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BIG Reboots/HWYBF?



 Genre: Experimental

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Notice how the reboots have started in the media and corporations?
Tell me, couldn't see THAT on the horizon two years ago... no idea?
Anyway, this is in Bb with some default Daug harmonic flavonoids featuring a simpler straight four rhythmic format than is my norm. Of course, in the second go round I smartened it up some... very subtle.
The end of all this is a shock, I know, but, what will you do to be free?
Can anyone Big enthrawlled... break Big's grip on their mind?
Can you see the foundations being laid for the "Escapatron"?
Let me guess, Wallmart hasn't been Federalized yet...

ATTENTION: Valued listeners, lap top equipment will not accurately reproduce the fidelity of this material. In order to ensure quality playback on modern listening equipment, a technical process, basically dramatically re-voicing the lows, was used to over come iTunes Red Book Compression standards. (Red Book sees lows as an opportunity to conserve hard drive space). This process to improve low freq fidelity in the face of Red Book has been an ongoing experiment for five years. I think this is the best mix possible with the equipment available in the Daug House. Your turn.

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Reset your head and get free.
BIG plans to be completely reset by Aug 2016.
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Uploaded: May 25, 2015 - 12:59:48 AM
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XMaramena said 1551 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
It's got that oozing jazzy vibe, I like it! Punchy production too!
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Daugrin said 1550 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
Hello Mr X
Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the ooze comment, I do that a lot. It is jazz after all... it's suppose to ooze and stink righteously. That's how you know it is alive, or once was, as the case may be... Lol, that was funny under these listening circumstances :)

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KCsGROOVE said 1550 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
wow! this is amazing stuff, Daug
man, what fine playing and a great mix
gonna grab me a copy
excellent stuff!
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Daugrin said 1550 days ago (May 25th, 2015)
Hello KC
Thanks for your support. Glad you enjoyed the program. See you next time.

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FEEL said 1549 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
Sounds good on my laptop
I really enjoy the way you experiment with your music. This song has a nice low end, sounds full with the cans on and I know the laptop speakers would not do it justice. Still waiting for my first Amazon Prime Air delivery. Keep them coming.
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Daugrin said 1549 days ago (May 26th, 2015)
Hello John
I keep it fresh for ya my brother.
No need for FLAC with the new process. iTunes is rendered powerless to defeat the bass and upper mids... the Red Book algorithm is not right enough to see through the overloaded.
More stuff soon.

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awigze said 1548 days ago (May 27th, 2015)
I dig
carry on... nudge me.
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Daugrin said 1546 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
Hello Andy

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Philip18 said 1546 days ago (May 29th, 2015)
Big Reboots
Your music is always intriguing, with plenty going on that makes repeated listening worthwhile. I enjoyed the way the different instruments go in different directions but it still makes for a listening whole. I like this one, Daug!
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Daugrin said 1536 days ago (June 8th, 2015)
Hello Phil
Thanks for yer support on the thing. Appreciate the shout out!
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Dadai.2 said 1540 days ago (June 4th, 2015)
fish gonna swim...
dogs gonna bark. Of course in the Daug's house, in a smooth jazzy groove kind a way...
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Daugrin said 1538 days ago (June 6th, 2015)
Fish Gotta Live
Thanks for stopping in Jack. try the tenor here. Bb, not too adventurous in the piano part.

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abzwork said 1539 days ago (June 5th, 2015)
Big Reboots...
I must say...a lotta flava oozin' throughout, melodics in the vibes ride the chord structure like the Lone Ranger rides Silver...digression and time flexing is a wonderful conclusion and shows me how magnificent your
left brain integration is tied to Big Smile City..Bammm!! Daug..cheers..:):):) Abz
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Daugrin said 1537 days ago (June 7th, 2015)
Hello There Fella
Thanks for stopping by the house. Reboot. The vibes are actually using the Daug's scales of default. Dig... the first insane run is all whole tones... the next time it's the something very different. It all does by so fast ya don't register the dissonance... because in the house, it all sounds normal... lol.

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papag said 1450 days ago (September 2nd, 2015)
Just... ahhhhh. Can't wait to listen on real speakers at home. First pass was a gas :-) And that extra funk at the end...killed me.

Thanks for the download
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