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Pretending to be Canadian

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I'm submitting this song to a competition, and thought I'd post it here as well. Some time ago I saw story in the paper about a US company selling patches and pins to Americans so they could pass as Canadian in parts of the world where being "American" can be hazardous. I realize some might take offence at the implications (there were angry editorials in a few US papers at the time) - and right now there is some tension between our nations. I just want to point out 1- this song does take the US side in the bridge, 2-while I don't agree with some US government policy, I don't agree with a lot of Canadian government policy either, 3 - most US citizens I've met or talked to have been very pleasant to extremely nice , 4 - this song is about why some may want to appear to be from a neutral nation. I hope you enjoy it in the spirit it's offered.
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Pretending to be Canadian,
© Neil Speers, 2005

An American in Paris,
Pretending to be Canadian,
Trying to fit in,
Just another tourist,
No attitude, no pushin’
No politics, just lookin’

An American in Amsterdam,
Pretending to be Canadian,
No southern accent
Didn’t vote Dubya
No guns, no CIA,
Just walkin’ through the square

An American in London,
Pretending to be Canadian,
Lookin’ for a groovy shop,
Takin’ the time to see,
No rush, no fuss,

Under the radar of foreign countries,
Takes no heat for US actions,
Brother’s trying to keep the peace,
In a land torn up by factions,

Canadian flag on his shoulder,
Maple leaf on his collar,
Government gets no respect,
He trades US for eurodollar.

Repeat first verse.
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UncleSamwich said 5128 days ago (March 3rd, 2005)
So me.
This tune really spoke to me.

At a loss for words really....

Hope to drop in and talk again.
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aclarke said 5127 days ago (March 4th, 2005)
Politics Aside
I though this was song was well crafted and performed.
Being familiar with the story you are referring to I can
appreciate the point of view you took. Nice song- good
long in the competition.
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bronco said 5127 days ago (March 4th, 2005)
Never been to Canada
So it is good to get some feeling of how others look at us.
I liked the music. Good straight forward folk rock. On the
lyrics, I agreed for the most part. What gets lost sometime
is that in the first election more people voted against Bush
then for him and in the second it was almost 50-50 again.
So if Europeans or Canadians are hating all Americans
then that would be just like racism, lumping all individuals
under one stereotype. Oh yeah, speaking of stereotypes, I
was born and raised in the South but am not a Buba and
didn't vote for Bush. Listen to my song Individual World
for my over simplified philosophy on why we don't all get
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nspeers said 5126 days ago (March 4th, 2005)
Never been to Canada
Thanks to UncleSamwich, aclarke and bronco for your considered comments.

I wouldn't say there is hatred "for all american's" in most countries (with obvious execptions) although many people are worried about the government - which is not a new thing. Because the US does on occasion use its consderable power, along with the "all or nothing" capitalism of some business people - some people see Americans as pushy and not open to experience outside of their own culture. Don't worry too much, the US isn't the only country seen that way. And I know the majority of American's aren't that way.

It's gotta be tough to be a superpower where you've reviled for taking action and blamed when you don't.

The lines about "no southern accent, didn't vote Dubya" was from something I heard as a joke related to the "instant Canadian kit" that inspired this song - tough to pull off being Canadian with a texas drawl.

When you think you've found the business, dig deeper.
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thetiler said 5090 days ago (April 10th, 2005)
good flow
Like the song, like the strumming and singing.
Your lead guitar sounds nice. Would like maybe for the
sound to be a little more center such as the vocals. But
overall it is nice.
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nspeers said 5087 days ago (April 13th, 2005)
good flow
Bill, thank you for the comments. Appreciate your taking the time to listen and give feedback.

When you think you've found the business, dig deeper.
Check out my latest song called Dancing In The Kitchen
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