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(ennead #5) Songs in Praise of Freedom

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Thanks Dad - for Rock 'n' Roll

Art Work - "Poopa (Grandpa Steve)" by Jackie

No Loops or Midi Used - All Live Instruments

All Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitars, Sitar, and other Stringed inventions - Old Epiphone Guitar badly in need of strings
All Piano and Organ - Casio Keyboard, played live into a microphone
Bass Drum - washing machine
Snare Drum - Pop Corn Tin
Maracas - Dried up old Old Brita Filter
Bongos - Coffee Container and Iced Tea Mix Container
Tambourine - Tambourine my dad bought me for Christmas
Kettle Drums - Pots and Pans hung on the wall
Wood Block - wood block
All Vocals - My Throat
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*~*~*~* 1 - YOU GONNA GET BORN (0.00)

You gonna get born
and you gonna die
the time in between
you gotta learn how to fly

do something real
tell me how does it feel

it's a great big scary world all around us (great big world)
with no benevolent being looking down us (no one cares)
life is short, so be ambitious (life is cruel)
if you don't take a chance you gonna be swimming with the fishes

you gotta learn how to soar
you gotta learn how to dive
it's the natural condition to be scared to death
but at least your alive

you gonna get born

*~*~*~* 2 - I DON'T LIKE WORMS (1.36)

I don't like worms
they're creepy and crawly and
full of nasty germs
if I live a hundred years
I still won't think of them in any other terms

I know someday they gonna crawl around my intestines and veins
and wriggle and jiggle like the criminally insane
in my brain
I can't explain
why so I’m afraid

co-existence is impossible
It must be neurological

I remember as a child I was covered in a bucket worms
in a journey of a thousand miles
there's danger around every turn
I would sooner light myself on fire, and feel my skin bubble and burn
than touch a worm

I know someday they gonna crawl around my intestines and veins
and wriggle and jiggle like the criminally insane
in my brain
I can't explain
why so I’m afraid

co-existence is impossible
it's purely psychological

*~*~*~* 3 - HOME THE HARD WAY (3.12)

You're Going home the hard way
I'm gonna be there to share the load
I'll do what I can to make easier on you
but it isn't for me to choose the road

and we be rolling on rolling on
shoulder to shoulder and I’m
holding on holding on to you.

What else can we do

You're Going home the hard way

*~*~*~* 4 - BITTER SWEET VICTORY (5.28)

It's a little bit complicated
I can't be who you want me to be
but you were there when the heavens were created
and its a matter of fact - it's history

that what happens when you start believing
in a world that's beyond all belief
and the tale that you tell bares repeating
you'll provide the drama and the comic relief

who made you the final word
(You the great pretender)
(all the glory and the splendor)
of what is real and what's absurd
(your intentions are so tender)
(put the facts into a blender)
bitter sweet victory
when all we do is agree...
...to disagree

maybe I’m a little rough around the edges
maybe I ought to shut up my self
but in your mind you're the stuff of legends
it's all about you and nobody else

*~*~*~* 5 - ...ON SECOND THOUGHT (7.17)

the world is a carnival
it changes so radically
how did we get here
my mind is all tangled
full of thoughts that are sacred
and I can't take them serious
so I save them for later
and regret them tomorrow
there's a dream in the making
so try not to wake me
all that I wanted was us to be friends
that's all...
...but wait...
...on second thought...
...there's more...


who will you be
a hundred million years from today?

what will be your legacy
what will they say about your life
when I’m not there to defend

what will they say about your legacy
who knows, who cares

your legacy - is a wounded dove

it's a world of love

Bless my soul
you made me whole
you gave me life
and rock and roll
and love
you gave me love

*~*~*~* 7 – BALDERDASH (9.56)

This is one of those times
when everybody needs to laugh
take a look at yourself in the mirror
take a look at a photograph

I'm a monkey in a tree
you're a snake in the grass
you can give me the finger
you can kiss my ass

never count your chickens
before they all hatch

it's balderdash

*~*~*~* 8 – SO MUCH WASTED TIME (10.36)

we've spent years
misunderstanding one another's words
never stepping in each other's world
and the lines we drew upon our hearts
and the battles that we fought
within our minds

and if I could (if i could)
I’d take back the ugly words I said (I'd take them back)
everybody has regrets
this much is true (I've had my share)
but we're not just anyone, we're me and you (me and You)
you and me and me and you

so much wasted time...
...and there's no time

*~*~*~* 9 – ETERNAL RIVER (12.09)

stand upon the shore
prepare for yourself for the final journey home
take away my fear - mighty river

step into the flow
let it wash the years
right off your bones
take away the tears - holy river

take that one last breathe
and slip beneath the surface
of your dreams
take away the years - eternal river
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Dadai.2 said 2241 days ago (September 3rd, 2013)
upbeat and lively
Varied instruments are a buffet of sounds, cool arrangement. This kind of an opus of Dad to son... Nice first change, a bit reggae-like. I wasn't expecting that. These little packets of songs are effective, great idea. I found myself looking forward to the next one to see where the song would go. Each one moves things along. And I like your singing and vox arrangements. Kudos to your throat...
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Strawberry_Lane said 2241 days ago (September 3rd, 2013)
Love it
What an opus! Love the loose production and percussion. Some good melodic turns
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ShadowofNine said 2239 days ago (September 4th, 2013)
Songs in Praise of Freedom
Very cool Micheal enjoyed
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DWL said 2212 days ago (October 2nd, 2013)
Blimey, an opus and a half !
amazing conception and execution.

Something really very different. So many things to like about this.

Brilliant lyrics and wonderful arrangements, playing and singing!

Exceptional work :-)



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MarkHolbrook said 2211 days ago (October 2nd, 2013)
Thanks Dick
for the call on this. I enjoyed it a lot! Very nicely done!

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Moviz said 2207 days ago (October 7th, 2013)
well enjoyed
Love the easy and natural way you performed and sang this 'pop opera'....great music and inventive percussion that works...excellent mix and production......great backing harmonies too.......love it, regards M
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