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Different Girl (band edition)



 Genre: Rock & Roll
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This a version of my song Different Girl re-recorded using a Tascam US-122 and Shure SM-58 microphone. I also added drums, a bass line, and some extra guitar tracks. Hope you enjoy it!
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She's different
in every sort of way
she comes from somewhere else
and she sure ain't here to stay
but she's around right now
and she's showing off her smile
they way she makes me feel
I hope she stays for quite a while

Her eyes they tell of story
of a heart thats been in love
but when she cries I know she's lonely
because romance gave her a shove
now her lifes been started over
in a place thats all brand new
where everybody wants to know her
and what it is that she's been through

It might be the way that she talks
or just they way she parts her lips
It might be the way that she walks
or just that wiggle in her hips
She's got something that everybody wants
and I ain't no different from anybody else
You can't help but like her
if you ever tried to meet her
If you didn't then you're gonna slap yourself
Cause she's the kind of girl
that your going to remember
as the one you should let have get away
and you can't help but crying
cause you know if you'd been trying
you never let that girl get away

(Verse 2)
She's not out to find love
she just wants to make a friend
maybe in a little while
we can try to make amends
for the things we said
and how it made us feel
because if we can stay friends
this could turn to something real

Her eyes they are a window
to a heart with so much to give
her tears set me on fire
they make it hurt so much to live
its so easy to love her
I never felt this way before
maybe I should not have spoke up
but my heart don't have a door.

(Repeat Chorus)
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Talyor 414ce
Tascam US-122
Shure SM-87
iMac G5
Garage Band
aclarke said 5259 days ago (February 23rd, 2005)
Oh Yeah!
Great lyrics and really well song. My kind of music! I would
have liked the guitar sound to be a little more full and
warmer... but I have not suggestions how to get it there.
Nevertheless, I really like this a lot! Downloaded.
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aclarke said 5259 days ago (February 23rd, 2005)
Oh Yeah!
Forget what I said about warmer and fuller... adjusted my headphone volume
and it sounded much better at a higher volume.
Check out my latest song called Right on Time 2014- feat. David McNair
thetiler said 5259 days ago (February 23rd, 2005)
Nice one as well
I like this tune a lot.
The lead guitar kind of sounds weak. I favored the other
one. This has some great electric guitar strumming.
It has it's full sound.
The ending has a kind of an echo to it. Like it was a
mistake in the recording. I know it's hard to get a perfect
recording, I am still trying and have not mastered it.

The very beginning has a vinyl scratchy sound. The lead
guitar at the beginning sounds like maybe you used light
gauged strings or too much treble. And it just doesn't
sound very meaty in the lead department.

You song concept, voice, soulfulness is truly outstanding
to me. You words are absolutely terrific.

Good going.
I know it's hard to master recording and sound of the
guitar. I get marked off on that a bunch.
Don't give up you have too good a tune.

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ajnorth said 5258 days ago (February 24th, 2005)
Nice song
A good song, like the vocals. My comments are that I
feel the chorus needs to be fuller, maybe some slight
distortion on the guitars? and maybe some more
volume on the drums. Just needs a bit of variation in
the song I think.
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said 5195 days ago (April 28th, 2005)
Melodious wailin'
You really crank it out here like you mean it. I do enjoy
this. All the elements are handled well. Love your singing
and guitar ... they are in perfect synch.
Sunbeam said 4576 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
bra giter
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Name: Jason Stiles
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I have been playing since I was ten years old (28 now) but I am new to recording music. The song I posted "Different Girl" is one of my favorites and I wanted to use GarageBand to flesh it out with some loops for Bass and Drums but I couldn't even f... [see more]

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