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 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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skate til the grave, give back to what saved me.
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I guess I'm less sophisticated and more of skate rat, Mom in the middle of a broken board skate tat. independent thought as well as independent trucks, sometimes I rock ventures, but I dont fuck with krux, Front side flippin while all you do is front, you standin in the middle but I'm skatin towards the front. DOin our thang f-bomb shake junt. We empty out the middle and then fill up the blunt. You dont even kick it we flip it while we do. Crooked grind goin down when i'm with my crew. filmin for the video kinda thought you knew. f-bomb three now did f-bomb 2. beagle for the trailer, that's how we keep it code. If you hate the player and the game then you should hit the road. style so fresh most people call us soap. lame ass fools still hangin from a rope. nollie big spin while I hold my daughter nollie, her real name is knowledge cause you know we keep it baller. we cruisin so fast we're getting hard to follow. FLow like this comes from bein at the bottom. now we're on our way up. so motha fuck a hatah. Jealous mother fucka, you mad cause you a lame fuck. goose goose lame duck. look down aim up. rock fakie came up. better step your game up. it's f-bomb baby. swagger on lock most people say it's crazy. tre bomb like trapasso keep that shit lazy. I do it cause i love it not to impress the lady's I already have lonita super beautiful bonita, super fly seniorita . and no you cannot meet her. there aint no one sweeter but she can be a real bitch, guess I can be a real dick. she gotta juicy booty cause I like my booties real thick. I know the homies feel it. if you dont just deal with it. Mixtape real shitty. Dook almighty tough titty been in this shit a minute i'm too in love i cant quit it I dont think you really get it. I'm on my level now i'm really livin.
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Name: Joshua (Jo Pokie, J-Dookie) Marino
Location: SALEM Missouri United States
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I am J-Dookie. I make music. My music comes from the heart, and speaks on the topics of life. I don't do this for monetary gain. I don't do this so you will know my name. I do this because music has gotten me through hard times and I think I can help... [see more]

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