some unfriendly words i won´t write down...)

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strat, drums, a keyboard, me
rec with audacity
alackbass said 2663 days ago (March 9th, 2012)
I listened twice! Twelve minutes well spent! Great melody. Love the two octave vocal. Killer drumming!
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Morning Light said 2663 days ago (March 9th, 2012)
great... thanks:) love the lyrics..the "friendly" piano keys tinkle away for the contract man....Lyrics make it great art! Keywords.....well, exactly! :)
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hackneybloke said 2662 days ago (March 10th, 2012)
i wish more people would give us the preamble.....i love your preamble. this is a great musical theatre track.
ha.....clever stuff. very impressive. excellent lyrics. was hoping to hear you tell the guy to fuck off at the end.
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rok41 said 2662 days ago (March 10th, 2012)
Six Minutes
I enjoyed the setup and the transition, as Andrew said, very clever. This kinda stuff is what i like about MJ's...outside the box, no comfort zone stuff...do I hear a little Elbow influence here? Nice.
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preference said 2662 days ago (March 10th, 2012)
a very strong statement
and yes, i'm tired of all the contrived piano in these commercials. thanks for making satire, yet making a great song. it's actually very well done, i just can't make too many comments on the actual production because i suck at that stuff.

I appreciate you sharing.
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preference said 2662 days ago (March 10th, 2012)
and a guitar solo!11 i should have waited until the very end to comment!
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awigze said 2661 days ago (March 11th, 2012)
classic doc
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Narad said 2660 days ago (March 12th, 2012)
Great stuff ! The contractman will surely wonder ! :)
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gadzooks said 2659 days ago (March 13th, 2012)
This was and still is a great listen. I agree, I also love the preamble ... very cool statement and that solo is insane!
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doc_elvis said 2471 days ago (September 17th, 2012)
haven´t been here listening to my own stuff and reading comments for a while... very nice from you all! thank you!
that keeps me making music!
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