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 Genre: Indie Rock

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This might be the oldest tracking on the disc. Many moons ago (3 or 4 years) MJ supergroup His Boy Sherman was putting looking for material for a song. I submitted three tracks, one of which was built upon. This is one of the other two. It was dubbed "Electrobanjo Experiment" because the "bass" and plucky verse parts are the banjo sound from my keyboard. I love awful keyboard sounds and wanted to build a song around it. Anyway, after HBS rejected it I just left it around until RPM2013 came around. The lyrics are absolute throwaway and I wish I had done more with the music, but thems the breaks.
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I can do what I want to do
I can go where I want to go
Break a heart if I wanted to
But all I want is you
I can say what I want to say
Buy the stuff that I want to buy
No one's there telling me, "no way"
'Cause that was always you

Gone. I wish that you weren't Gone
I'm fit to be tied
But I don't want to cry tonight.

Remember all the plans we made
There was a day when you wrote them down
I found that list the other day
Oh how I miss you now
Given the chance to make it up
I'd just embarrass myself
I'm sure you wouldn't even take me up
So why bother trying?

Gone. I wish that you weren't gone.
I'm fit to be tied
But I don't want to cry tonight.
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ste said 2245 days ago (April 23rd, 2013)
like the bits when the guitar comes in. great harmonies. works well with the lo-fi synths. nice job
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Vic Holman said 2244 days ago (April 23rd, 2013)
..... but not forgotten. nice one.
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johnwhitehead said 2244 days ago (April 24th, 2013)
Killer chorus. A little Harry Nillson-like. Lead vocal& harmonies both work a treat. I dig the arcade synth. Cool ending. Nice work!
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alackbass said 2243 days ago (April 24th, 2013)
I really enjoyed this one. Great melody and well sung. The acoustic guitar backed chorus is very strong.
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magnatone said 2242 days ago (April 25th, 2013)
HBS should've grabbed this! glad you pulled it out of the vault - love it!
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tempie said 2242 days ago (April 25th, 2013)
Gone. As in my comment is gone.
I just deleted my comment. It sucked. It was lazy. This is such a great tune, it need a real comment. So the thing about this song is that the synths are those bubble gum pop synths that make gen x'rs are sappy and filled with youthful longing and ennui, and the deadpan delivery is that ironic 'can't you tell i don't care by the fact that i'm using this deadpan delivery but oh i do care so much i do i do' facade that we have created to hide the fact that we are the sappiest generation to ever live, probably because we all had great 8 or 9 years and then our parents divorced or became drunks or got religion. The question is, how can you, little brother, get all this? Reading a lot of Douglas Coupland? Anyway it's my new favorite Lennon tune. Such a good, good song. It's now on the truck playlist, alongside Willie and Waylon. Yeah, you're that boss. Go have a coke.
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PeterB7858 said 2242 days ago (April 25th, 2013)
The bubblegum sounds belie the level of skill that I think has gone into the development of this song. It has an endearing simplicity that is totally engaging. Creative, catchy and cool! Much enjoyed. Regards, Peter.
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Relic67 said 2241 days ago (April 27th, 2013)
not throwaway
very interesting mix of sounds and styles with a dynamic arrangement. lots of nice poppy touches with the background vox and all.
I particularly like the parts where acoustic guitar and synth go together.
vague-ish lovelorn lyrics seem pretty perfect for a tune like this - not throwaway!! .
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mystrag said 2241 days ago (April 27th, 2013)
Quality soft rock with a great production. Love the harmonies, and the keys somehow sounds very comfortable to me. Enjoyed much.
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peacepiano said 2238 days ago (April 29th, 2013)
I really like how the refrain hits you with the change to guitars. Synths bring back the 80s for me :)

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PaddyNavinCaryatid said 2232 days ago (May 6th, 2013)
The 80's want their tune back. Seriously dude how is this a throwaway? I know those HBS boys and they know nothing (Jon Snow..).
That electrobanjo is ace I simply adore the keyboard sound behind the "gone" chorus with the squiggly back into the rhythm. Ace.
Your voice here has such a wonderfully tired/relaxed feel - it just emphasises that gorgeous tone you have. One of your finest.
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