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St. Standard Street

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Has been a while, since I posted something... Many reasons, mostly life getting in a way of music...
New iteration of the old tune, this time featuring Tobin Mueller, who was kind enough to spend some time on the piano comps, which, on my honest opinion, add a lot to the feel...
Some minor remixing, using GB2 new tools and features, as well.

Ilya "iG.STUDiO" Gerasimenko (tenor sax), John "Bluefox" Martinez (guitar), Erwin "Scorpjammer" Colon (guitar), Tobin J. Mueller (piano).
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Uploaded: Feb 21, 2005 - 02:03:12 AM
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Yamaha "CustomZ" tenor saxophone YTSZ82, RadioShack 33-3004 dynamic microphone with XLR-1/4" line level transformer, iMic USB noicemaker, Maxell NC-II noice-cancelling headphones, iMac G4 800Mhz (1GB RAM).
GarageBand 2
TobinMueller said 4752 days ago (February 21st, 2005)
Balancing act
Hey, this was fun to play along too, hard timing in many
spots to sync up to the band. I love the song,
especially the head. Great writing. The piano track seems
kind of low in the mix, and a couple spots that I did some
duet work with the other players seem to have been cut
out and comping from other sections replaced it (or was
that me editing myself during that second draft?) creating
some chord clashes, especially during the first guitar solo.
Surprised me. Any chance you might attempt a remix?
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iG.STUDiO said 4752 days ago (February 21st, 2005)
Balancing act
Yes, I am still working on it - I've re-arranged some of the solos in order to improve dynamics, and I am planning to use more of your tracks - posted this version for input and comments.
Thank you again for your input and work - again, live track makes all the difference :)

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ka-klick said 4752 days ago (February 21st, 2005)
I especially liked
the trill at the end - made me think of the way the Road
Runner would give a raspberry to the Coyote as he
passed. Very nice trad jazz jamming - amazingly has a
very cohesive feel, even though, as Tobin points out the
timing could get tricky - being done apart like this.
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iG.STUDiO said 4749 days ago (February 24th, 2005)
I especially liked
Thank you :{)

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Scorpjammer said 4751 days ago (February 21st, 2005)
Sounding Good, IG
Mighty fine tune and sax work, IG. Nice chops, Bluefox and, yes, I'd like to hear more of Tobin. Looking forward to more. Swing on, IG!

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said 4750 days ago (February 22nd, 2005)
So This is What a Real Tenor Sax Sounds Like
I'll keep that in mind and probably violate it again the next
time I use the GB sw tenor sax (which I did the same day
you released this). :)

I enjoyed the head, the solos and rhythm. Good,
interesting production on the doubling of sax parts too.

Well done, everyone.
Kevensor said 4742 days ago (March 3rd, 2005)
I'm a big Joshua Redman fan. I think your playing sounds as good as his. I think you need real drums to go along with this. I 'd be open to providing them if you want. Check out Night Room. There's some rough spots but I did this in one take. Anyway, I liked this a lot and I downloaded it!
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iG.STUDiO said 4729 days ago (March 16th, 2005)
Thank you :{)
I am all for jamming - this is what I am here for...

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eDrew said 4694 days ago (April 19th, 2005)
More Piano...
Nice tune. Great compoisition skills. The piano should be louder in the mix. Keep it up my friend. I may be calling you in future to add you flavor to some of my Nu jazz tracks.
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timothy devine said 3337 days ago (January 6th, 2009)
incredibly fine sax
Tobins parts are way cool
How is it this song has two fans
this is the best man
cool guitar stuff
man i am digging the rhythm section all the way through this
tight as hell
solos are inspired and have a live feel
this is freekin great
I love the tag and you have such smooth/slick delivery of it
and harmonized perfectly
slide on down

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iG.STUDiO said 3336 days ago (January 6th, 2009)
thank you
Tim, I appreciate the support!
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saymme said 3332 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
Much enjoyed the 'happy' sound in this !!!
Not so often i listen to this kind of music, every time i do i always thk i should listen more to this kind !! Same goes for classical... ThankYou so much for sharing !!!Great collab Wish You all the best o a creative new year : ) lena !
guitapick said 3332 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
...so sweet...
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guitapick said 3332 days ago (January 11th, 2009)
This shows...
...how much the voting system's changed since this was posted. Nowadays, this would be straight 10s....
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Feter said 3331 days ago (January 12th, 2009)
St. Standard Street
This is just great the sax ...the whole set ...really a cool gathering
of masters ...I m enjoyin this os much ...thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3330 days ago (January 12th, 2009)
very nice. Loved the rythm and flow of this track, very nice and mixed well. Fun and unpredictable..very groovy.
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LunaTrick said 3330 days ago (January 12th, 2009)
Really superb...
Love the opening metre. Excellent playing & production!
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thetiler said 3330 days ago (January 13th, 2009)
I enjoy
how the sax sets in my earphones! Nice jivin, with great participation of the other instruments. Thanks for sharing this nicely done piece, so full of character!

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sloparts said 3329 days ago (January 13th, 2009)
Nice, Nice, Nice one
Great Sax and Guitar work on this with a fine mix. Tobin's Piano is right on and in the pocket. This is a very cool bit of music you guys have put together. Did I mention the great mix.

Thanks for the listen

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