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Contact is made

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A massive spacecraft from a benevolent civilization decends for all humanity to see that we are not alone.
Or any awesome event for that matter.
This is not to everyones taste and I don't expect many people to like it , but I am putting it up there in case film makers out there might use a few seconds of it here and there for a dramatic underscore.
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fl studio
davajonah said 2188 days ago (August 25th, 2013)
There are some lovely pads in this and great swirling sounds that capture the enormity of the scenario. I think it's a little too "in your face" though, right from the start. A slower build up would perhaps be better, culminating in all those delicious sounds. Also, I think this piece would benefit from some lower end. Some nice bass rumbling would be good.

But I like it. It's one to work on, for sure. I really like music such as this and have made a few attempts myself. Check out "Pulsar Encounter" maybe, or "Drifting on the Swell". [Shameless self promotion!] Or just about anything from Ex Silentio, who is a sensei master at this sort of thing, imo. :-)

Good stuff anyway Cormac. It's certainly to my taste and we need more like this here!
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cormacbrenock said 2186 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
I know , it is quite in your face
You see the method I use is still in its experimental stage , but I wanted to get something up there as a "milestone" of where I was at a particular time. I can be a bit impetuous at times ,but you are right I must rework it with a bit more low end in it as you and Henke suggested. After listening to both your work I am delighted and honored that you would stop by and critique my stuff. So I when I get the time and energy I will have another go at it with the low end in mind. Thanks so much for you comments Davajonah slan anois ( goodbye for now ) in Gaelic.
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Ex_Silentio said 2187 days ago (August 25th, 2013)
The Earth stood still
Glorious, powerful. This is ambient space music. I enjoy that style very much. You might check out some music by Reinholt56 here at MJ, who has quite a few wonderful pieces in that vein. Nicely conceived. Klaatu, barada, nikto.
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davajonah said 2187 days ago (August 26th, 2013)
Yes, Reinholt56 has a huge catalogue of wonderful space ambient pieces. I should have mentioned him, of course. His music is wonderful, as you say. Klaatu, barada, nikto --- haha! [I had to look it up]
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cormacbrenock said 2186 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
Ex_Silento thanks
I just checked out The Gods Wait and it unfolded as I listened.
Yeah this is the kind of stuff I am into and now I have a poet too .
Nice one and thanks for sharing the link .
Oh and thanks for your lovely comments too , you are a gent.

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Reinholt56 said 2187 days ago (August 25th, 2013)
Hi Cormac......
My gob has never been so smacked.

I'm off to listen to your other stuff now.

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Henke said 2187 days ago (August 25th, 2013)
seems like such a cold word to describe this. I like heavenly better. So many sounds working so well together. Had I tried it it would just be a mess. But I could agree with Dave that some lower end (bass) might enhance it even further.

Good to hear from you again, Cormac, always a treat.

Take care,
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cormacbrenock said 2186 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
As usual you are right Henke
Dang ! yeah you are right the bass end does indeed lack a bit of punch.
You see its not my normal way of composing and sometimes when I am busy concentrating on things I can forget something as obvious as the low end of the sound spectrum.
But I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad you liked it , I know it is fairly far out stuff , but I had to upload something to mark the different methods of composing and recording.
So I will go back to the drawing board when I get the time and energy and address the lower end without messing up what I already have ( fingers crossed ).
As ever Henke thank you as always for stopping by and I hope the muse may always show you favour in your creativity.

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Narad said 2182 days ago (August 31st, 2013)
Ambient space music.
Contact is made... ;)
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