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Nowhere Left to Run

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2nd version of this song.

Really appreciate it if anyone could give it a listen and tell me what could be improved. From mixing to playing - as done it all myself. But really want to get this sounding as good as I can. So will take will take all advice on board as want to get this sound pro as possible, and there's so much talent on here that (I think I'm in the right place to learn.)

Any tips really appreciated...
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Uploaded: May 24, 2015 - 06:12:20 PM
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Dadai.2 said 1548 days ago (May 24th, 2015)
Well... sounds really good.
Seriously, to my ear you have not only mixed this quite well but given a great performance. I would love to know what parts are you, a band, etc. Cause this sounds so good. Two thumbs up as they say, or this guy's got talent... ;)

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Johnjoesmith73 said 1547 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
It's all me. Not too good on keyboard so had to put the notes in by midi ha. And used the drummer in Logic X to program the drums. Would love to get this stuff sounding good enough to get used commercially - well, we can all dream ha! But thanks for the compliment.
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kingbee said 1547 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
a pretty good and competent well put together song.
Just a couple of small things I felt…
when you sing 'knew' on the first verse it just 'wobbles a little bit. It's a tiny thing but stuff like this sticks out to new listeners..so maybe just another take on the phrasing. The 'had' on the first line of 2nd verse also wobbles a little.
maybe double track your vocals on the choirs and pan one track to the right.
On the 2nd and 3rd chorus I like the response backing vocals but can't quite make out what they are and maybe they need to be a bit cleaner.
I'm not sure if there's just a wee bit too much reverb on the piano and it's getting a bit lost in some of the bits of the song and to a degree making some of the other components not have room to breathe either. It's fine at the beginning and the end but feels like it might be clouding the mix a little bit
Just a few thoughts ( you did ask) apart from that a good song
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Johnjoesmith73 said 1547 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
is exactly what I want hear - anything that can be improved. Had another friend mention the reverb on the piano as well so that will getting addressed on the next (and hopefully final) mix. Was thinking of redoing the backing vox as well - but basically was too lazy. So will be sorting this as well! Was also thinking of simplifying the them a bit, as there's a lot going on at once.

Double tracking on the choir b' vox sounds like a great idea also. Some very good tips here! No point in being sensitive, as the music won't improve! And that's my main goal. So thanks for this - will hopefully have all these issues addressed on the next version! So hopefully things should only get better.
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Daugrin said 1547 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
Nowhere- Or Everywhere to Run
Yer in the form of the 20th century pop song. The appropriate cliches are present.
Well, you could have put a phone booth vocal effect in there... not to demean your effort. You have accomplished a lot here.
Obviously yer crafting something to sell in the marketplace. All ya got to do is sell your soul to the company.
Short of that, suggestions:
Pan the drums hard left and right.
Bass and vocals down the center.
Spread the other instruments out in the stereo field appropriately.
Compression and reverb on the piano samples is too unremarkable. DO something different. Elastic toy piano? Create a hook, ya need a stronger melody line... or better a distinctive rhythm pattern. The steady flow of the keyboard patterns don't search, has no anxiety... so it doesn't reflect the quality of the lyric.
Improve the dynamics in the percussion. Yer flat, no punch. No snare snap. The kick is pedestrian.
The lyric is 20th century, what time is it? Something new please... the bag you are working in here is too full already... What else needs to be said about anxious people with no new choices? If you don't care to carry BIG brothers approved message, to save the planet, lower the oceans and foment social justice to reflect your social status-what should ya be saying today?
Best of luck. Don't be discouraged here. Yer a long way from the stuff that normally appears at MJ. Great job, hard work done well is it's own reward :)

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Johnjoesmith73 said 1547 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
Appreciate your honesty
That feeling you get when your watching a film and a tune kicks in that just takes you to another place. Proper puts you in the film, that's what I'm going after. Think "In a Heartbeat" by John Murphy in 28 Days/Weeks Later. If I could help bring that feeling it would mean something real to me. Not really bothered about the songs selling - got my day job. This is just personal interest.

And do you mean pan the toms or the actual kick and snare? Thought they had to be centred? You could be right about the rhythm - its a bit too obvious, but was the best I could come up with at the mo - still learning. Bought Addictive Keys (Grand) just for this song! But could do with getting to grips with it a bit more. And was actually thinking of using something else than piano for the start so maybe I should try something more unusual. So I'll have a tinker with that.

Been advised to add more reverb to the snare so going to try that as well. The song's actually about literally running for your life, but I see you took the metaphorical twist, so I'm glad its working on more than just one level at least.

And we need to remember, one man's meat and all that. I just writing what I genuinely want to hear, whether others like it or not. Just trying to get this to a higher quality audio standard, never asked anyone's opinion on politics ha. But do appreciate all the (audio related) tips and will throw them at my DAW and see what sticks. Saying that was genuinely amused by what you had to say! And I'm going to try out at least a few of the things you mentioned, so nice one.
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Daugrin said 1546 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
By way of explanation
Split your drums if they are all together into two buses. Pan them hard left and right. Viola! You have an envelope to put yer tune into-easy. When you see live music this is the sound anyway. The drums get to the walls first and bounce off creating the same illusion.
If you have broken the drums out separately to process them, that's the best way to do this, bus all the pieces hard left and right anyway... you can tinker on the fringes with the energetic sounds- they hit the walls first or so it would seem...
Reverb on drums trick number 4, send the sound to a bus with a pitch shifter and two eq. Pitch the sound down a third. Now eq to taste and add the sound of the bus to the left and right by small increments... at some point your snare will pop out of the mix. This works to add "free" reverb to your tune.
My other comments were right on there John lol. Let me prove it to ya. No laughing now...
Stuck in the last century my friend? The forms are defined for that place in time, your meeting expectations for people with fresh ears. New stuff to sell in the marketplace of ideas sounds new, easy? Unless, of course, lol, you are riding the gravy train or milking turkeys, either way, your tune will end up in the waste basket in the A&R office of the BIG record producing company, unless you have the approved message or invent something buzz worthy.

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Johnjoesmith73 said 1546 days ago (May 27th, 2015)
Looks like I'm not the only Zeitgeist fan on here?
To be honest, I’m not really into creating anything new or a buzz - it's just not what floats my boat. Just enjoy writing stuff that fits around (although usually dark) themes to films, games etc. And ones mostly based around 20th century stories (probably why so few are original or any good!)

All my favourite music is actually from the last century, and it’s also the kind of music I want to produce. Can't really think of much new sounding or "buzzy" pieces that has been used for sync placement (which is what I'm after, no A&R men or record companies involved). Although hardly new or revolutionary, I personally still think this music is still viable (period pieces for example).

Basically, I know I'm treading an old road, but it's one I like and if it keeps my pipe dream alive and me sane working in a dead end job then it can't be all bad :)

But again some excellent tips there - especially the pitch shift to get the snare to pop. Going to try this! So thanks again.

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Philip18 said 1543 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
Nowhere left to run
I can't really add anything the what's been said already (agree with Kingbee re the vocal) but I think it's sounding good. Plenty of interest in the arrangement and a strong sound overall. Much enjoyed!
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Johnjoesmith73 said 1543 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
Got some great advice of KingBee! Which bit stood out for you though? The wobbly bit, is actually supposed to be a "hammer on" to the vocal melody to make it more interesting. Is this the bit you mean? Is it this bit you mean or his other points? As I intend to sort them on the next mix (except for the hammer on's as they were meant)?! Just need to know what bits to sort so much appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance and thanks for listening!

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musichead said 1543 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
a listen...
The intro could be a bit smoother from the slow bit to the fast bit, Maybe a drum kick fill to bring it in. Mix is on top of it. The vocals are very good. Strings fit well. Written very well!!!

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Johnjoesmith73 said 1543 days ago (May 30th, 2015)
Got intentions of working on the intro - feel its the weakest part. Thinking of playing the initial piano riff on a crunchy guitar instead. So will see how this goes. Thanks for stopping by!
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PeterB7858 said 1543 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
Nowhere Left to Run
Big rock production style but you certainly have the smokey rock vocals to pull it off, John. Good song, and though it does tick quite a few familiar boxes, I see from reading above that that was your goal, so well done. My take on the mix is that the guitars are a touch too prominent and the drums could do with a bit more punch. The wall of sound" approach suits the song, though. Every time you go back to a mix you probably feel the urge to tweak something. I know I do. That probably won't change no matter how long you spend on it :-) I enjoyed dropping by. Thanks, Peter.
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Johnjoesmith73 said 1543 days ago (May 30th, 2015)
Ta la!
Not the greatest singer to be honest - I kind of threw my voice into a kind of grungy style to fit with this one. Already done some work on the drums to hopefully give them a little more punch. And I think you could be right - I may pull the guitars back slightly. Was just trying to get the song to burst into life when they kicked in. But good advice that I'm going to try so thanks for that!
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