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Go Takumi, Go!

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I've read comic books since I was a kid but manga kind of intimidated me. It LOOKED really cool, but a lot of it had weird fantasy themes and seemed like an excuse to draw 14 year old girls in their underwear. But then I discovered car manga, and I was hooked. There's always a reluctant hero, and an unbeatable local favorite, and an unattainable girl, and unlike American comics they are absolutely unafraid to nerd it out to the nines, all kinds of engineering stuff that nobody but motor heads would care about. The first car manga I read was Initial D. Then Wangan Midnight and Over Rev! and Shakotan Boogie, etc. Anyway I'm partial to Over Rev! but Initial D has always stuck with me, probably because it was a first. I'm a book geek, and so when I'm taken with a book a large portion of my head runs with it as long as the book lasts. I'm not Craig on the metro, I'm Takumi, and by way of his tofu delivery service my dad has trained me without my knowing to be the best mountain drift racer in the precinct. I'm unbeatable, but I don't know what to do with my skill. I'm seeing the old world, the one where I'm just an invisible kid, and the new world, where everyone wants to be me and know me and I run the joint. I don't know who or what I want to be. But even so, I've got some swagger. I've got a beautiful girlfriend and she's going to break my heart and I don't care. I might drive straight off the mountain on the 3rd turn tonight. I'm a teenage badass, and that's the best kind of badass to be. And then it's my stop and I turn off my iPad and I'm Craig until the ride back in the evening.

So anyway, there's Takumi, the hero, and there's his dad, Bunta, a total asshole but the man responsible for Takumi's racing brilliance. His best friend, Itsuki, is a nerd who wants to be Takumi in the worst way. Ryosuke is Takumi's mentor, mostly unwanted. He's a medical student who wanted to become the #1 racer in the country but was beaten by Takumi. Realizing he doesn't have the natural talent to be the best, he becomes the technical wizard behind Takumi, teaching him about cars etc. Together they create a superstar racing team and travel from precinct to precinct, beating everyone on their home turf. Each comic is basically a race, bookended by some dramatic family or girlfriend stuff. Every race is different, and even though you know Takumi will win you never know how he will win, so you hang in until the end to see what happens. It's great stuff, really.

Musically, this group of songs has been a challenge. Comic books are accessible - but only at a glance. The minute you begin reading you realize that you are in a world for which you are hopelessly unprepared. You need to go back to issue #1 and educate yourself. And comic books are absolutely dependent upon serialization, which is really a lost art these days, with everyone expecting immediate gratification. I have to wait a MONTH to see if Spiderman lives or dies? NOOOOOOOOOOO. So the song has to see-saw between big resolutions and big cliffhangers. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!!! And then there's the flat expression of the 3d world, the bangs! and pows! and Screeeeeech! stuff. How do you translate that musically? I don't know. I used a lot of little melodies that just jump up here and there and then are never heard from again. I'm still playing with the sound. 3 more songs to go.
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Was I gonna say no?
14 he hands me the keys
deliver this tofu up to lake akina for me
and it turns into a regular thing
doing homework between deliveries
this old trueno like a bedroom to me
drifting the roads above the city

itsuki san man you don't want to be nothing like me
i know it seems great but its nothing like i thought it'd turn out to be
all the boys want to know me
just to see if they can beat me
all the girls tripping over themselves but
they don't really want to be with me
ain't none of it real, just the mountain and 4 wheels

ryosuke man won't you let me be?
I drive by feel I don't know nothing bout theory
I wish koichiro still ran this joint
and i was just a delivery boy
bunta man i know that you have plans
but i wish sometimes that you were just my dad
sensei suits you it confuses me
i'm just a kid thinking about kid things
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Hillbilly Strat, Delta King, tambo, sticks, stuff that you bang and make noise, Macbook Pro, fender classic bowling ball color picks. SO COOL!
GB, some ancient version
alackbass said 1849 days ago (August 26th, 2013)
Go Takumi, Go!
Loved comic books as a kid. Still have some of my old Marvels from the 70s. Never considered them for musical inspiration. So downloaded. Looking forward to the other 3.
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Disgruntled_Employee said 1849 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
Really like the Bass tone and the layered vocals!
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ramonaji said 1848 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
what a great composition! I really liked the distortion on the vocals! WELL DONE!
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Vic Holman said 1848 days ago (August 27th, 2013)
go tempie, go!
very cool composition, plenty of good stuff going on here. how many tracks did you use when all said and done? trippy song.... just the way i like 'em.
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davisamerica said 1847 days ago (August 28th, 2013)
... dude u r too cool.
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echoroom said 1843 days ago (September 1st, 2013)
Cool little track
Wonderful bass, and fantastic tempo changes. There's so much going on here, it makes me feel like a real underachiever.
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Relic67 said 1840 days ago (September 4th, 2013)
go speed racer
cars and comix are the meat and potatoes of a great tempie tune with some tasty japanese spice added. have been looking forward to a new one from you and once again no disappointment. too many neat sounds and catchy bits to enumerate. really liked the arrangement, mixing guitar and synth sounds together in a pleasing way is definitely an art and this sounds very good indeed. the parts where percussion drops out also very effective. applause!
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VicDiesel said 1836 days ago (September 8th, 2013)
I love this song. The basic structure is not that far out of the ordinary, but there are lots of sounds that are not taking the easy way out. I love all the far left / far left / somewhere in the background sounds and all the little touches on the arrangement. Excellent stuff.
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MikeRobinson said 1296 days ago (March 2nd, 2015)
I'm a sucker for songs like this ...
Well done.
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