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The Anachronism - Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis [2014 Remix]

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Remixed with EastWest Complete Composers Collection 2.
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Uploaded: Aug 05, 2014 - 09:32:16 AM
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racerat said 1871 days ago (August 5th, 2014)
The Anachronism
Wow. This is amazing. I'd love to see the movie! I just don't have the musical vocabulary to comment articulately about this genre of music. I just know I dig it. For some reason the oboe and woodwinds remind me of West Side Story. Which I love.
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Alimar said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
I muchly appreciate your listening and commenting.
Skean said 1871 days ago (August 6th, 2014)
Thanks for the download, cheers.
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Alimar said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
Glad you DL'd
Thanks, Kenta! I am thrilled you like it enough to download.
PeterB7858 said 1867 days ago (August 9th, 2014)
Sqai Tihn Gönthin Aéis
One hell of a movie. This has more substance and drama than most movies I can recall. To me, more fittingly described as an overture trying to synthesise a grand symphony :-) In awe. Thanks, Peter.
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Alimar said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
Thank you for the great comments.
egobandit said 1867 days ago (August 10th, 2014)
Dont know what that means but I agree it packed with visual elements throughout great listen!
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Alimar said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
What ever you want it to mean!
Thanks for the listen and comment.
Doug Somers said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
CCC2 Magic + Original Magic
Wow what a sonic difference. This was probably a ton of work even though the MIDI was already laid down I'd be willing to bet (new keyswitching at the least and probably volume and other changes.) BUT, the point is, for a weighty and substantial piece this good it's worth the effort. Your composition is bold, spirited and jazzy. This new version has a presence and vibrancy that really shows off what you had in mind in the first place. The only thing better would be you on the podium with an orchestra at your disposal.

Just out of curiosity what orchestral pack did you use before this on the previous incarnation, and which level of CCC did you go for - Gold or higher?

Nicely done my friend. Nicely done and thanks for the download!
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Alimar said 1864 days ago (August 12th, 2014)
You are very welcome!
Thanks for your continued support! Originally, the N3 sounds and expansions were used. It took three months back in 2012. The remix took two months. I used 40+ tracks of EW, on top of the N3 sounds, with care to not disturb many of the original leads. Key switching was used on almost every note. Keyswitching in a notation program is tricky. My method was to use grace notes for key switches, as they do not affect the rhythm, and they are out of the range of each instrument.

CCC2 Gold was used throughout. It wasn't until EW that I felt comfortable with solo strings, thus adding new parts. And, the N3 horns didn't cut it in the first iteration.
michaeljayklein said 1857 days ago (August 19th, 2014)
From playful to sublime...
Now, I probably have seen more movies than anybody on the site, particularly the classic films and know my movie composers pretty darned well (in all modesty) and good heavens, this piece sounds like it should have been on RCA's "Red Label" LP series (remember those?)with the cover title "Movie Music Classics"-it's that amazingly great! The movement around 04:32 thrilled the heck out of me, a real highlight of this piece. Very accomplished, very mystifying to me how one can create something like this all alone and best yet, very enjoyable and musically entertaining--thank you so much!
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Dadai.2 said 1442 days ago (October 8th, 2015)
Best of Alimar...
I'll not argue that. Wow... What a composition symphonic orchestration. More than ear candy. Alimar, your composing talent is exceedingly wonderful. Kudos.
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