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Complacent ( Spitlogic)



 Genre: Acoustic
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Words and Flow - Spitlogic
Mix - Damroze

I uploaded 'Freedom' yesterday morning. For fun I downloaded another of Mitchells tightly crafted raps. I had the day off so spent it doing this. I hadn't planned on completing another so quickly but, sometimes these things take on a life of their own.
"Once one is done a new created" . And so on.
Another exploration of matching rap with music styles that most people wouldn't associate with it. I did experiment with some banjo and fiddle loops but, they were just too harsh for what I was feeling here. I tried to post this as 'Americana' but MJ doesn't have that in their drop down (hmm).

The original is here:
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verse 1
I could crawl before I learned to walk
Speak syllables and learned to talk
Once my cycle is completed and its time for me to leave this plane will it be in vain upon my death bed or lined in chalk
Its not certain what the future may hold
Let the truth be told
I feel as though that I am nearing my prime
This game of life is only a scrimmage
I will not be diminished
Is as if I'm getting better with time
Trick-knowledge tries to sever the mind, but I know the game plan
I can get stuck complaining
But what is the thought without its action counterpart
My boundaries outer mark continues to expand
Beyond space and time
But by no means does that mean I take my time
Even if I see the goal ahead and make it mine
I will not be satisfied and refuse to look back until I peak the climb

By my philosophy Ill never make it
Once one is done a new created
(super dope cuts)

verse 2
Looking back on my life and everything I've accomplished
Between the set backs and beyond the nonsense
The lessons that I learned through the mistakes in life
And times that I would try my best to make it right
Even though it may fall apart
It is all an art
That we learn to master, painting choices upon my canvas
And write my story to live happily ever after
Prince or pastor, choose your doctrine
And face the consequence when death comes knocking
Is it the past you can't see you would choose to put stock in
Or is it the future that does not end
In possibilities, trust your abilities and know that in life you deserve to feel at ease
But not contempt so we look ahead and leave regret to the past where it took our dead

By my philosophy Ill never make it
Once one is done a new created
(super dope cuts)
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An anvil, a sledgehammer and some railroad spikes.
ktb said 2427 days ago (November 1st, 2012)
I love what you've done hear. Tracks superbly, and the tone on the guitar is sweet.
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Damroze said 2426 days ago (November 2nd, 2012)
Mitchell's passionate delivery sits very nicely in the guitar tracks.
The technical gimmick is copying the guitar track twice and using the pitch control to bring one track up an octave and one down for a bass sound. But please don't tell anyone;-)
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PeterB7858 said 2426 days ago (November 2nd, 2012)
My bias is showing, I suppose, but I normally wouldn't chase down the rap genre (an earlier time, a different country, type of thing...) but you posting this as acoustic drew me in and I must say, I enjoyed the ride. Mitchell's lyrics are thoughtful and well put together and the backer you put to it is very well done, David. Thanks, guys. Regards, Peter.
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Damroze said 2426 days ago (November 2nd, 2012)
Thanks for listening.
I think that urban rap springs from some of the same human experiences that gave birth to the blues. The guitars bring out some of that melancholy and frustration that underly the apparent bravado of much rap.
Also, broadly speaking, rap is nothing new. I think of songs such as " Hot Rod Lincoln", " Uneasy Rider", " A Boy Named Sue", " Smoke Smoke Smoke" and others which make use of rhymed spoken word. There are also the ' Talking Blues' of the folk era as well as the music of Gil Scott-Heron.
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awigze said 2425 days ago (November 3rd, 2012)
really like the direction that you guys are going. Nice warm tone on the acoustic.
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Skean said 2424 days ago (November 4th, 2012)
Cool take
Different but very well done, I like it.

I've done one as well http://www.macjams.com/song/67346
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